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April Monthly Favourites | 2019

So I’m going to try something a bit new when it comes to writing my Favourites. I think it would be a nice touch to make it themed and I don’t necessarily mean being descriptive about the seasons because we all know how messed up that is at the moment! (The sun has decided to come out today though so there’s that.)

The theme will mostly be down to how I have been feeling overall that month or it could be something/someone I’m feeling deeply inspired by. I’m not someone who follows trends head-on so I thought this would be a nice approach in tying all my favourites together in one group intuitively. It may work. It may not work. But we’re trying it out!

Featured in this post:

JOVIVI 5pc Handmade Gua Sha tool in Rose Quartz
Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil (Dehydrated Skin version)
Rings I bought from Bath
Earrings from Lovisa
LUSH Oaty Creamy Dreamy Shower Cream
LUSH Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser (sample)
Clinique Cheek Pop in Melon Pop
MAC Lipstick in Crosswires

The theme for the month of April is: tranquillity

I have been feeling calm – or really trying to find that source of energy to feel calm. This year has been crazy. I don’t want to go into great lengths about it but since I’ve come back from Hong Kong, a lot has happened. Maybe not to me directly but the people around me that I love the most. I’ve made it my duty therefore to really look after myself no matter what – self-care is so important, and I hope that you are good to yourself too. After all, we only live once.

First stop, we have the JOVIVI 5pc Handmade Gua Sha tool in Rose Quartz. I actually bought this back in March 2018, used it for a bit before neglecting it again in my drawer. Lately, I’ve pulled it out again in order to finish up my Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil (Dehydrated Skin version) and honestly, I don’t know why I don’t use it more often! I don’t typically use oils but I really like this one for when my skin needs that extra bit of care. It’s not an oily oil if that is your question and along with the guasha tools, it really helps to rejuvenate my skin when it’s feeling dull and tired. I typically like to perform this step whilst watching a drama or documentary series and would go as far as saying it’s become a bit of a routine now.

Next up, we actually have some jewellery. I went to Bath right at the beginning of April with two of my best friends, both of which I don’t see enough. I purchased these rings from a quirky shop but unfortunately did not record the name of the shop (I’ll learn). I have been searching for new rings for years (maybe not actively, but I have definitely been searching on/off) and it is so difficult to find rings I truly like. I ended up buying two (!!), one which contains amethyst – a stone that promotes calmness and the cleanse of negative energy.

Maybe I am being a bit superstitious here but since wearing both rings on most days, it reminds me of two things: 1 – that Bath trip with friends I don’t see enough of and 2 – to stay calm and believe that the universe has great things in store for me. I have gotten lots of compliments for the rings and for what it’s worth, since I look at my hands pretty much all the time, it’s a good reminder to have. Do you have any hand jewellery that you’re proud of?

Since we are on the subject of jewellery, let’s talk about earrings. I find these much easier to purchase and have been having a play-around with them in the past year. They have transformed my style enormously. Looking a bit plain? Just whack some earrings on! It’s strange to think that I never used to understand this rule but the more I play now, the more I understand and I’m having so much fun with playing and evolving my style constantly.

Lately, I have been loving these earrings from Lovisa. There is a clear-cut theme here – minimal, abstract yet artsy which makes it so easy to pair with outfits. I have only worn the ‘evil eye’ hoop-like earrings so far so maybe I am cheating with featuring everything I’ve bought but I hope this can be an exception because of how much I like them anyway! ๐Ÿ™‚

We’re halfway into my Favourites for this month and we have to talk about LUSH. I have been really enjoying their products. (I have also done the unthinkable and splurged on a ยฃ95 facial at their spa to relieve my week of stress because I’m that person but that’s for another post.) I wouldn’t class myself as a LUSH fanatic but I have been with them from the beginning with a hiatus here and there and it’s amazing what an empire it has become.

A full-size pot of the Oaty Creamy Dreamy Shower Cream from LUSH Cosmetics. This is a re-purchase; having purchased it first time round to help with my eczema skin. If you are just starting out with LUSH, I recommend their selection of Oat products.

It’s my second time purchasing the LUSH Oaty Creamy Dreamy Shower Cream and you know what? It makes my life so much easier. I find that my eczema patches flare up much less thus making me feel more comfortable in my own skin. When I first tried this, it was in a squeezy bottle but to be honest, that was hard-work after a while. Fortunately, LUSH were smart enough to change it to a pot so now the product gets a near-perfect mark from me.

A sample of the Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser from LUSH Cosmetics. I cannot get enough of the smell. Add some water and the product becomes a milky paste that feels lovely on the skin.

Another LUSH product I’ve re-visited though just a sample is the LUSH Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser. This is so nostalgic because it’s one of the first products I took to trying from LUSH when I was 16! At the time, it really helped clean my skin without aggravating it and I believe it’s still doing the same. My skin has been a bit less-than-average with weird spots re-occurring at my jawline/neck so this is more or less my medicine now for it. Just something calming and clean.

As we approach Spring, (or are we in Spring? My mind no longer knows as the weather has been so weird), it’s that time of year to get the brighter colours out. I didn’t realise but it seems that much of this Favourites post features a couple of re-visits. I have been using the Clinique Cheek Pop in Melon Pop almost everyday from April and I am reminded of its incredible longevity! The blush lasts me from morning to night effortlessly – no fade or if so, definitely very mild. The shade in particular is top of my collection; I just love how it makes me glow and look healthy whilst still straying away from pink as that can get a bit too Barbie-esque at times.

Last product to mention is a lipstick. I seem to stick to the same shade range for lipsticks (I’ll have to conduct a post dedicated to that to show the shade comparisons and you’ll see what I mean) but MAC Lipstick in Crosswires is one of the more brighter ones in my collection. My blogger friend Polished and Inspired mentioned it in one of her Instagram posts and next thing you know, I’m pulling it out from my drawer to use practically the next day. I am generally unsuccessful when it comes to wearing a bright lip but this is one I can happily pull off! Plus, I love the cremesheen formula – my favourite lip finish from MAC. It is definitely one lipstick I’ll use more often provided that the sun comes out to play this summer.

I am aware that I don’t have photographs for the last two products! Totally forgot as I have been staying across two different spots from weekday to weekend meaning I have some makeup/skincare here and some makeup/skincare there. I will check back in with the photograph(s) at a later date!

Another month, another favourites! This might just be the best one I’ve written so far in terms of content, versatility and love for everything that I have featured! I’m going to look to switch out some products in my routines again to give other products some re-visits – that could be interesting.

What does your Favourites consist of lately? Please leave a comment – I’d be happy to respond back!

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  1. I absolutely love the idea of a themed favourite post, and I absolutely adore the tranquility theme of this post! Hope all is going okay for the people around you right now.

    You know what, Lush is still a brand that I have barely tried. I’ve only ever tried their bath bombs and one shower gel in a scent I didn’t really love. Their various face masks, body creams, and scrubs that come in those black pots seem really good!

    • Thank you! 2019 has been a tough year but it’s meant to get easier in the second half so fingers crossed…

      I have actually never tried the LUSH bath bombs even though that tends to be their best sellers I feel? But you’re right – I never see you mention LUSH! Saying that, there are a bunch of brands I haven’t tried at all but would like to.

  2. Jessica says

    Clarins has such amazing skincare! I always avoided their oils since I feel like it should be a cheaper product, but I am really tempted by this one!

  3. I love how you themed these faves “tranquility”– that was the perfect word!

    Those face earrings are so trendy & I totally need to try that oat shower cream by LUSH, I have terrible eczema skin, too. The facial you got sounds lovely!! Can’t wait to read all about it. ๐Ÿ˜„

    • Normally during this time of year, my eczema flares up because my skin doesn’t like being too “hot”. I find that the LUSH product has helped it heaps so I definitely recommend!

      Thanks for reading!

  4. Susan says

    I’m finding that my eczema is flaring up this time of year as well. I’m gonna try those Lush products! I also love love those earrings, I’ve seen similar ones in pictures and have been looking for em!

    • It took me a long time to find them! They’re easier to find online but I’m a bit funny about buying jewellery online as my ears can get sensitive if I don’t buy carefully!

      I would definitely recommend LUSH as a one-stop shop for your eczema woes! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for reading.

      • Susan says

        Thatโ€™s good to know as my ears are sensitive as well. Thanks!

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