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Love: My Favourite Cuts ✂️ from #LFW Fall RTW 2016 part 1

In with one and out with the other. London Fashion Week proved to be another rainy affair, all of which I am too familiar with. It couldn’t be anymore ironic as it is pouring down outside just as I am typing this. But as per usual, the show must go on and perhaps the calling for heavy rain was only the beginning for something dark, magical and surrealist. Topshop Unique If you consider where Fashion sits today, then Topshop Unique is more relevant than ever in this Digital Age. Mash-up. Mix and match. Individualism. Choices. Gone were the days of wearing solely one brand or one distinct style. And who better to understand the current generation than Topshop who also sells to the masses?  There were references to the Seventies, Grunge, Punk…all of which are still relevant to the now. Most of all, there was an attitude in the styling and within the garments that was so resonant with being British. It was so clear that this was a collection finding life through the wearer themselves. Personal style. …

The High Street EDIT: Technical Drawings

  All technical drawings created and edited via Adobe Illustrator by myself. Please note, the designs are NOT mine, but belong to the company as per described, and are depicted for university/industry practice. In particular, to better understand each company/brand’s design aesthetic. Nevertheless, the drawings themselves are 100% my own – please do not remove content and claim as your own, use as reference only.

The High Street EDIT: Retail Report

  Retail Report as part of a project at University, to understand the high street and the competition that it faces. All image layout and design created using Adobe Photoshop. All written content 100% my own, in analysis of the company as per described through numerous store visits and online browsing (all quotes are otherwise referenced by said person/company in bold font). References: Mintel  |  Topshop  |  Warehouse  |  River Island  |  Zara