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Lately on Netflix #4

It’s been a rainy fall season so far with Netflix and coffee getting me through. I’m sure I have mentioned before but I go through phases when it comes to watching any movies or series. I have to be in the mood for one, and I have to have the time and need to be able to finish watching something. My mind is normally going all the time so it’s not everyday that I can focus on a certain storyline – especially if it’s a heavy one.

Here’s a selection of some of the things I’ve watched in the past month, and my thoughts:


Okay – so we’re bending the rules and going in with a non-Netflix series first because it’s just too good to mention. (Besides, it’s not like every movie or series on Netflix is by Netflix.) If you feel like you have seen all the sexually-charged, drug-fuelled teenage series that there is to watch then think again. Euphoria does not merely spoon-feed you to only give you a glimpse of the drug world and what it can do to a person – it gives you everything and more. It’s rough. It’s ugly. The characters are flawed and broken. Zendaya’s portrayal of her character and narration throughout the series? Phenomenal.

In 8 hour-long episodes, Euphoria takes you on the journey of Rue who’s just come out of rehab. She then befriends Jules, a transgender who also has problems of her own as does every character in the piece. It might sound familiar but I promise that this’ll give you a different ride. Plus the editing and camera angles are unparalleled compared to everything else that I have seen of this theme.


The Society

A Netflix original, The Society is also changing the scape of teenage series and I am here for it. Long-gone are the days of Dawson’s Creek, 90210, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars and so forth. I think a common problem of the old style of teenage series is that whilst they focus on a lot of problems that teenagers go through, they are recycled ideas on a surface level, sometimes dragged on for longer than it should.

Jump-cut to now, we have snappier and concise writing told in 8-12 episode seasons. The Society, is arguably one of the most grown-up teenage drama series I have seen as the young people are forced to grow up quickly. It follows a group of students who, after a cancelled field trip, come back to a deserted town closed off from the rest of the country. Now with limited food sources, no politics, no senior peers, the young people must look to themselves to make the rules but things get messy given that not everyone likes to share when resources get scarce. The Society is explorative and doesn’t miss a beat which can normally be the case for a series of this type.


Elite (Season 2)

Before the new season dropped on September 6th of this year, I had been counting the days of Elite returning back to the Netflix screen. Another Netflix original, this Spanish drama is as sexy as its cast and language. In some ways, it is a mix of Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, 13 Reasons Why to name a few however the style is so much more slicker, the writing more convincing. Some of the problems are same old problems we have seen before on the screen but it’s customised for the character. It feels personal. There’s also other problems less explored on mainstream television such as what happens when religion and love are mixed in, or when homosexuality is thrown into the mix too? These are elements that separate Elite from other teenage dramas and I’m here for it.

Season 2 was just as great as Season 1, if not better. The addition of 3 new characters was a smart move even if predictable. The producers made it worthwhile and wrote 3 very individual characters. I have a feeling that Season 3 might just be the climax of the entire series as we continue to see how much the characters change and quite literally see how friendships turn to shit.


Carole & Tuesday

I’m generally not someone who watches anime but I do like to view my fair share from time to time. I saw this advertised one day and whilst I’m still watching it, I thought that it was worth mentioning.

Carole & Tuesday, follows our two female leads as they find themselves developing a friendship and chasing music dreams together as a duo. Countryside girl meets city girl. Naive, rich girl meets street-smart, trying-to-make-ends-meet girl. From the outside, it might not seem like they have much in common but soon enough, the girls bond over their love for music and thus begins their journey on making new music and chasing dreams. Based in a world where AI (artificial intelligence) has seemingly taken over the music industry, can real talent be appreciated again?



I have finally gotten round to watching this! I have read the book so I knew what I was prepared for but remember when I said that I have to be in the mood to watch something? This is definitely one of those. Besides, it’s good to prepare yourself in case you might cry. And I did. Twice.

Wonder follows the story of a young boy August Pullman (Auggie), suffering from a face-deforming condition since birth. Having undergone 27 surgeries, Auggie hasn’t exactly experienced life of a young boy like every other kid. The one thing that gets him through it is his space helmet as he imagines himself as a spaceman floating through as the hero, and not the freak. Entering into a new realm, Auggie finds himself going to a public school as opposed to being homeschooled by his mother. No longer able to rely on his space helmet, Auggie must face the world head-on but approaches some difficult challenges such as bullying, friendship and acceptance.

One thing I loved in particular was the different POVs they included just like the book. It was important that they didn’t lose this touch since it was touching to know that people were inspired by Auggie. Honestly, it was hard to watch at times because bullying is such a sensitive subject and the older you get, the more you realise it’s shit; however this was balanced out by lighthearted moments such as when Auggie was able to make fun of his own looks. If I need to recommend you just one thing from the list, it might just be this!


What shows or movies on Netflix have you been enjoying lately? Let me know and I’ll be sure to check a few of them out soon!

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  1. Ugh. Why can’t Euphoria be on Netflix? I wanna watch it so bad. The last movie sounds amazing, too. & I’m the same way about needing to be in the mood to watch something!

    • Totally agree with you!! If you ever get the chance to watch it then please do! It’s probably one of the best series that I have seen this year (and I have seen a fair few). Are you watching anything in particular at the moment? Thanks for reading! xo

      • Ah, I honestly keep hearing that same thing about Euphoria & am getting serious FOMO, lol. I’m currently trying to get through Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why & I started Glee from the beginning, hehe.

  2. Great recommendations, I didn’t know anything about any of these shows until now!
    I used to love tearjerkers like Wonder, but the older I get, the less sadness I can handle, and I try to avoid movies like that. But it sounds like it has a happy ending…so I might watch it.

    I’ll have to check some of these out, I love teen series lol, they’re such a guilty pleasure! For what it’s worth, I used to love Dawson’s Creek, 90210, Gossip Girl, and Pretty Little Liars hahaha.

    • I’m not normally one for tearjerkers – depends on the content. For example, I don’t think I can ever watch P.S. I Love You again. It’s just sad even when I think about it lol.

      I agree – I do love some of those old teenage series! But they belong in a place where it’s part of my teenage years haha.

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