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The Sunday Catch-Up #5 | Getting Back on Track

Do you like my new jewellery?

I don’t think I’ve seen my drafts box quite so low before! I don’t know if that’s necessarily a good thing or not but I’ve been clearing some of the old drafts and finally posting them so there’s that.

Speaking of old, last time I wrote a post in this series was back in June and holding that thought just for a minute, I definitely think I need to do more posts like this that sprout from a stream of consciousness. There’s just something about writing what’s on your mind, in that moment, that makes me feel calm and present.

Here are some of the things that have been lurking in my mind recently:

New Content and Discussions

Blogging has been quite stop/start for me in the latter half of 2018 but you’ll be seeing more of me soon as I aim to really discuss some new topics and let my eponymous blog grow to the potential that I want it to. I don’t mean it in a fancy way either – think of it more as a person.

It’s strange to say but maybe the blog has become my baby since I’ve been thinking about all the topics that I want to talk about – that I’ve been meaning to talk about – and now seems like the right time for new, refreshing content. I feel like it’s something that’s stuck with me for a while and probably something that I may have mentioned before in the past, but back then it didn’t seem like a good time for it. It’s funny because it’s like I’m preparing for a person to go into its teenage years!

So far, 2019 has been feeling very transformational for me. That’s a positive word right? I definitely could’ve used something more negative considering what’s taken place so far in my life (if you know, you know) but we won’t go there.

This year feels very different to any other year that I’ve gotten through (more on that in another post) and you know what? I’m going to get through it. This is the year where I want change and where I want to grow. The seed has been planted.

Exercise as Habit, as Passion

If you have been following my Instagram Stories at all, then you’ll know that I have been exercising quite a bit – and rather enjoying it. Admittedly, at the start of working out (and I suspect this is the same for most people who start their fitness journeys), there was an urge to do it to lose weight or at least stop gaining it. But once I started letting loose, I put away that urge and just focused on the exercise and respected my body for being able to cooperate.

I’ve stuck with exercising this time round longer than I ever have. My record is one whole summer but this time I want to make it a lifetime. I started to get in the mindset of “just get on with it” and it has helped so much in challenging my stamina and mental focus. I have noticed particular improvement these few weeks. I find that I don’t beat myself up so much either when I don’t exercise or when I don’t eat as healthy. It really is about balance and being kind to yourself whilst still being disciplined.

Maybe I am stretching myself a bit but I want to get really fit. Obviously I won’t get to the standard of a professional athlete but I want to maintain working out 4-5 times a week as an average.

The Dentist isn’t So Daunting

I’ve put off going to the dentist for a check-up for the longest time so I finally phoned them a few weeks ago to book an appointment. Normally when it’s time for a check up, they text you a friendly reminder. After that, they’ll send you a letter or two if there’s still no response. If for whatever reason, you don’t come by to the dentist for an appointment in two years, they will remove you from the registry to make room for other patients who want to sign in to that particular dentistry.

Anyways, the strict lady that used to be my dentist must not work there anymore since I didn’t see her in my last check-up. She was quite scary which is why subsequently, I would dread going to the appointment. She meant well but seriously, no one likes to see their own teeth on a monitor, zoomed in about 1000x. Do you have any weird dentist experiences?

I’m proud to say the appointment was short and sweet. I know it’s just the damn dentist but to have heard him say “good!” was a satisfying relief. I even wanted to ask him if he was sure but I thought I shouldn’t doubt someone’s professionalism. The best part though is going to the hygienist. I know I’m rambling on a bit but who doesn’t love clean teeth?

The days are getting longer and sunnier so I think I’m finally seeing the end of winter! I have been writing a lot lately and realised how nice it was to write when it’s this weather. In fact, someone told me a few months ago I couldn’t write and that my grammar was bad…which only made me want to write more.

Let me know what’s been happening with you?

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  1. My dentist recently retired and I was relieved because she was getting so old!! She had to be in her 70’s, good for her but it was getting stressful towards the end πŸ˜‚ But what do you say? I want to switch dentists because she’s old?! Worked itself out in the end, things usually do πŸ˜‰

    • LOL best thing I’ve heard all day. Out of interest (and I HAVE to ask) but did she have really good teeth or did she wear dentures?

  2. She didn’t have dentures but her teeth weren’t great πŸ˜‚ I actually kinda liked that about her, she had normal teeth. My new dentist has a full set of sparkling white chompers, makes me self-conscious πŸ˜‚

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