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In the 10th Month, I Got Published!

In case you’re not up-to-date, you can catch up with my previous art-related blog posts here:

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To begin 2021, I submitted a piece of artwork to a local online magazine answering their brief ‘My People’. Shortly after, I was notified that the submission was accepted! I was so happy. I actually managed to tick the first item off my Art Resolutions list which was to get published. It meant a lot.

I am now proud to announce that it is finally published as of 7th February 2021 and can be viewed here:

You can find my art feature on pages 32-33. Thank you to Nawr for featuring me and my work.

The title of my submission is called,

My people can’t keep the snow white, but they sure can keep the sky bright

The whole process has been challenging but fun. I am now looking at other ventures to apply to as I think it allows me to really think outside the box and create some original work. I should probably add that the above is my first original piece (as in I didn’t copy a full reference).

Writing the artist bio/statement has also been another challenging step. To be honest with you, I haven’t reviewed my art feature in print properly (I cringe at any publications/media features that I am a part of) but maybe when some time has passed I will.

Have a blessed day and thanks for listening!

I am thinking for my next few posts, I can give some tips on creative motivation? I’ll have a think.

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