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Lately on Netflix #2


It has gotten colder as of late and you know what? – I’m not even mad. I genuinely love the autumn/winter season. I love the cold breeze and how smooth my skin feels. Anyways – today is not a post about skincare or makeup. It’s about Netflix. You know, the other thing that we snuggle up to regardless of season because TV kinda died. Or at least I don’t watch TV anymore. (Please comment regarding this – I’m actually interested to find who still watches TV because I really don’t nowadays.)

I really enjoyed writing the last part so I thought I’d fill you in on what I’ve been watching lately…again. Here’s to #2!

A Silent Voice


Okay, let’s start off with the anime first!

I would say that this year is all about going outside of…I guess not comfort-zone because I am generally open to trying out different genres but definitely stuff that I wouldn’t normally watch.

One night I fancied watching a film and this one caught my eye on Netflix randomly and without paying that much attention to the description (which was very vague on there anyway), I clicked play and honestly, one of the best decisions I have ever made!

I don’t want to give away the storyline because I think it’s a good film to go in blind to. However, I will definitely say that it’s a film that subtly hits you hard (if that were possible) and is nothing short of the brilliant storytelling that the Japanese are just so good at. Judging from the poster alone, I was expecting something really teenage-y, you know – romance and drama – but wow. The themes covered are so much more – the main one being bullying. I cried at some point.

Would recommend and would watch again. 5/5.

Your Name


I watched another anime film the morning after wouldn’t you believe!

A lot of people had mentioned this film in the comments on YouTube – some saying one was better than the other and vice versa. Personally, I loved A Silent Voice more but this was still good in its own right.

Fate is actually quite a common theme across Japanese media and culture. There is even a story to do with a red string and basically this red string is what ties you to your soul mate – your destined partner for life. This film loosely utilises that theme in a surprisingly fresh way. Our main guy and girl have dreamed of each other but have never met. One day, they start switching bodies out of the blue and this just happens irregularly. There’s no saying as to why but somehow through this method, they get to know each other even though they haven’t met. It sounds lame in concept but I promise that the direction and story-telling had a lot of belief and heart in it. The OST in particular makes the film and is entirely by one Japanese rock band RADWIMPS which I found interesting.


We’re The Millers

we're the millers

I’ve watched this a couple of times now – the first time being at the cinema and oh gosh, it is still so funny. If you’re looking for a comedy to watch and have not seen this, I would definitely recommend.

It’s a fresh cast which I think is super important because sometimes American comedy casts can get super repetitive, borderline-annoying. The storyline follows our main guy David who is a bit of a loser to be frank but not a bad guy. In debt and desperate to complete a job in order to write it off, an idea comes to mind which is when “family” come into play.

Perhaps not the most original of concepts but it was pulled off well and I got plenty of laughs out of it. 4/5.

Good Morning Call


There’s two seasons of this on Netflix and I think it’s still ongoing.

For those who aren’t familiar with Japanese series, they tend to be short and sweet – ranging anywhere from 20 minutes to 45 minutes per episode with 10-13 episodes overall from start to finish. So when I tapped into Good Morning Call, it was honestly quite surprising that there was another season and therefore more episodes.

I have watched quite a lot of episodes of season 1 so far but am lazy to finish it off. It is a cute series but halfway through season 1, it starts to drag and there isn’t an element of surprise which come to think of it – there never was. It is a simple storyline which in all fairness, is made to appeal to young girls but when you get to my age, it gets irritating. I think the thing that peeved me off the most though, was how expressionless the male character was even when they started going out. Some viewers called this abusive and whilst I wouldn’t go as far as to call it that, it definitely left a bad taste in my mouth because the female character always had to try so hard to understand him and that to me isn’t a good relationship.


Million Yen Women


In terms of format, this is more like your typical Japanese drama – 12 episodes in total, 45 minutes each. But in terms of content, is it really typical? No, not at all.

Out of the list I present in this post, this is the most indie but personally, I really liked it. I would probably describe it as a quiet mystery. The Japanese are great at coming up with bizarre concepts yet it works and is made believable because it weaves in real life elements and everyday problems that people genuinely go through.

We have our boring, expressionless anti-hero Shin Michima, a writer who hasn’t made it big at all. One day, 5 women unrelated to him or each other move in via an anonymous invite and in doing so, each pay a million yen for rent monthly. He’d be crazy to turn down the offer right?

Each character might have more in common than they think – each serving up a dark past. Michima in particular, unable to move on from his whilst his dad remains on death row after murdering his mom, lover and an innocent policeman and thus, remaining as an unsuccessful writer. If you are familiar with Haruki Murakami novels at all, the style in this series is similar and leaves you with unique questions to pose.

Overall, a 4/5. The last episode or so was a little weak in my opinion and could’ve been more stronger. I liked Midori’s ending though. I just felt Michima’s ending needed a tad more closure but maybe I’m just fussy.

Fun Fact: The main actor is the lead singer of the Japanese rock band RADWIMPS, whom I mentioned a few paragraphs ago as being fully featured on Your Name’s OST.

Have you watched anything great on Netflix lately? I’m open to any genre. 🙂 

I fancy watching something dark soon so if my recent lists have been a bit ‘soft’ for you, look out for my next Netflix-related post! 

On another note…how is it even November? One doesn’t know where to begin but I’ll be slowly writing about it. I have this week off so I hope to catch up more with blogging. What have I missed?

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  1. I have to check out these anime! It’s been ages since I watched one. I love watching Japanese and Korean dramas, there are only a few episodes so it’s much easier for me to watch! Great post, I’ll definitely check them out! x

    • Ohh! Which Japanese and Korean dramas have you watched and what’s your favourite? 😊I never used to watch anime except for like Pokemon if that counts lol but now that I’ve watched a few, I want to discover more!

      Thanks for reading! I definitely recommend both of the anime movies I’ve mentioned here…probably A Silent Voice more but be prepared to cry at some point.

      • I don’t have a favourite but the ones I remember on the top of my mind are Orange Marmalade, Medical Top Team, The Ghost Detective, Giver, Voice 2, etc. What about you? ☺️

        Oh my god, I love Pokemon! It was my favourite anime of all time, I used to be obsessed with it! I don’t watch the newer seasons anymore.

      • Oh I’ve not heard of any of them! Probably cos they’re newish and I’m rubbish with keeping up to date with things. I have heard of Voice but didn’t know they did a sequel.

        Some of my favourites include Uncontrollably Fond, Weightlifting Fairy, Tunnel, W…there’s probably more but I can’t think of anymore lol I am trying to stray away from romcoms though and look for more sophisticated mysteries/suspense/dark dramas this season.

      • I only watch thriller/mystery dramas 😅 I haven’t heard of them but I’ll definitely check them out! I don’t really watch romcoms unless I’m in the mood for it lol.

        The first k-drama I watched was 49 Days and I instantly fell in love with k-dramas. Later on I came across Japanese and Chinese dramas and I couldn’t stop watching them! The storylines are so interesting!

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