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The Sunday Catch-Up #4 | General Life Update


Note: The photos have nothing to do with this post except for the sake of being random…

It’s July now and as I was checking the last time I made a post in this series, it was actually last July. How crazy is that? I have no idea what happened but I’m bringing the series back into play!

Sundays are probably my most chilled out day where I can make some time for writing a post at the moment so I’ll try and make that an aim this month. I know I’ve been rubbish with updating the blog in the last couple of weeks and truthfully, I don’t know where else to fit the time except Sundays. Though of course – I haven’t posted in three weeks which in blogging terms is a long time but please bare with me as I transition into a new path in life. (Read below)

Note: Just so you know – I have still been reading blog posts! There are some comments I need to reply to though so I’ll get to that today too – sorry for the delayed response!

In case you didn’t know… I started a new job in June!

It is fitting to speak of this since the last The Sunday Catch-Up post, as it was titled “Where Am I Going Next?”. I landed a new job in May which I started right at the beginning of June. It has been crazy since then but I’m enjoying it immensely. To be quite honest I didn’t know what to expect…I knew I would enjoy it but there’s also the “what if I don’t enjoy it” aspect that lurked at the back of my head. I can tell you however that it’s surpassed my expectations and more which just goes to show to never judge a book by its cover. The company culture is fantastic, the people are lovely and willing to help and under my job role, everyday is different. I am a happy person again!

I underwent 3 weeks of training which included passing tests and role plays. I’m not really a confident person by default but through this experience, I faced my worst fears – talking and in particular flaunting the knowledge that I got taught with confidenceFake it till you make it they say; and here I am, having made it through two official weeks on the floor after passing training with flying colours. (I passed both my role plays first time round – amen to that.)

If that wasn’t enough, I not only received a certificate for passing training induction – I also received a Top Trainee award which as lame as it sounds, was a big deal considering how not confident I was going into the whole process. I’ve definitely gotten more confident since and I look forward to going into work every morning. I am winning in life right now.

It was also my birthday

My birthday was last month in June! It was actually my last week of training when it happened and work were nice enough to get me flowers (i.e. pink roses!), card and a cake if you didn’t already see on my Instagram Stories. Of course, a happy birthday song was sang by my whole training group and trainer which I thought was a really sweet and fun gesture. I’ve kinda really bonded with my whole training group now which makes things 10x easier and more enjoyable. (By the 4th week, we had already gone to 3 work socials!)

The company I work for does this for everyone’s birthdays but as everyone was new, our trainer had to ask if it was anyone’s birthday during training which honestly, I was not surprised by. However, to have new people celebrate it with you is a pretty  nice thing to experience. 😊

My morning routine is the same everyday but I love it

I can no longer sleep in. It’s a Sunday and I woke up at 7.30am even though I went to bed at around 1am. Maybe it’s the heatwave though, who knows? Anyways –  I just can’t lie-in anymore but it’s okay. I rather like the early wake and the whole early bird catches the worm vibe.

My shift pattern is due to change weekly but for now, I’ve been settling in for 8.30-5 days so my normal wake-up time is about 6.15am nowadays. Teenage-me would probably cry at that time…maybe even University-me. Let’s wait until winter though – I’ll probably say different… 😂

As much as I haven’t been blogging as much, I’ve definitely been doing my skincare and makeup routine the same everyday and I enjoy it so much, it’s practically the one hobby that I’ve kept with. I enjoy that prep in the morning, y’know? I’ve also been shopping some new fashion pieces and wearing what I want to work has made fashion rather fun again for me. New posts soon? I am inspired.

That feeling when customers are thankful

Two official weeks into the job and I’ve already experienced the feeling of people being truly grateful and it is the sweetest feeling ever. I had an email from one of my colleagues and this client had just got off the phone with him just to thank me and to let me know that the problem was solved because of my help.

Sometimes it’s a bit doubtful that people can be this grateful but it’s true – there are good people in this world! I’ve since kept that email because it’s just a cute one and it’s one of the motivations to keep me going in this job. What next? I guess helping more people. 😊

I hope you’ve all been well whether you’re an avid reader or a new reader! I have had to work this Saturday too but to make up for it, I have next Tuesday off as a day-in-lieu. I’ve got a couple of things planned already for that day but I’m also hoping to catch up with blogging world a bit more. 

My friends went to the beach yesterday and I couldn’t go because of work. 😭 But I hope you are all having a great summer so far! Speak soon. 

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  1. I’m really glad to hear you’re enjoying your new job and getting a lot of job satisfaction! How sweet that they celebrated your birthday with you, especially seeing as you’re a new employee. It’s nice that they make you feel included. Happy (very) belated birthday!

    • Hehe yep! September is going to be a manic month for it – I think it’s 2 or 3 people from my team have birthdays then. We’re doing a birthday lunch this Thursday too for our senior’s birthday. Basically everyday is someone’s birthday at work. 😂

      But aw thank you. 🙂 I’m really happy to have a day off tomorrow though, I’m sleepy as I’m typing this and it’s only 7pm or so!

  2. Glad to hear that you’re loving the new job girl! There’s honestly nothing more satisfying and affirming than being in a role you enjoy 🙂 xx

    • Thanks girly! I know, I’ve really surprised myself. This week has been long though so I’m happy to have the weekend to chill now! X

    • Aw thanks Jamie! 🙂 I know, I am rather sad because even on my day off I kinda miss work loooool cringe bag.

  3. I’m rather envious that you got formal training in your new job! I’ve never once had proper training when I started any of my new jobs – it was always learn as you go. There were formal training for skill-building or learning new tools once I started the jobs but no training for the job itself.
    Congrats on being the Top Trainee! 🙂
    Happy belated birthday – so sweet that the people at work was so thoughtful, given you are a new employee! At my previous job, we used to celebrate everyone’s birthdays but the team grew too big and they scaled back the practice because it got too costly! 😛
    I say savour all the good (and bad) things related to your job. You’ll look back on them fondly even if at the time they were a pain. I once slept over at the office because I had a crazy deadline and it was easier for me to just take a snooze at work rather than travel home and back. Those were the fun times! 😆
    Nice to see an update from you!

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