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“I will do it tomorrow”

I am sure that the title sounds almighty familiar. It is also the very definition of procrastination. A few posts ago, I had talked about the book (and film) American Psycho written by Brett Easton Ellis and one particular theme: Emptiness (which can be found here). I don’t know why but I love dark themes and have really been getting into them lately. Yesterday, I also watched Nightcrawler, which by the way, is an AMAZING film. So, as like my recent posts, I’ll tell you a story (sort of). I bought an academic diary at the beginning of July. Strangely enough, the diary corresponded to the next week – it was like it was meant to be. And then, I had an epiphany. I realised it had been a year or almost a year since I had wrote in such diary and planned my days here and there like I had almost always done whilst in education. I forgot how good it felt to tick things off the list and to get something done because it …

What They Never Taught You

I have been meaning to talk about the below video for some time now. Since its release, I’ve actually viewed the recorded piece over ten times. It went perfectly with what I had wanted to talk about for a long, long time, but I didn’t quite know how to express these thoughts. Of course, am more than glad that there are others who share similar thoughts to me. Since starting this blog, I knew I wanted to write things that were meaningful, thought-provoking, brave and graceful – but how does one share this slice of cake to the internet? I don’t remember another time where I took so long to draft a piece but hopefully, this is it. (Otherwise, we could be here for a long time). Normally, writing can come quite fluidly to me but this time has proven difficult. How does one communicate a thought, an idea in exactly the way they are thinking it, picturing it? Being misunderstood or misinterpreted isn’t quite part of the plan – and that’s the problem. We think there’s a perfect way to …

Patient Patient (Hypocrisy)

They say patience is a virtue. But how many of us are patient all the way through situations? You know, people who give good advice are often, victims themselves, and by all means, known as “hypocrites”. We also self-diagnose or at least I do this a lot. I know what my problems are, and perhaps how to solve it (or at least have an idea) but it misses the middleman, the flesh…the thing that holds it all together. Maybe this is what can also be termed “patience”? The very opposite of a breaking point, a breakdown? Many people will understand being patient as in a sense, waiting and letting something take its time. It also suggests stillness – less of an urgency but more on the reflective. A clear head. Now consider this: being a patient.