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January Monthly Favourites | 2019

It has been so long since I have drafted up a monthly favourites post! I’m giving this series a re-boot which is refreshing for me because I have been meaning to share my love for a couple of products.

I originally stopped this series this time last year actually due to the fact that I was running out of new favourites that had not already been mentioned on the blog. I was basically rotating my favourites around for months in use so it seemed pointless to continue writing them then.

Now that my collection is entirely different, I’m ready to get back into the swing of posting Favourites!

Featured in this post:

Value Pack Cotton Soft Cotton Wool Round Pads
Clinique Even Better SPF 15
Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream
Son & Park Beauty Water
Marco Tozzi Silver Sparkly Trainer Shoe

The softest cotton rounds I have ever used:

This duo pack is from Home Bargains. I don’t remember the exact price but they’re very, very affordable and the best cotton rounds that I have ever tried and bought. Originally my favourite cotton face pads were the ones from Lidl but these are even better. They’re so soft and hold together very well – you can just tell that the quality is there. They do not flint like some cotton rounds do and the way they glide on the skin is just magical.

Clinique Even Better SPF 15 – I am in shade 03 Ivory.

It’s all about that base:

I have been meaning to try out a Clinique foundation and have heard great things about this so I tried it on my face one day and took a sample. This was months and months ago.

Just recently, I was itching to buy new makeup after a long no-buy so I asked to be made up again at the Clinique counter. The colour just matches so well! The finish is also lovely – natural which is my preferred finish. Maybe it’s the winter time but I find that I don’t have to powder much at all and shall be bringing this little gem with me to Hong Kong. The Clinique Even Better may have replaced my Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation…

Note how this eye cream is 30ml in size – double that of standard eye cream pots!

New favourite eye cream since forever:

I haven’t tried a new eye cream in a long time! The last one I tried out was the Embryolisse Smoothing Eye Cream but there was nothing to rave about that and was honestly overpriced for what it was. I have been purchasing new skincare on Amazon in the past few months and the Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream was amongst one of the purchases. I love this! It really helps moisturise my under-eye area (not that it’s dry but still, it needs the care) and I find that I don’t have to worry about using anything else. It seems a little pricey at first, but at 30ml, that’s already double the size of standard eye cream pots.

There’s something about the packaging of this that reminds me of organic drinks, don’t you think?

For once, I understand the craze:

I have searched the lengths of the internet to find out how to purchase this product when it was being raved about. So when I finally saw its availability on Amazon, you can bet that I didn’t have to think twice about purchasing. Price-wise, I probably over-paid for this a little because Amazon is not the cheapest if you want to try K-beauty however I was willing to commit. The Son & Park Beauty Water contains aloe vera which is one of my favourite ingredients of all-time. I use this purely as a toner and find that it helps calm my skin, prep my skin and just make it feel good. I’ve already made a re-purchase [see photo] and if that’s not love, I don’t know what is!

The photo doesn’t do the trainer shoe any justice at all but for the purpose of illustration, here’s a photo. They fit beautifully around my feet. The laces itself are more decorative than functional since they don’t fasten/tighten the shoe like a regular sneaker but somehow the design really works. Oh, and note the mirror on the side – that really elevates the coolness of the shoe itself without being tacky!

Another pair to add to my collection:

I never used to be a shoe person, like ever. I don’t even mean high heels but everything in general although I guess I have always loved sneakers. Even then, I think I used to just rotate between 2 pairs of sneakers and then 1 pair of boots. Now I’m finding myself with a whole collection and honestly, I’m enjoying picking out a pair to suit my outfit that day. I’ve been having a lot of fun so maybe I’ll finally write up some style posts this year? I purchased this lovely pair of Marco Tozzi Silver Sparkly Trainer Shoe from TK Maxx at £30. They are very sparkly in person but still wearable and not tacky at all. They are also very comfortable so it’s a win/win!

Thank you for your kind and encouraging comments in my last post – I really mean it. 😊 It’s starting to feel like Spring which is perfect and I’m making sure that before I leave for Hong Kong, I clean out all my work-related things so I don’t have to dwell on anything when I come back. (Not that I’m dwelling right now but you know what I mean.)

I’ll get some posts scheduled before I go too so you’re entertained for a few weeks.


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  1. I love those trainer shoes from T.K Maxx! I’m not a shoe person at all because I buy expensive pairs and the heel always begins to slant. I think it’s how I walk lol. I’ve given up. Anyway, T.K Maxx can be such a good place to buy shoes from. I bought trainers from there last year and some wedges for my holiday. The eye cream sounds really good. My under eyes can get quite dry during the winter. Lovely post 🙂

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