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Products & Brands I Want to Try in 2020

I don’t think I have written this type of post before which is probably why there are still so many products and brands that I haven’t tried. (Baring in mind, a good half of them are also unavailable to me although Boots have recently expanded their range – more below.)

The brand I tried out the most last year has to be Revolution – both their makeup and skincare. I am looking to write about their skincare line once I have gotten through the entire haul but for now, let’s tap into other new products and brands that I want to try out at some point this year!

Fenty Beauty – the Gloss Bomb in particular

Fenty Beauty Gloss Goalz Universal Lip Luminizer 3-pc set

I used to get a Christmas gift set for myself every year without fail. I didn’t bother with that in 2018 however in 2019, I saw that Fenty Beauty had the gloss trio which I so badly wanted to get. I did actually see it in-store one day in late-October/early-November and should have gotten the hint to get it then, because the next time I went in to try and nab it, it was sold out! I was actually very gutted about this! However, I’m confident that this will be released again during the holiday season. I am tempted to get an individual lipgloss but this is very much dependent on if I finish some lip products this year. (Project Pan post to come soon.)

Physicians Formula – the Butter Bronzer in particular

Physician’s Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer

This brand has been available in my local Boots since early Autumn but each and every time that I have tried to see if the Murumuru Butter Bronzer is there, it is ALWAYS sold-out. I’m actually getting a little dubious – is it sold-out or have they not re-stocked? I have gone on so many trips after work to try and get my hands on this but…no luck.

I never used to bronze at all but now it’s one of my favourite steps next to applying blush. I would love to be able try this out soon for sure so wish me luck in seeing its existence next time I’m in Boots!

More NYX lip products!

NYX Powder Puff Lippie in Teacher’s Pet

It took me a while to get into NYX but once I tapped into their Liquid Lingerie Lipsticks since Spring time, there was no going back – I had found my perfect lip colour! I don’t think there are any more shades that I want to get from said line but I would be interested in trying their other lip lines. For example, the Lip Powder Puff Lippie looks interesting and actually, I have never tried such a product so I would be curious to know what the formula is like!

NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee

I have also wanted to try the Butter Glosses for a while now too! Creme Brulee, Madeleine and Tiramisu are my colour-picks but this could change once I swatch them in-store.

Is there anything that you would recommend for me to try from NYX?

More Makeup Revolution makeup

Makeup Revolution Loose Baking Powder in Lace

I mainly own makeup palettes from Makeup Revolution so it would be nice to finally try some of their other individual products. Actually I have a green concealer from them which I haven’t opened yet but what I’m really thinking about is perhaps a new powder? I’d be interested to pick up their loose powders and see if they’re a hot contender or not.

BareMinerals Complexion Rescue

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue

I want to say that this product was very popular especially with beauty youtubers around 2015/2016? If I am correct, I am incredibly late on this so-called bandwagon. But like almost everything else, I don’t really follow trends. I tend to buy things after it has passed its ‘trend’. Ever since I discovered the IT Cosmetics CC Cream, I have seldom used my foundations which could be both a good and bad thing. This year, I would like to tap into more of these types of easy-to-use base products. If you have tried this product before, what are your thoughts overall?

Mario Badescu Skincare

Mario Badescu Essentials Kit

I keep saying to myself that I will buy their skincare set but it never materialises into any purchase because I have to get myself into Urban Outfitters first which I don’t actively shop in. For those who follow me on Instagram, you’ll know through my stories that I have two different skincare routines. I could probably do without a new cleanser and moisturiser this year because I have a queue for both product categories however I’d be happy to try anything else in-between from Mario Badescu! Perhaps you could recommend something? Let me know.

That’s it for the products and brands I want to try this year! There is probably more but I think it’s a healthy list to start on.

Catch up with me on Friday for my first ever Project Pan post! Enjoy the rest of the week. 🙂

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  1. What a fun post! I’ve been thinking of doing something like this. It’s good to focus in on what you want to try.

    I love the Butter Bronzer! Hopefully you’ll be able to try it this year.

  2. Fenty is on my list as well! I hope you get a hold of the Butter Bronzer – in my experience, things that are always sold out tends to mean it actually never gets restocked!

  3. I’d love to try a Fenty gloss but I’ve got enough lip products to work through at the moment, maybe in future. I’ve heard good things about Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue too, they do a stick foundation of the product as well I think 🙂

  4. I’ve swatched those NYX Powder Puff lippies at least a dozen times & also want to try them! They feel really nice but I don’t wear much color on my lips. The Fenty glosses are really good, would definitely recommend trying them out!!

  5. I’ve been wanting to try the Fenty gloss bombs, too! I hope you’re able to get your hands on that Butter Bronzer next time you go shopping & that you’ll get a chance to try everything else on this list in 2020. 😊

    • Thanks Hunida! I was out the other day and that Butter Bronzer is still not restocked! I might just have to order it online if I am to ever get my hands on it. Oh well, it’s not so much a necessity – more like a want.

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