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What I Bought on Black Friday – A TK Maxx Haul

I am feeling like a hypocrite because I remember a couple of posts back, I said that I was not one to write haul posts and now for some reason, I really want to share this haul post and more. 😆

Addictive habit I tell you!

I have started to shop a lot more often than I ever have in my entire life since getting a new job. I really don’t know what it is. The need for new clothes comes every month and it’s amazing to return back to the feeling of “I have nothing to wear” like really?

Anyways, today we are not talking about clothes – which by the way, I still need to get on topic about that. Today we are talking about what I bought last Friday at TK Maxx – my version of a Black Friday sale which is really just every time I shop at that store. 😂

Featured in this post:

TI Style 2 in 1 Face Brush
Sukin Love Your Skin Sensitive Set
Bdellium Tools Green Bambu Complete 15pc. Brush Set
Cala Revitalizing Collagen Essence Mask (5pc)
The Creme Shop Kale Face Mask (5 pc)
Mitomo Soy Bean Essence Mask (6 pc)

I have never tried a facial cleansing brush before so I was curious to try one out when I saw the TI Style 2 in 1 Face Brush. I actually own a Clarisonic Mia 2 but I seldom use that (I really ought to). I have used konjac sponges before in the past and whilst I do like them, I think they feel more natural on my body rather than on my face – it just seems a bit fiddly for the face is all.

The bristles on this is ridiculously soft. I’ve only used it twice so far but I just find that it helps with getting the most out of your cleanser when you want to exfoliate but not necessarily with an exfoliating product if that makes sense?

I particularly concentrate this on areas which get clogged easily – namely my nose, inner cheeks and the area between my brows. I’ll need to give it time to let you know what I really think about this but so far upon first impressions, I’m into the idea.

Next up is the Sukin Love Your Skin Sensitive Set which was one of the first products I noticed when I stepped into TK Maxx that evening after work. After seeing it, I just knew I had to have it because I’ve been meaning to try the brand for months but have never gotten round to it so this was my best chance to.

I had seen the Sukin range in Boots a few months prior which peaked my interest a little but it just wasn’t the right time to try anything new. (I go through waves with my skincare – either constant or I’ll change it completely – anyone else?) Moreover, it was the idea of trying an Australian brand that made me more curious.

The set features a cleansing gel, day moisturiser and night cream. I have only tried the moisturisers briefly so far and I’m feeling good about both. I particularly enjoy how the first main ingredient (other than water) is aloe vera which interests me even more because I love that stuff. More opinions to come so watch this space. 😊

My blogger friend Stashy will be proud of my only makeup-related purchase as she had recommended me this particular brand for brushes however at the time, I had stated that it wasn’t (and technically still isn’t) available in the UK unless I online shop. I came across the Bdellium Tools Green Bambu Complete 15pc. Brush Set and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. 

Let me tell you: I have bought a lot of brushes this year that I told myself I wouldn’t buy anymore as I have a good collection now but I just couldn’t help myself!

I haven’t had a chance to try any of the brushes yet as I have been going makeup-free into work recently (the early dark mornings are killing me) but I will definitely feedback in a few months on what I think!

If there is one thing that has peaked my interest in particular when it comes to TK Maxx, it’s the availability of Asian skincare.

My last 3 hauls are all sheet masks and I am just so unapologetic whenever I buy these because there is usually limited stock in TK Maxx but when it’s available, it’s a damn gem. My local TK Maxx has been a bit dry post-summer with nothing exciting in the skincare section but recently – most likely due to Christmas coming up soon, they have revamped every section and things are good again.

First up is the Cala Revitalizing Collagen Essence Mask (5pc). I have never heard of this brand before so I can only assume it’s an indie Korean beauty brand at which point, I have nothing to go by. I have been trying a lot of sheet masks lately though so I’m quite keen to do some follow-up reviews compiled into a post in the future.

There’s not much description on the mask except to say that it hydrates and strengthens skin elasticity which I feel is what every other sheet mask states. Only a trial will tell so…more to come?

The Creme Shop on the other hand is one brand that I have definitely tried and that my local TK Maxx seem to like stocking products of. I have previously tried 2 different sheet masks from them which side note: have become my favourite sheet masks to date. I saw the The Creme Shop Kale Face Mask (5 pc) and thought why not? 

The mask claims to ‘eliminate bloating and puffiness while correcting any redness and flakiness’. Totally down for that. To be honest, the idea of it being kale completely sold me even though I don’t eat kale. How weird.

Down to our last product, we have the Mitomo Soy Bean Essence Mask (6 pc). Fun fact: I didn’t realise until after that I had viewed this mask before on Amazon a week prior. 

Where K-beauty has hit the stores internationally this year both online and offline, J-beauty seems to be making some sort of a mark too because I was definitely surprised to see a Japanese beauty product in-store. 

I love soy products – both in beauty and in food although I have never tried a soy sheet mask. I am unsure as to whether I have tried a Japanese sheet mask either – most likely not.

The mask advises of soy being an antioxidant that helps fight against sun damage, environmental damage whilst reducing irritation and building collagen so I’ll be using this for when my skin is feeling a bit sensitive.

My total bill came up to £62.99 which was a lot less than I had anticipated. In my head, I was thinking around the £80 mark so to me, this was one of my best bargain hauls of the year. 

I can’t say how much money I saved exactly but it’s definitely impressive.

And you? What did you buy on the week of Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

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  1. I didn’t buy much during the sales. Just a pair of trousers and some boots which were 20% off. But I really like T.K Maxx right now. The first couple of months after my job, I kept buying so many clothes. Now I’ve settled down and I’m focusing on experiences and going places. I’m going to have to go in and get some sheet masks!

    • I think when you go into your first “real” job where you care about what you wear, buying clothes just becomes addictive but also rather fun. I remember when I first started, how excited I was to re-build my wardrobe because I was going through a phase where I wanted to dress just a little more grown up.

      I’m sure I’ll get to a point where I’ll settle but at the moment, I’m just enjoying it.

  2. Wow, that Bdellium Tools set is a MAJOR score! I hope you’ll like those brushes. I have a few from green bambu range and they’re great.
    I’ve been buying lots of Asian sheet masks from our version of TK Maxx. They released all these cute ones from Sanrio with Hello Kitty and My Melody on them! I could not resist.
    The best score I found was a Real Techniques Prep & Prime set which includes an eye roller that I’ve been wanting. It feels so great to apply eye cream with it! The set also includes a super soft massaging brush which I like to use with oil cleansers.
    Black Friday I did buy a few things from the Bobbi Brown counter. It was dangerous to go with a friend but I’m really happy with the items I got which included a set called Ready, Set, Party Deluxe Eye & Cheek palette. It includes 2 brushes and really wearable eye shadows and blushes. 🙂

    • Right?! I knew you’d be ecstatic about it. I checked the price briefly online and I seemed to have saved a crazy amount of money – over 50% in fact! I have only tried the stippling brush and the brow grooming brush so far but all good.

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