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February Monthly Favourites | 2019

The sun has been shining brightly this week and it’s feeling more like Spring (although still cold). My senses are awakened and I’m feeling more inspired than ever. Like finally.

I had been waiting for Winter to go to sleep for a good full month now so it’s nice to finally see that wish granted. There’s just something nice about the sun shining down on your face in the morning whilst you’re still in bed because really, who loves dark mornings anyways?

I am still playing a bit of blog catch-up but we’re getting close to the end before I start focusing on the new content that I hope to put forward on the blog. I’m rather excited for this because even though I write leisurely, there are topics I want to discuss further as means to inspire the next generation of kids.

As some of you may know, I was in Hong Kong for most of February so my favourite products that I’m showcasing here is linked to that. Let’s get started!

Featured in this post:

Boar Bristle Hair Brush Set
Allergenics Intensive Care Non-Steroidal Ointment
DHC Lip Cream
Palmer’s Coconut Oil Hand Cream
LUSH Charity Pot
(not pictured)

I’ve found the One when it comes to hairbrushes:

So I’ve tried the Tangle Teezer some time ago and whilst it does brush through my hair easily, I find that it’s not that dissimilar with other hair brushes in that it collects dust easily. This is one of the biggest pet peeves for me when it comes to beauty because there’s always that possibility of brushing the dust back into your hair. I know you can and you should clean your hair brush but it’s too much hassle. (Does anyone have any tips for this?)

I purchased the Boar Bristle Hair Brush Set from Amazon and it’s possibly the best hair brush that I’ve ever used. It brushes through my hair with incredible ease. There are these bristles between your regular hair bristles which I think is what aids its function in this. Moreover, I find that this hairbrush doesn’t collect dust like the others so that’s one less thing to worry about.

A chance discovery that’s become a staple love:

I like shopping at Holland & Barrett from time to time because it means that I can discover unknown brands that are good for me and my body. Suffering from psoriasis, I’m always on the constant look-out for products that can help treat the condition should there be a flare-up.

The Allergenics Intensive Care Non-Steroidal Ointment is such a breath of fresh air because it’s neither a steroid cream (more on that in another post) nor is it full of paraffinium liquidum. I’ve tried its less intensive version before opting for this version and honestly? Both are good in my books. Its main ingredients are aloe vera and pure shea butter. I took this with me to Hong Kong just in case and was able to treat a flare-up almost straight away. (My skin reacts the most when it changes climate.) I’ll be repurchasing for sure.

The chicest lip balm?:

If there’s one category that I’ve been trying a whole load of, it’s lip balms. (Note: I bought another one in Hong Kong too…) I purchased the DHC Lip Cream on Amazon specifically because I had been using a lip balm from a tin and if Hong Kong turned out to be warm, the balm would just melt in the tin. I wanted to be extra hygienic too.

In such well-designed packaging, you don’t have to worry about the balm melting in the bullet. The lid clips back in place rather nicely.
The product has become part of my skincare routine and something that I use last along with my daily sunscreen. Try it sometime!

This lip cream turned out to be an excellent choice. First of all, I love its bullet shape. It’s not fat so it means I can apply the balm without looking in the mirror easily. No balm-all-over-face action. Next, its packaging is just great – not that I expect any less from a Japanese brand. In Hong Kong, it was very much my go-to lip product and now that I’m back, I’m still applying it every single day. What’s not to love?

Hands-down the best hand cream I’ve tried (no pun intended):

I never used to use hand creams and then one day I just started using them. I still remember the first ever hand cream I bought and tried was from Lidl (which by the way, is still one I recommend).

The best one I’ve tried to date though, has got to be the Palmer’s Coconut Oil Hand Cream. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel greasy at all so it’s definitely okay to put it on your desk whether at home or at work. In fact, I adore the whole Palmer’s Coconut Oil range which is how I came to know about this hand cream so…try it out sometime!

A LUSH product that’s actually fine for traveling:

So funny story – before I went to Hong Kong, I put up an Instagram Story when I was skincare-packing for my travels and mentioned some LUSH samples that I was looking forward to using. A friend of mine messaged and reminded me that LUSH products can go off easily. This in turn reminded me of another time – years ago when I had taken a fresh face mask to Hong Kong, put it in the fridge and it still got ruined in less than a week since Hong Kong summers are super hot and humid. (Forgive me, I was in my teens and still getting into skincare.) I can’t believe I almost forgot of this incident! And you see – that is the trouble with LUSH.

After much thought, I did decide that I could take the LUSH Charity Pot with me and finish it up which is why it’s not pictured here! I find it to be quite a versatile product in that I was able to use it as a hand cream, a body lotion and as an aid to my psoriasis if it decided to flare-up. Oh, and it’s got this unique smell to it which I’m assuming is the moringa oil? Who knows.

What are some of your Favourites this season? Let me know in the comments below and perhaps I’ll give it a try next season!

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    • I thoroughly recommend the hairbrush especially if your hair always gets tangled! It doesn’t ever hurt my hair/scalp and brushes my whole head in seconds because of its thick paddle design. P.S. Sorry for the late reply but thank you for reading. 🙂

    • I would definitely recommend to try the Charity Pot when you get a chance to! I think it’s one of the lotions that doesn’t get talked about much (people always seem to just talk about Sleepy or Dream Cream).

      • i have sleepy & it is pretty amazing 💜 but you’re so right! no one really talks about the charity pot, i’ll definitely have to give it a try!

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