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Lately on Netflix #1


For those who consistently blog whilst maintaining a 9-5 job – how do you do it? Admittedly, I have been particularly tired since entering the new season (although yay! for Autumn – my preferred season). I have been waking up around 6am and ugh – it is so dark. Luckily, I’ve booked some upcoming days off so I hope to relax my mind and catch up with more sleep as I’ve been surviving on 6 hours sleep mostly which in the summer is fine but rather wearing in the darker months. (I’ve decided that I’m never going to fix my late-night owl ways.)

Anyways, I had some time to write and thought I’d kick things off by reviewing what I’ve been watching lately. I’m super late to the Netflix game – don’t ask how but let’s just say I’m glad to be on the bandwagon now.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before


I wanted to start with the most obvious one because I feel like lots of girls have been fan-girling over how cute the film is. Not just that, but the actor who plays Peter Kavinsky has blown up massively and c’mon, let’s be real – when have we ever recalled another time when an Asian girl was the lead in a film, teenage or not? I feel like this movie makes up for that lost time when I couldn’t refer to a film of that type.

For a teenage rom-com, it’s not super cliché at all plus I got some laughs out of it. Lara Jean is a fresh character and I loved the sister interactions as well as her interaction with Peter. It just felt different. In fact, I watched this again last night for the second time.


Kissing Booth


I watched this one night on the basis that I was looking for something really easy to watch which can be a recipe for disaster. It is a cute film but if I was to judge it seriously, it’s not one that I’d necessarily recommend because the acting overall is subpar with the exception of the main female lead who I thought was good in her role.

Admittedly, it’s a cringy movie which in some ways, doesn’t surprise me because it’s based off someone’s short written piece on Wattpad. My main problem with the film (as with most teenage films) is that it’s quite depthless – they open some problems and storylines up only not to close them. Not a repeat watch for me however I did get some laughs out of it.


Sierra Burgess Is A Loser


I was quite delighted to see the actor of Peter Kavinsky play in another role which lead me to watch this. I also recognise the main actress from a minor role in Riverdale so it was interesting to see how she would evolve from that. Truthfully though, I found this film to be majorly flawed in its storyline. It is essentially on how a catfish is born – even if accidental. Whilst I understand that it’s not about looks, she really fooled him and it was not on for me. And though she wasn’t a mean character per se, she was hardly a redeemable one either because of this action. Her character “growth” went down for me rather than going up.

I don’t know. You judge for yourself but to me, it’s a 1/5.

Almost Friends


You’ll remember the main actor from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because he practically looks the same. Strangely enough, that was distracting in itself which sounds like such a diss but my mind couldn’t focus on this other character that he was playing!

I wanted to like this and although there were some funny moments at the beginning, the storyline lost itself. I simply just did not know where it was going and the ending itself whilst hopeful, was a bit too open-ended and needed more resolving in my personal opinion. The characters were also quite weak and did not leave a lasting impression on me either. Overall, it needed more finesse to really do it for me.




I finally took the plunge to try this and 2 seasons later – wow!

Atypical is about Sam, an autistic high schooler experiencing life unlike others although at the same time, not unlike others which I think is what really hits home for me. It can be considered a family drama as you follow Sam around, getting to know his thought process, behaviour and relationships with his family and school friends. Not only that, but through the other characters, you get to experience the difficulties that others may have in interacting with Sam. For example, the parents and their over-protectiveness which limits Sam from ever being independent. It’s a drama about Sam’s life journey which is super relatable because even as a neurotypical, life just gets in the way sometimes, doesn’t it?

Honestly, at the season 2 finale, I welled up at some point because Sam’s character growth was stunning and I can’t wait to see how his character continues to grow in season 3!

4/5. (It would be 5/5 if the mother’s voice wasn’t so annoying and whiny at times.



The newest drama to add to my list and I’m so sad that I have to wait an entire year for the next season! I binge-watched 8 episodes in less than 2 days. And I’m already planning on re-watching this first season.

I genuinely haven’t been this excited about a series in a long time but I think this is it. It’s so slick. It’s sexy. It looks at teenage problems through a non-blurred lens. The suspense, story-telling and acting is terrific.

Think Gossip Girl. Meets How To Get Away With Murder with a dash of Riverdale, Skins and Pretty Little Liars. And yet – it feels oh-so-new and fresh. Maybe it’s the Spanish vibe.

The storyline follows 3 new working-class students who enter a prestigious i.e. elite high school via a scholarship after their own high school is destroyed from an earthquake. Without spoiling anything, it displays the frictions the poor and the rich have between each other but also amongst their own class too. There are plenty of problems that are raised in an authentic and raw manner. It’s not afraid to go all the way in exploring these in detail and I can’t wait to see what’s in-store for season 2.

5/5 – must-watch.

And you? What have you been watching lately on Netflix?

Thank you for stopping by! I am still around – just not as active. I use the computer a lot at work so by the time I come back, I hardly want to use my laptop at all! It’s surprising that my eye sight is still in tact. Anyhow, I’d still like to fill you in on a couple of posts that I’d like to post before the end of year (!).

  • A MASSIVE Empties post (I have a bagful right now which I’m thinking would be good for an end-of-year post)
  • My Everyday Makeup Routine
  • My Current Capsule Wardrobe and How I Mix It Up

Hope you’re all well. I’ve been enjoying a lot of things on Netflix lately so I’m sure it won’t be long until my next post regarding it! Until next time…

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  1. Clara's Comfort Zone says

    Ah, I love Atypical so so much! I actually haven’t finished season two yet and this reminded me that I really should! Lovely post, I’m happy I found your blog! ♡♡

    • Definitely finish it! I’m just so sad that I have to wait an entire year for a new season but I guess that goes for all series lol.

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