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Life Update: Settling In

Note: I drafted this post weeks and weeks ago but have only just edited the photos so by the time I post this, it’s not a recent experience that I’m referring to however I still wanted to get this up! Enjoy.

It’s a Saturday and I’m officially doing nothing. It’s approaching the afternoon period and I’m still in my lounge wear and hoodie but that’s okay – I live for these moments and sometimes, it’s just nice to be super comfy. The summer has finally calmed down and I don’t mind so much because summer just aggravates my skin and my eczema can start to play up too. This cooler weather suits me just fine.

I may or may not do my makeup later but for now, I’m enjoying having my skin bare as on most weeks, I wear makeup to work. I’ve been loving it actually. I thought I would hate morning routine but it’s now become one of my favourite things. What shall I wear today? It’s fun to play a bit of dress-up to work even if just casual wear because of the open dress code (provided that it’s not offensive).

I have nothing planned for today. I may or may not do my makeup later depending on how I feel. Or I could just do very minimal makeup – who knows. I do know however that I have missed blogging and already this morning, I’ve caught up with a few blogs. I will pace myself and plan ahead for my next batch of posts because I have a few ideas in mind. September is approaching (!!) which is fitting too.

Last week, I went on a spontaneous trip to a local museum with a close friend of mine. It was raining heavily so needless to say, it was a perfect day for it. We viewed a Japanese exhibit as well as some local pieces located upstairs. We had coffee. We then proceeded to do some shopping where my friend offered to buy me earrings as a late birthday present. I can’t wait to pair them with an outfit next week. Shortly after, we went to a local delicatessen shop which made us hungry so we went for nice food. (If you’re based in the UK, Ask Italian is brilliant.)


And my job you ask? It’s still going well. I’m more settled in and have a bit more responsibility now as this week was the first in task allocation. I am due for my next one-to-one meeting at some point, however I did receive positive and constructive feedback yesterday which made me happy. Basically, I’m going in the right direction and that’s all that matters. I asked for a feedback sheet and will be working on my next goals to improve. This makes my mind feel good and me feel balanced as a person. I am facing my life head-on and as I hold my head up high, I can feel my confidence start to build. For the first time, I feel whole as a person. My heart feels whole. I am happy and everyone has commented on how much happier I look so that must stand for something.

Funny story time! I was sitting at my desk and I just so happen to sit next to my workmate who I have really bonded with in the last month. I was noticing how dirty the windows of our building were looking and I said this to my workmate. 10 minutes later, I look to one side of the window and think it’s raining heavily to which I tell my workmate. She’s like, “No it’s not”. I look across the other side and sure enough, no droplets – it was actually the window cleaners! This was supposedly the time I summoned the window cleaners. 😂😅 Man, that was a strange moment. We are still laughing about this now.

How has your week been anyway? Any funny stories or general life updates that you can share with me?

I’ve done a lot of clothes shopping this week so let me know if you would like a fashion haul post or more of an OOTD post!

Lastly, I’m sorry for being MIA. I got a new iPhone since my birthday and only just recently discovered how to transfer my photos over…haha! 

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  1. What a neat museum find, spontaneous adventures are the best! Haha – the time you summoned the window cleaners 😂 That’s definitely a resume worthy tidbit. I once said to my co-worker that I wished it was someone’s birthday because I wanted some baked goods. Within like 5 minutes another gal sent an email saying that brownies were in the kitchen for her birthday 😂 I think we’ve got some telepathy thing going here! Lovely post, I live for no makeup skin too 😘

    • No problem! It’s really weird because I feel like I’ve been in this job for over a year even though it’s just coming up to 4 months! Time is flying by. I’m still really enjoying it though.

      I had a client the other day who requested to speak to me only and I thought that was the cutest thing. 😭😭😭

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