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How I Edit My Photos

Living in the UK means that we don’t get a great deal of sunlight except in the summer but even that is difficult as our seasons have blurred drastically in the last couple of months. Today I’ll be showing you how I edit my photos – and yes, this includes those already featured on my blog! Whilst every photo has its own characteristics dependent on things like lighting and shutter speed, I generally use the same steps for every photo that I edit. There are however, some rules I abide by first before editing anything. My first rule of thumb is to make sure that the base of the photo is good enough to edit. This includes good lighting (or at the very least, average lighting), a considered composition and a decent quality all-around. If all these boxes are ticked, it will make the editing process a lot easier and more successful. To give you a bit of guidance, I never take photos in artificial (bedroom) lighting because I know from experience, editing will never …

REISS | Structuring the Organic

  Live University Group Project for British fashion brand Reiss from concept/inspiration to product realisation. “Structuring the Organic” begins with Claude Monet’s Water Lilies series at the Musée de l’Orangerie, and its wide contrasting setting. This juxtaposition of nature and clean architecture creates an unique interface for the Reiss Woman to explore textures and colour in a more sophisticated way.  As a group, we utilised the use of print, design detail and fabric to translate our inspirations whilst still having the customer in mind. Disclaimer: Please do not remove content and claim as your own, use as reference only.

The High Street EDIT: Technical Drawings

  All technical drawings created and edited via Adobe Illustrator by myself. Please note, the designs are NOT mine, but belong to the company as per described, and are depicted for university/industry practice. In particular, to better understand each company/brand’s design aesthetic. Nevertheless, the drawings themselves are 100% my own – please do not remove content and claim as your own, use as reference only.