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Setting Up a Good Evening, Good Habits Routine

Following on from my Setting Up a Good Morning, Good Habits Routine, comes along my newly adjusted PM routine! This post will be a little less strict compared to my morning routine but nonetheless, still important since the two go hand-in-hand and can influence each other more than we know.

So far, I am finding it a lot easier to adjust my evening routine, possibly because I have certain routines such as my skincare, set in place. The main adjustment I have had to make is essentially shifting everything earlier so that I’m ready for bed by a certain time. Generally speaking, evening routines are a lot more chill than morning routines because there’s less of a rush to get ready!

As like the last post, I will be giving some advice on setting up an evening routine. There are tips from that post that practically apply to any habit or lifestyle change, which I won’t repeat here, but feel free to have a look at that too!

Why an evening routine?

It is common to hear about a morning routine, because understandably, people are getting ready for work and want to set themselves up for a good day; but rarely do we hear about evening routines.

For me, the main purpose of an evening routine is to ease you into the night (then morning), so that you’re feeling relaxed, nourished and pampered. But by that, I really don’t mean watching hours of Netflix or chatting to your pals via Facebook Chat.

What I really mean is, having the evening to yourself. Just you. Even if you have a husband (or wife), even if you have kids, it’s so important that you have an hour to yourself to do just you. There’s just something about some me-time that refreshes you for the next day or even the whole week.

So what good habits can you bring into an evening routine?

You can consider some of the following:

  • a good dinner (one that makes you feel good, not too full or bloated)
  • herbal tea or glass of hot water
  • coffee and tea are fine too but don’t leave it too late. (7pm is the cut-off point for me but if you’re particularly sensitive to caffeine, then by all means skip it.)
  • evening stretch and/or workout*
  • a good skincare routine (once or twice a week, you might pamper a bit more i.e. face mask)
  • preparing your bag, breakfast and/or lunch the next day
  • reviewing your calendar/schedule for the next day (or next week if it’s the weekend)
  • reading before bed
  • journaling

*Doesn’t have to be hardcore. Can just be something to get your blood flow moving!

Depending on your working hours, choice of travel and where you’re based, you could end up getting home anywhere between 5PM-7PM (on the basis of you doing a 9-5).

I get it.

It’s been a long day, and you want to throw your work bag on the couch, have some dinner, have a shower, get into your PJs and call it quits. But not only is this type of lifestyle mundane – it feels lifeless and miserable because of the negative body language that you exert from having just another day at work.

By creating that evening routine, not only will you have something to look forward to but you won’t feel the need to throw your work bag!

Not much of a skincare junkie? Or maybe you are? Either way, I swear by face masks and would recommend them as a weekly ritual into your evening routine.

If you didn’t know already, skincare is very dear to my heart so I would always recommend and encourage my readers to have a good skincare evening routine. Since my morning skincare routine is quick and toned down, my evening routine tends to be a lot more rigorous in order to treat the pollution and damage that my skin has most likely gone through. Taking my time during this step is super vital – there’s really no need to rush.

Again, write it down

Physically writing down your goals and your thoughts allows you to channel what you really want and how you can get there. It also allows you confront for example, your worse fears so that you can face and combat them.

Unlike my morning routine, there is a bit more flexibility in my evening routine. There are certain good habits I do every evening, whilst others, I might just do a few times a week.

Consider for a moment what bad habits you currently perform every evening. It could be watching too much Netflix, gaming, over-use of social media which actually – causes a loss of time. Have you ever done one of these so much and then looked at the clock and wondered, “where did the time go?“. Well, using that time, you can do some habit-swapping. You’d be surprised at how much you can get done instead and how much time you’re gaining back in advance too.

How do I start?

As with the morning routine, you could slowly add in activities and do some habit-swapping. I think a common problem in the 21st century is being a couch potato – being so glued to the couch that you may as well be one. We’ve been conditioned to transmit information over so quick without baring lifting a finger. To put it bluntly, we have become a lazy bunch because the convenience is there already.

If you are the aforementioned couch potato then first and foremost, get yourself off that couch!

Habit Tracking

An example of one of my habit trackers back when I was still bullet-journaling. I don’t bullet-journal anymore simply because of time but I’m sure if I re-arranged my time, I could fit it back in again.

I don’t really bullet journal anymore however I do think it’s a good habit and hobby to have. One of the things that I really liked doing was making a ‘habit tracker’ for each month. Obviously some habits are more challenging to maintain than others such as drinking 8 cups of water a day which is why the tracker can come in pretty handy.

If you’re completely changing your lifestyle then it’s going to be a hell of a challenge so change bit by bit. I find that it gets easier once you have racked up a decent tally of habit-maintaining because you’ll feel more motivated to maintain that streak. So for the first few months, monitor the progress of this and once you feel you have made it into a good habit, slowly let go of the habit tracker. You’ll know when you’ve succeeded. You’ll also know when you have a more organised lifestyle. 🙂

This is another one of my pieces that has been sitting in my draft box for the longest time (I just actively checked and it’s been almost a year…oops…) but now it’s here! Are there any bad habits that you’re trying to correct or do less of? Let me know in the comments below! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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  1. Jessica says

    A small glass of hot water first thing in the morning has made a huge improvement with my digestion!

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