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May in Progress


As I began a new job position this week, I managed to squeeze in some free time in the evening to write this post! So far so good – I’m in a really happy place at the moment and I can’t wait to update you more on this new part of my life but for now, my May in Progress!

General Lifestyle

  • I’m generally more mindful of everything that I do now and therefore making more rational lifestyle choices. For example, if I’ve already had a cup of tea, I would perhaps have another one a few hours later but never a third.
  • In addition to the last point, I am reading more information on food packets, on different fitness regimes etc. in order to get me thinking about these different areas. Although I’m not necessarily counting my calories or my steps, accumulated actions do have consequences and I’m thinking more about that. This has actually really helped ease bad habits and phase them out.
  • Thinking about it now, my mood has been mostly neutral to positive. Maybe it is the warmer weather too but I definitely feel eating less in the evening has done wonders for little to no bloating plus shrinking my appetite/any bad cravings. My system has definitely been restarted!
  • My water intake overall for May was a bit better than April’s but still not anywhere near where it needs to be so that’s something to continue working on.
  • Overall, May was certainly not too shabby! Again, not good not bad but it is steadily improving which in the bigger picture, is more sustainable and I’m happy with that. 😊


  • Salad-making has definitely become much more routine now. I may have to switch it up in June so that I have exciting (and affordable) lunch choices for work.
  • Changing my dinner choice was probably the most drastic part of my diet. I used to eat a rice meal for dinner (or most dinners) which can be a heavy meal especially if you eat it a bit late which is what happened with me as well as bad habits like over-snacking. Now seeing the difference between the two, I can establish my needs and wants with regards to diet.
  • I generally have my cheat meals either on a Sunday or a Monday. I find it’s better to have it on either end of the week as motivation or just to add flexibility because we’re human after all. This has really helped in keeping things steady-state.
  • In recent months, I have learnt a lot about the quality of calories over the quantity of calories and how they may make you feel. There are great low calorie but high quality options that can keep you surprisingly full so that’s something to bare in mind.


  • Without a doubt, this is definitely the weaker component of the two. Fitness in May didn’t exactly happen and now that I’m in a new job therefore new routine, I will need to reorganise which days to do what.
  • To be honest, May is a blur to me which in regards to exercise, means I didn’t do very much except general walking.
  • However! – I actually weighed myself about two weeks ago and I have actually lost 5 pounds. Visually, you can’t exactly tell but when I wore a new pair of trousers, they were a good fit – not too tight or too loose. Previously, when I tried them on after purchase (since it was bought from a Hong Kong vendor where there is no trying-on), it was a tad tight around the hip area. They have actually become my new favourite trousers now!

Goals for June

  • Organise a sustainable routine that can fit around my working schedule.
  • Really start upping my water intake and taking it seriously!
  • Now that dinner is mostly sorted, look into healthy breakfasts.

I always like writing these posts so I hope you enjoyed reading for some inspiration on going about a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. I’m only on Day 3 of my new job but already I can tell you that I’m incorporating some really good habits automatically because of this (big) change in my life which I can’t wait to share in my next update!

And you? Have you found a sustainable lifestyle that works for you? 

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  1. Glad all is going well! I totally agree with you on the calorie part. While I love unhealthy foods, I have less desire to eat things that aren’t adding value to my overall health. I still eat unhealthy things at times, but in moderation. As for healthy breakfast ideas, I think oatmeal with peanut butter, whatever fruit you prefer, and a splash of almond milk is pretty healthy. Juicing or making smoothies can also be a energizing way to begin your day. One of my favorite breakfasts is freezing sliced bananas and blending them with vanilla almond milk, peanut butter, chia seed mixes (optional), and cacao powder. It tastes like a milkshake but it’s healthy, has protein, and is so energizing that I didn’t even desire coffee in the mornings.

    Good luck with your June goals, I’m sure you’ll crush them!

    • I’m actually having oatmeal right now with almond milk and a tad bit of syrup. What peanut butter do you use? I need to make more exciting breakfasts eventually because I’m a bit sick of plain oatmeal now. 😂

      I think I will definitely try your smoothie milkshake recipe. Do you know where I can look for interesting recipes or do you trial and error it?

      Thank you for reading. 🙂

      • I typically choose the natural store brand peanut butter wherever I go because it’s supposed to be the healthier because it has less sugar. And I feel you, I can enjoy it but it gets boring and sometimes I select a healthy cereal and use almond milk with that or some kind of breakfast burrito if I have time. Oh avocado toast or avocado on anything lol. I like toast too.

        I wing it mainly but I see some interesting things on Youtube sometimes. I’m excited for you to try it and np! 🙂

    • Thank you Mia. I’ve also been walking up a lot of stairs at work 😂 because I refuse to take the lift LOL. But yeah, can’t wait to update more! x

  2. Your salads look so pretty! I have never tried corn in a salad, I don’t know why but it looks tasty!!

    • Corn in salad makes a LOT of difference. Not just the colour but the natural sweetness of the corn makes the salad not so dry and boring and leafy. 😂 Definitely try it some time!

  3. I’m (pleasantly) surprised we’re getting an update from you – usually the first week on a new job is crazy! Hope it’s going well 😊

    Good job on all of your lifestyle changes! We can’t be perfect in every aspect in terms of diets/ fitness/ good habits, so any change is a step in the right direction. I pretty much sucked at everything in May, so there’s that! 😂

  4. How’s your new job going? 🙂
    It’s great to hear that your food and exercise have helped your mood! I also find the warmer weather and more daylight helps too.
    Drinking enough water is so important – I always keep a filled water bottle next to me. I’ve cut out sugary drinks as much as possible as well!
    What kind of breakfasts do you like? I know some people prefer savoury over sweet. I like sweet breakfasts so I tend to eat cereal or breakfast bars when I’m in a rush. I also like yogurt.

    • I’ve been having natural yogurt and granola lately which I’ve been really enjoying. 😄 I previously had oatmeal, sometimes plain or sometimes with cocoa powder, usually with a tad bit of honey or maple syrup. I got bored of that quickly though plus it’s too hot to eat on warm mornings! Do you have any recommendations?

      My new job is going great – I’m on the second week of my induction now and I’ve met some really great people. The business culture is open which is probably my favourite part cos it’s not serious, there’s no hierarchy etc. (There is sort of but it doesn’t feel that way.)

  5. how exciting that you started a new job!! I’m always working on drinking more water & I definitely need to work on my salad skills! lemme know if you create any really delicious salad creations 🙂

    • I forgot my water bottle today at work so I didn’t drink as much water even though they have plastic cups lol.
      I haven’t been able to blog regularly cos new job = new schedule. But for sure will keep that in mind for the future! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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