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March Monthly Favourites | 2019

I am extremely happy to show you the Favourites that I have compiled for this March! It’s not often that I don’t have a beauty favourite to share – in fact, this might be a first – but since I had so many other favourites, it’s probably for the best (although purely coincidental).

Some of it is going to be very random but I feel that’s what makes Favourites fun because certain items get honourable mentions and help define a moment in your life.

Let’s get started shall we?

Featured in this post:

Queer Eye (Season 3)

Selling Sunset
Terrace House: Boys & Girls in the City

Happy Glass (game)
Stop Stealing Dreams – Seth Godin (A manifesto available on Medium – please read)


I don’t watch as much Netflix as most people because I am trying to enjoy everything I watch in small doses. In other words, I’m restraining myself from binge-watching too much at a time.

I don’t know about you but whilst it was good to binge-watch at the beginning, it eventually ruins your viewing experience. Your mind hasn’t caught up with what you’ve just seen and therefore you just don’t anticipate the next episode as much the same way you would if you were viewing on tv.

The 5 guys on Queer Eye otherwise known as the Fab 5. Each specialise in an area: beauty & grooming, food, fashion, interiors and culture.

I started Queer Eye a couple of months back when one of my best friends recommended me the series. Since devouring the first 2 seasons, I have been waiting forever for the 3rd season to come out and it’s finally here! For those who don’t know, it is about 5 queer guys who specialise in an area and come together to help make-over a person’s lifestyle.

It’s more than just a generic make-over programme. It teaches a lot about self-love and acceptance! All the guys’ personalities really comes through and they bounce off of each other. Season 3 gave me all the feels – plenty of laughter with some moments where I did tear up a bit. You won’t want to miss this series – top of my Netflix Recommendations for sure.

In some ways, you get a real taste of LA through Selling Sunset. Luxurious lifestyle but not without the price.

Next up is a series called Selling Sunset. This is new to Netflix and nevermind you, I was just as surprised to have watched the entire first season! For those who know me, I tend not to watch reality tv. The only exception ever was The Hills. I strangely enjoyed that and Selling Sunset is a bit like The Hills mixed with real-estate selling.

It is a show about real-estate agents who work for the Oppenheim Group, trying to sell houses that are worth millions. All the agents are female which I’m assuming is intentional but can’t quite explain for what reason other than to sell that American/LA Dream even more. (Big house, lavish lifestyle, pretty girl.) Of course, without this real-estate element, I really wouldn’t bother with the series. It’s not the drama I enjoy so much but actually looking at how they sell the houses and what they are selling!

There are different series of Terrace House available now on Netflix so I’m watching them in chronological order. 3 guys and 3 girls with no scheming motives – perfect if you are interested in how humans interact but don’t want the drama.

Last from my Netflix favourites is Terrace House. My good blogger friend Polished and Inspired recommended Terrace House on her blog a couple of months ago and I’m so glad she did!

It’s a refreshing Japanese reality show unlike any other reality show I’ve ever seen. At first, I thought it was a house that they couldn’t leave unless they wanted to leave the entire show (like Big Brother) but the occupants are free to get on with their day-to-day activities including work whilst still coming back to the house.

One of the things that has to be praised about the show is how non-trivial and non-bitchy it is. There’s no specific aim such as winning prize-money. There’s no tasks. 3 guys and 3 girls come together under one roof to get to know one another whether through dating or just plain interaction. Oh, and perhaps it’s a huge part of Japanese culture but everyone is so well-mannered. What makes the show even more are the commentators – they are HILARIOUS. Another must-watch.


I try not to download and play too many games on my phone because I want to spend my time as productively as possible. Games tend to take away precious amounts of time without you realising and before you know it, your battery is dead.

I’ve been really enjoying Happy Glass though. I saw my sister-in-law playing it and now guess what? The whole family is playing it! It’s a strategy game that involves getting water from the tap into the glass hence the name Happy Glass. Your aim is to draw something whether it’s a line or an object so that A can get to B. Sounds easy right? The levels get more and more challenging and some really are difficult but once you pass the level, it’s rewarding.

Seth Godin

One of the things I don’t do enough is read but lately I’ve been reading from different sources. I came across Seth Godin through a design video that I was watching on YouTube. He’s a best-selling author and teacher who I didn’t know at the time but if you’re into marketing, IT and entrepreneurship – he’s a big deal. His blog is also a big deal so check that out.

His manifesto, Stop Selling Dreams is free to read and it’s one of the best short reads I’ve come across. He explains how important education is but also how the system needs to be improved so that it’s not just about a grade. He also talks about how we’re doomed if we’re just racing to the bottom (going for low-tiered jobs) when we should be racing to the top, to create new, evolving jobs that would benefit the economy greatly. It’s a read that everyone needs to get involved in because I know I learned a lot from it.

We’re going to end this on a fun note.

I’ve discovered a new app called BeautyPlus which I guess is a girly app that gives you lots of filters and stickers for when you take photos with your friends. Some of the filters are super funny (there’s one that gives you an ugly face) whilst others are more cute. Give it a go if you love taking silly selfies now and again!

Somehow, not writing about beauty felt refreshing so perhaps I should explore outside of this constraint more often since there’s so much that I want to write about. I’ve been channelling a lot of energy in the need for change lately so I think it’s time.

How has the month of April been treating you so far?

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  1. I agree about binge watching. I admit I recently watched The People V. O.J back to back on some of the episodes, but I got so into it and felt like I was the last person I knew who hadn’t seen it. But in general, it’s good to take breaks and enjoy a series properly.
    I’ve used Beauty Plus for quite a while now. I think it’s a nice app and better than most similar ones on the market. I’ve not need the ugly face filter though. I’m going to have to check that lol.

    • There are some series that I can’t help but binge! I tend to watch Netflix in the night too so if I’m binging, I don’t end up sleeping until 3am which is so bad!

      I remember a few years ago, I binge-watched an entire season of Pretty Little Liars. We’re talking about 22-25 episodes which I devoured in less than a week. I actually don’t think I can binge-watch like that anymore though haha.

      • I’ve never seen Pretty Little Liars. The last show I watched back to back was You. I found the first episode a bit slow but after that I just wanted to watch till the end.

  2. I keep meaning to watch Queer Eye because everybody says it’s SO GOOD, but I haven’t had a chance to get into it yet! And LOL I’m not big on reality TV but I miss The Hills so much. Kristen Cavallari has a new reality TV show and I really want to watch it, but we don’t have cable anymore.

    I’m so so so glad you’ve been loving Terrace House! I’ve told EVERYBODY I know to watch it and only you and another blogger have listened to me. None of my real life friends will watch it because they think it sounds boring, and it frustrates me so much LOL. I watched all of the seasons out of order and started Boys and Girls in the City a few months ago, but had to stop because Tap really annoyed me with his preaching about how everybody should have clear goals in their life and made the girl who wanted to open a coffee shop cry. I heard the later episodes get juicy though lol.

    Stop Stealing Dreams sounds really fascinating! I might give that a peruse. Thanks for the recommendation!

    • I feel that you’ll love Queer Eye! If I’m having a bad day, it’ll definitely be something that I’ll turn to – they can brighten anyone’s day up. Just so hilarious and cultured at the same time.

      I don’t even know what it was about The Hills that I liked so much? I guess it was the set-up and how the story starts off with LC interning etc. It’s something that’s quite relatable still? Nowadays, I roll my eyes at what’s out there. I just can’t relate to these people who live bougie lifestyles and have more time on their hands than they can count!

      Oh gosh, Tap disappointed a lot of people at that point! It was horrible when the barrista started crying. I think everyone was shocked because she seemed like a mature woman who’s wall was hard to crack. I think Tap definitely was too harsh. Truthfully no one knows what they really want or at times, it can be embarrassing to confess our dreams so I thought it was pretty disrespectful when he made her feel that way.

      I’m at the beginning of part 2 now but yes, it has gotten juicier with the new members!

      • I had no idea what it was about (I always thought it was about a group of guys giving style advice lol) but became intrigued after a friend told me how uplifting it is! I definitely need to remember to watch it soon.

        I think you’re right…I mean, I think Lauren comes from a pretty rich family but it’s nice to see her start from the bottom. And she’s created such an empire for herself! At least she’s famous for something she created rather than being famous for the sake of being famous some some reality stars *cough*

        Exactly! In every season there’s always one member (usually a guy, for some reason) who is naggy and telling housemates they need to do more to achieve their dreams, so I don’t know why Tap just rubbed me the wrong way compared to everyone else. I guess it’s because some people go half their lives without knowing what they want (that’s why people have mid-life crises) and he’s being way too harsh on a young girl she’s still trying to find her way in life.

        I should probably continue with BIGITC soon!

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