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If We Were Having Coffee #2

Hi everyone!

My internet has been absolutely rubbish for reasons that I do not know. To put it straight, it has felt a bit painful to surf the internet and/or blog with fear of things not saving and I just hate that. I can’t believe that that’s probably the speed of the internet that I used in the 90s. Yikes. Anyone else ever use the NTL cable internet circa 1999? It was horrific!

Anyhow, I am in a chatty mood right now with a craving for coffee. I’ll wait though but by all means, grab yours and we shall have a catch-up! ๐Ÿ˜Š


If you ever come across a Pret A Manger, please go try out their Turmeric Latte! It’s my new favourite drink!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you:

  • I’m in the process of moving! It is almost there – I just need to bring more clothes over and one or two more pieces of furniture and I’m all set. I’m not moving anymore far – just to my brother’s spare room but it’ll be so nice to have a new space prior to starting my new job. I’m especially excited to re-organise my wardrobe!
  • Speaking of – it’s weird to think I’m starting a new job soon. It just hasn’t hit me yet! But thanks to everyone online and offline who have congratulated me. It’s a fresh start!
  • As I was preparing what clothes to take over, I found some of the garments I made a few years ago during my Fashion Design degree. It was strange because I was looking at them with completely fresh eyes and I felt particularly proud of myself – different to how I felt at that time of hand-in. Of course, I have felt proud of my own work before but not like this. Every creative will tell you how stressful it is, the self-doubt that ensues that before you know it, you can’t think straight. You can even get sick of your own work because you have literally faced it for months on end trying to perfect it. Perspective, I tell ya. Now, I’m actually going to wear a few of the pieces I made because why not? By the way, would you be interested in some future DIYs?
  • The weather was actually really nice for a couple of days that I bought some new sunglasses the other day from H&M. Iย always used to find it difficult to buy sunglasses because I find a lot don’t suit me (I don’t have a slim face) but nowadays, it’s like I know what to pick. These are my second pair overall and I’m happy with the choice. It started raining heavy again though. Typical.
  • The second season of 13 Reasons Why came out the other day and I’ve watched 3 episodes so far. If am honest, it is lacking a bit in its way of storytelling and execution (for me). Unpopular opinion I know, but the subject matter is just so heavy that it needs to be more subtle and sensitive in the way that it tells each character’s story because it’s a lot to take in.
  • My phone died! I hate that I feel like I’ve lost an arm and a leg, but it’s also nice to not be attached to it. It’s currently in the repair shop and I hope it’s salvageable. It doesn’t even go past the start-up intro screen – it just blinks Google! I’ll have to risk losing everything except I won’t really because it’s all backed up over Google so yay for that.
  • I have actually been lazy with my skincare routine. Sometimes I do all my usual steps in the AM and PM but other times, I simplify it down. I would’ve loved to have shown you my skincare routine over on Instagram this weekend if my phone didn’t decide to misbehave… Anyhow, please read this post by Arly – it’s genius!
  • I recently discovered an LA band called LANY (pronounced Lay-Nee but it does stand for Los Angeles New York). I am obsessed. If you love music by The 1975, Wet, The Japanese House just to name a few, you’ll love these guys.

And you?ย 

What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

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  1. First of all, congratulations for your new job!!

    You made me excited to see how your new sunglasses look haha. Annnd I lovedd the song. You just brought LANY a new fan โค

    • Thank you!

      Ohh, maybe I will show them soon? They will be in an upcoming favourites post I feel. I’m glad you like the song! I discovered it by chance the other day through someone’s cover of it…it’s so good! Apparently they performed at Coachella this year too which is amazing. โค

  2. Something told me that I should read blog posts while I drank my coffee and then I saw this and I’m glad to hear that everything is falling into place! I definitely related to what you said about creating things and being critical in the moment. I’m not a clothing designer but I often find that I’m a perfectionist with the things I create and write. Finding old college essays and lyrics, I had a similar moment. Also, the song was dope.. Great music taste. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • You made a good choice! ๐Ÿ˜‰ So cute that you were actually drinking coffee whilst reading this though! You write lyrics? That’s so cool! I used to try to write poetry and lyrics but I wasn’t very good at it.

      Glad you like the song…it’s definitely my new fave! They are awesome and I love this type of music best. ๐Ÿ˜Š

      • Lol I love having coffee or tea while I do things like read or scroll the web. And a little bit, I’m always doing something expressive but I can be a perfectionist so I’m low-key with it all and it can kind of stunt growth I’m realizing so I totally relate. And yeah, it’s pretty cool! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Oh man, moving is so stressful. I’ve not moved in 8 years and that’s the longest stretch that I’ve not moved! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Good luck with it all!
    I missed the announcement of your new job – congrats! How exciting!
    Re: clothes you made – we’re our own harshest critics, always! And yes, I’d be interested in seeing DIY posts. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I hope your phone can be resurrected – fingers crossed for you!
    Me: I’ve been enjoying life offline – I consciously reduced my time on social media and such. I’m knitting a large blanket for my MIL for Christmas. I figured I’d get a head start now… ๐Ÿ˜›

    • So nice to see a reply from you! Hope you enjoyed Poland – it looked like an awesome trip.
      Honestly, I don’t know how some people move so often! I think it’s until then that you realise how much crap you accumulate or just how much essentials one uses on a day-to-day basis…that’s even if you’re a simple person!!
      About the phone – my brother has been checking up for me since the repair shop is close to him and the guy couldn’t fix it himself so he’s offering to send it over to London to his friend’s to get it fixed. NO idea if it will get fixed but we’re taking the risk anyway. Actually, it’s not so much the social side I stressed about immediately. It was possibly not having an alarm since I start my new job next week LOL.
      That’s great that you reduced your social media in place for something more productive. I’m not very good at knitting at all! My mother taught me before but I missed stitches like every other row, haha. I can do crochet fine though. ๐Ÿ˜

  4. Aww, I’m sorry you’ve been having internet issues – I hope they get worked out once you’re moved. I also hope the move goes smoothly for it! It’s always a huge pain.

    I would so be interested in seeing DIYs from you! Wish I had that skill to make my own clothes – I can’t even hem my own pants, even though that would be an awfully useful skill to have.

    It’s tough to find sunglasses that look flattering! I have a very small face so a lot of sunglasses are too big for me, lol. Glad you managed to find a pair, though!

    I’m still undecided on whether I want to watch the second season of 13 Reasons Why. I do want to see that football player (can’t remember his name) be brought to justice, but I don’t know…the story just doesn’t apply to me.

    Enjoy your weekend before you start your new job!

    • The internet is fine again! I want to say it’s down to when they’re under maintenance lol but I honestly have no idea. Thanks! I’ll be moving in this weekend – tomorrow actually. I look forward to it since I feel like I’ll be even more productive…funny how different rooms just make you feel different or is it just me?

      I probably won’t be doing DIYs *that soon*, since I haven’t taken my sewing machine with me – I’ll do it another time once I’m all adjusted to my new routine. I’m thinking more in the summer time? But it’s definitely on the cards in the future. ๐Ÿ™‚ Besides, I need to change my blog name but I don’t know what.

      To be honest, I’m not sure if I want to finish the season either. It’s not an easy watch and there’s not a character for me that I find to be my favourite. I normally love flawed characters but because of the subject matter of this one, it’s hard to really love it. Also, I don’t know if it’s because of the premise of it (high school) that I feel a bit too old for it? (even though obviously, the subject matter affects different ages and different groups of people.)

  5. Quote: “If you ever come across a Pret A Manger, please go try out their Turmeric Latte! Itโ€™s my new favourite drink!”
    I’ve “come across” Pret A Manger working there for 10 years being bullied during traumatic bereavement, tricked and trapped by HR, became ill and ultimately fired while my father was in intensive care just out of a coma. Sounds like Hollywood, except that it is true.
    But the Turmeric powder based Latte is ok.

    • Hi. I’m sorry to hear about your experience and moving forward, I really hope you are better now and that your father is doing okay too. Health comes first and I wish you all the best.

      • Thank you for your kind words. Appreciate it. My father has died 3 months ago, just 5 days after I saw him and was forced to fly back to London to look for a job. I will move forward, but I am also openly telling my story after having reached out to Pret internally for 3 years without success.
        Thanks again, and take care of yourselves.

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