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The Fitness YouTubers I like to Follow

Welcome back again!

Today, I thought I’d write about my favourite fitness influencers that I like to follow on YouTube. I’ve been quite good lately in getting some exercise done on a weekly basis. I feel like I’ve finally found my “balance” in this area whereas years ago, I would’ve struggled or just not have bothered with exercise because I thought I wasn’t good at it. Now it’s become one of my favourite hobbies.

To give you a bit of background, I was technically bad at sport in high school. Thinking back, part of it stemmed from truly believing that I was bad at team sport and therefore I could not contribute much. I let that beat my confidence.

But that’s the thing.

Good exercise starts with positive thinking and this is the part which I needed to change the most in order to grow. I needed to start believing that actually, I was not as bad at fitness as I had once thought. I was actually quite decent I might add. 

At that time in my life, I discovered Blogilates so this is the fitness youtuber I will start with for today’s post. Enjoy!


Admittedly, I don’t follow her as much now but there’s no denying that she’s still a driving force in the fitness and social media communities as both an entrepreneur and influencer.

Founded by Cassey Ho, Blogilates started as a channel to share the world of pilates but in a fun and engaging way. At that time (around 2008/09), I was still in college (senior year in high school if you’re American) and her platform was truly great because it attracted young women to workout in a way that wasn’t boring, in a format that meant it was easy access from home – no need to go to the gym and definitely no outdated 80s Aerobics moves. The landscape for both social media and fitness was changing and for the first time, I felt like I could actually workout.

I tried new moves, moving and working my body (even if just leisurely) in ways I never knew. I found an alternative answer to running (which I hated and still hate) and to the gym (which I didn’t hate as much but didn’t enjoy it either). 

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training, which we’ll get to later) wasn’t even trendy then but the idea of doing a set of moves for a minute each to complete a 10 minute workout was genius. Furthermore, her workouts are really enjoyable which I think is so important when getting into fitness. There are hundreds and thousands of ways to workout but the best one will be the one you enjoy the most and Blogilates made me see that.

Here’s just some of my favourite workouts from Cassey:

Whitney Simmons

If you know of Gymshark, then you must know of Whitney Simmons.

Whitney Simmons is one of many sponsored athletes, as part of the Gymshark branding that’s been all over Instagram. If you somewhat follow fitness or have liked a fitness photo yet have not come across Gymshark then you must be living underneath a rock because the advertising on social media has been heavy…but smart.

One thing I will note is that all the Gymshark athletes have a very specific body which for most of us, is unattainable unless we workout as much as them. The guys have really muscular tops and skinny bottoms whilst the girls have peachy butts and a skinny waist. 

Whilst I’m not trying to gain the above body-specific, I think it’s nice to follow someone who isn’t afraid to lift heavy just to mix things up and gain some ideas when it comes to weights especially for me as I have weak arms.

 Above the fitness side of things though, I just really enjoy Whitney’s personality. She is all things quirky and weird which I find super relatable.

Here’s a few of her videos I enjoy:

Chloe Ting

Chloe Ting is another Gymshark sponsored athlete. I probably follow her workouts a bit more than Whitney’s as it’s a little less weight-intensive and involves more HIIT in general. Again, it’s useful to follow her as I can get some inspiration for more intense workouts when I have more energy for it.

Chloe is petite (5’1) and one of the main reasons I follow her is because she puts forward a really positive body image for Asian girls. I say this because in Asia, it’s very easy to be considered fat – I for one have been considered fat for years by my relatives in Hong Kong! (I’ve kinda accepted I won’t meet their slim ‘ideal’ but I’m quite happy with my body to be honest…it does great things. 🙂) 

Although based in Australia, I think it’s amazing to show how a petite person like her can be strong in lifting weights and unafraid to grow a booty which honestly, I don’t think is a thing in Asia for females. Also – can we just appreciate how amazing she looks? She is apparently 30+ (32 I think) but looks barely 20! 🤩

Check out some of my favourite videos of her:

Emi Wong

Onto my last fitness inspiration pick!

Emi Wong is a Hong Kong based YouTuber and again, paving the way for Asian girls to get fit and not be afraid to eat. She vlogs too and shows her way of eating clean whilst still sticking to her favourite Asian meals which is applaudable since Hong Kong is amazing for food choice from the moment you step outside. 

If I had to pick my body-ideal, it would probably be Emi’s because it’s slim and fit whereas a body like Whitney’s or Chloe’s is very specific and sometimes it’s actually harder to gain the weight in the area you want. In addition, you need to take into consideration your proportions and whether a gain would look good on you. Personally, I don’t care for peachy butts that much but everyone’s body preference is a bit different and that’s okay.

I have been doing a lot of Emi’s workouts lately and they are so enjoyable! She is a very real person – motivating like a friend but not so condescending that you want her to shut up. She doesn’t talk too much either which I think can be a problem for certain fitness youtubers. I have done a selection of her workouts now and have liked all of them. What’s even more motivating is that Emi has had her battle with bulimia before so she really comes from a place of heart, knowing how hard it can be to battle fitness.

The videos I particularly like and have on repeat weekly are:

Well, that about covers all the fitness youtubers I am currently following. Do you follow any of them? Or perhaps you have discovered someone new? Let me know what you think either way! Or if you have anyone different, don’t hesitate to give them a mention in the comments below! 😃⬇️⬇️⬇️

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  1. LOL I’ve had this same topic sitting in my drafts for half a year but never got around to finishing it! I also discovered fitness bloggers through Cassey first – I think she’s a great way to get into working out because she’s so peppy, and beginners can just start off by doing one of her short videos and then doing longer/more videos in one workout as they get more used to it. I also love Whitney because she tells her subscribers that it’s not about the way you look, it’s about the way you feel, but I have to admit that I liked her better before she was a Gymshark athlete and her channel blew up. It’s just the way it goes when a YouTuber gets big, I suppose!

    I’ve also watched Chloe and Emi before, but haven’t really been able to get into them for some reason. I have used a few of Chloe’s food prep videos for inspiration, though!

    • Is that so? Hahaha I have been meaning to share this for weeks and finally got round to it.

      To be honest, I didn’t know who Whitney was before Gymshark was a thing but I do very much love her personality and how positive she is. I watched her fitness story video and it hit me when said she had to work out for her mental health which I think a lot of us are afraid to admit but should start thinking more about.

  2. This is great I am going to have to use youtube more for my workouts when I get stuck on what to do , I have been doing the same stuff a lot lately when it comes to my daily workouts and need to change it up.

    • I think it’s important to try different ones and decide which you enjoy the most and have a feel for. I used to use the most famous ones but it’s more important to do a workout that you actually enjoying doing because it means you’ll stick with it longer.

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