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Hunger and Lack Of

I once read an article in university about the “Starving Artist”, and its comparison to a slender, and a then-very-young Kate Moss when she first appeared as a model (in a Calvin Klein shoot I believe). Young, face quite daunt and innocently passionate. This ironically hungry image mirrored that of the starving artist, who whilst perhaps really starving, was also hungry for success, recognition and well, a passionate career. Needless to say, this starvation for success was a sacrifice. But I also read that this starvation in turn fed as inspiration. So in theory, to be hungry was to be inspired, feel inspired. I find this weirdly beautiful and perhaps because of the people I was surrounded by from an early age, I knew I had to do something passionate with my life. Quite frankly, I actually despise the idea of making important decisions (i.e. career choices) based on other people’s accords because you end up sacrificing not just your hunger, but your heart. So, let’s consider this. Have you ever ate so much that you felt …

Patient Patient (Hypocrisy)

They say patience is a virtue. But how many of us are patient all the way through situations? You know, people who give good advice are often, victims themselves, and by all means, known as “hypocrites”. We also self-diagnose or at least I do this a lot. I know what my problems are, and perhaps how to solve it (or at least have an idea) but it misses the middleman, the flesh…the thing that holds it all together. Maybe this is what can also be termed “patience”? The very opposite of a breaking point, a breakdown? Many people will understand being patient as in a sense, waiting and letting something take its time. It also suggests stillness – less of an urgency but more on the reflective. A clear head. Now consider this: being a patient.