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Lately on Netflix #5

One of my favourite ventures has been writing about what shows I’ve been diving into on Netflix – some experimental, some anticipated and some that are pure guilty pleasures (i.e. you know it’s bad but it’s just so good).

A couple of these were streamed a few months ago actually whilst some others are very recent. I’m onto a new series now called Mindhunter but feel free to recommend me any series/films that you think I should check out! Enjoy.

Rhythm and Flow

I like some hip hop but I don’t traditionally listen to the music enough to know about all the artists involved so it was interesting to watch this and meet some of the producers behind-the-scenes! Besides that, I loved how hilarious Cardi B was throughout the series – her one-liners just crack me up. (I’m not necessarily a huge fan of her music but I love her personality – she’s one of a kind!)

Rhythm and Flow is a rap competition that seeks to find new artists to sign across 3 different auditioning venues: Chicago, Atlanta and New York. Judges Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and TI come together to discover some hot new talent and honestly, it was so fun seeing everything from the audition stages to the rap battle challenge down to the music video challenge and final performances. I was really happy with the winner overall.


American Made

I’m not a fan of Tom Cruise (mainly because of the whole Scientology thing) but I do enjoy watching his films. I viewed this right at the beginning of Fall on my TV and it’s such a good story spanning a good couple of years. It is essentially about a man and how he becomes a drugs and arms smuggler. I really like the way they shot this film because it wasn’t too serious or too dark – there were some really funny and light-hearted moments that were a little ridiculous but it made the story more real and somehow relatable. If you like this type of genre re: drugs/crime but don’t like how serious or repetitive it can get, I’d recommend this one to you!


Horrible Bosses

I actually watched this on Halloween weekend, haha! Surprisingly, it was my first ever time watching this (I know, I know) and I thought it was great. Probably a bit of an elephant-in-the-room topic but it’s such a genius and relatable concept. I totally recommend this if you’re looking for a laugh-out-loud comedy to watch.


Queer Eye We’re in Japan!

I don’t think I need to introduce how wholesome the Queer Eye series and the Queer Eye guys are but I do. I do, I do, I do. Growing up, I absolutely loved watching transformation shows but there is just something very endearing about the Fab 5. One thing that was apparent was that teaching self-love is just so universal and speaks volumes no matter where you are in the world and what language you speak.


Don’t F*** with Cats

This released before Christmas and I firmly remember it trending on Twitter one day. I didn’t think too much of it until my work friend recommended me to watch it the next day without actually knowing what it’s even about. It’s a documentary but will not be anything like you have seen before. If you’re super into documentaries and murder mysteries then I’d recommend this although at the same time, I have to pre-warn you that there may be triggering and graphic parts despite them blurring a lot of it. Definitely one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen but prepare to be mind-blown.


Atypical (Season 3)

I was waiting for Season 3 of Atypical to come out for so long! I watched the first 2 seasons last fall and I just love how different this series is compared to all the other Netflix series I follow. For those who don’t know, Atypical follows Sam, a teenager who is on the spectrum, as he navigates through daily life. It is also just as much about his family and friends who navigate through life perhaps with the same problems as Sam, which I like to think is a comforting notion – we all go through similar problems!

Paige in particular, really grew on me this season.


YOU (Season 2)

If you have not heard about this, where have you been??

Definitely the biggest WTF series in forever. (My tastes have changed greatly since my teens.) That climax from episode 8 right through to the finale was crazy. Season 2 continues to follow Joe as he moves to LA with a new…identity and new life. It’s an outlook on whether his previous identity, his real identity, will catch up on him after all karma is a bitch, right? I know the opinions for season 2 are quite split – my friend for example felt the pacing was slow overall. I know what he means but I personally had no problem with this because it’s important not to repeat similar events like in season 1 even if the characters are entirely different. What has always propelled the show forward for me is listening to Joe’s psyche. Perhaps controversial but yes, I am still conflicted about his character which makes the discussions SO interesting.


I have posted a good couple of these posts in the past year. I’m going to take a break from them along with My Current Playlist series as I tap into other post ideas! This year, I’m really looking to fill in the gaps of topics I have wanted to write about but haven’t gotten round to. 🙂

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  1. Don’t Fuck With Cats is mindblowing!!! God I cannot stress how good the people of the internet are. From how they found Luka’s address and all that type of stuff.

    However, I read from Twitter as well that even though Luka is in jail. He gets to live a luxury life there. He got married, he complains about having too many chocolates sent by admirers, and he “sunbathes” from time to time. Ugh disgusting

  2. I still haven’t watched You, can’t believe they’re onto a second season already. I’m hesitant because I 💚 Penn Badgley and don’t want to see him as the villain 😭

    • But if I remember correctly, you love serial killers, thrillers and all that gory stuff right??? 😛 It is a bit weird at first but I have to say, I find his character fascinating…you somehow do get conflicted about his character.

  3. I have Rhythm & Flow on my watch-list, I totally agree about Cardi & her personality & I sure do love T.I. How fun that they do music videos & stuff, too– can’t wait to watch that one.

    Horrible Bosses is such a funny one & oh my gosh, Atypical has my heart. Paige has been my favorite since the beginning. ♡ & I couldn’t get into watching YOU when it first came out because the books were still too fresh in my mind but, it’s been awhile since I read them so I may have to give it another shot.

    Thanks for sharing what you’ve been watching! I always enjoy seeing what others are into. 😁

    • Paige is AMAZING. Her character really developed in season 2 and it was nice to see this other vulnerable side to her as well as her more crazy side hahaha! It’s great that you watch it because I honestly don’t know anyone who does.

      I’m on a bit of a break from Netflix at the moment but I did start watching Mindhunter recently.

      • Lol agreed, I love how much she loves Sam. ❤ & that's interesting you don't know many others watching the show– I feel the opposite, like everyone else is watching it, too! 😛 I've heard good things about Mindhunter!

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