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Life Update: New Job, New Everything, a Plan B


I’m not someone who does a life update as such…I would even consider myself as quite a private person but since there are two major things we spend a lot of hours doing in our life – working and sleeping, I thought I could at least update you with one of those things.

As you may know from one of my recent posts, I have a new job that I will be starting in June! It has been a bit of a struggle to find new direction – tough even so I’m happy to be able to move forward and take a plan B. It was quite the challenge for sure and through it, I faced some of my fears which actually were not so fearful. Even now, I haven’t quite processed the news but I’m sure once I start, it’ll be quite the journey.

There is a 4-week induction period and overall, a 6-month probation. This is all very new territory to me so I’m not quite sure what to expect. On interview day though, I got to experience the company culture and shadow some of the workers and honestly, it took me by surprise because I enjoyed it a lot. I was facing my worst fear of career change and rejection but I managed to go through it all. Your girl is actually stronger than she thinks. She’s embracing all the change that’s about to happen. I just need to remind myself to breathe, that’s all.

If you couldn’t tell from my current profile, I graduated from Fashion Design. My new job will have nothing to do with the fashion industry and if you can imagine, it was quite difficult to make that decision but one that didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. It is probably baffling to hear though and I totally get that. One thing I will say though is that I don’t regret at all studying what I studied. Actually, I am eternally grateful for the experience because in the wider context, I don’t think I would’ve found out as much as I did without it but that’s all for another post to uncover.

For a long time, I kept some of my options closed and I think that can be one of the most self-limiting things you can ever do to yourself especially when and if things are not working out like you planned. A job today in the UK is a prized possession wouldn’t you know? The economic climate is not looking bright and with Brexit truly finalising, the future is looking uncertain for most. Sometimes my eldest brother jokes and wonders if there will be any pension left for us.

Did I sell myself out for a stable job? Maybe – though I wouldn’t look at it like that. I see so much potential in career progression and maybe now is where it all starts. As it happens, I’ll be moving into the Finance, Insurance and Technology sector. For professional purposes, I will be renaming this blog since it is currently eponymous but of course, I will continue to write the same content that I have been writing.

I’ll also be moving in the coming weeks. Nowhere far actually – just to my brother’s spare room because it is much easier to commute from there to work, but still – how exciting. A new space! I make it sound as though I’m moving to someone’s basement but I promise it’s a great sized room; and the prospect of decorating it later is quite nice too.

So there you go, lesson learnt: do not fear change, it might be for the better!


Thanks for reading! This was rather enjoyable to write.

I still have approximately 3 weeks until I start. I’ll be making the most out of blogging whilst I can since it’s likely that I won’t have time until the weekends to really do it. I’m hoping once it all gets going, I can orchestrate a timetable to satisfy both the working world and blogging world. 

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  1. It’s honestly so nice being able to see other recent graduates accomplishing things. Something that I’m realizing is that no matter how long we spend planning our life plans, sometimes we end up taking other paths to get us where we need to end up. Congratulations!

    • Yes…I think even when people take Plan A (so the route that they studied for), it is still a lot different and broken down than what they imagined. It is usually a job role that is a very small part of what they studied! But somehow, I realised plan B isn’t so bad and I don’t have to lose any of the skills that I gained.

      Thank you!

  2. Congratulations love! I’m so happy and proud of you! I agree with everything you’ve said because I had to go through the same path, I do believe everything happens for a reason; for a long time I was scared of failures and other people’s opinions but you gotta do what your heart and mind say x

    • Oh thank you so much! If you don’t mind me asking – what is your story? I think a large part of it is remembering that whatever path you choose, it doesn’t have to be the “be all, end all”…there are so many opportunities out there if you just open your mind and heart to it. Xx

      • Yes, so true! It’s similar to yours, I studied a course that I was passionate about but when it came to my career, it wasn’t the path I wanted to further down the line or continue so I opted for plan B xx

  3. I think this is great news and I don’t think you’re selling yourself out. I’m sure there might be a struggle at first with balancing your blog with work, but with time you will find what works for you. I’ve started giving myself little things to do each day – so one day I blog, the next I promote on social media, and then I comment etc. So it’s not trying to get everything in at once.
    I wish you all the best and hope this new job opportunity leads to many doors 🙂

    • 💜💜 Thank you!! 😁 I told my closest friends recently and they were so happy for me. I don’t know why I was thinking otherwise, but I guess it’s that fear of change and being judged for it. Through this new experience, I realised how true my friends were and it really touched me.

      Oh that’s really good advice. I’ve never thought of it like that before…I’ll give it a try starting next week. ☺️

  4. Congratulations on the new job! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a career change; you’re just building a wider portfolio of experience and skills – sounds great to me 🙂 It sounds like you’re doing really well girl! xx

  5. How exciting – new career and new place! Good for you for not being afraid to take a chance on something new, you just never know where life is going to take you or what you will find your happiness in. I do something totally different now than where I started but you’d be surprised at how many skills are transferable, I bet you will find the same to be true! Good luck to you!

  6. Jessica says

    Congratulations on the new job! I think adaptability is an important quality & nothing wrong with taking a different opportunity than you expected! I majored in communications & I have worked in technology, but my degree provided me with some really important interpersonal skills that I think a lot of people in tech lack. I am sure you will find a way to utilize the creativity you learned from your degree for your future endeavors!

  7. I know exactly how you feel! As I said in my blog, I’m currently realizing I’m gonna have to move out of my planned sector and find a job that makes more sense logically. It’s sad but sometimes change is good and you just have to do what’s right for you, you know?

    Moving sounds fun! I don’t know if you currently live alone but if you do that sounds exciting to move in with your brother 🙂

    Wishing you he best of luck on this new journey!! xx

    • Thank you! I really didn’t know what to expect because everything felt so new and this is of course a new plan. But even during the interview process where I met other candidates prior to it in a friendly manner rather than competitive, I realised that most people were on the same kinda road and it made me less nervous.

      I actually lived with my parents which sounds daunting and limiting but I had my own space anyway since my siblings had all moved out. I’ll enjoy this new independence more though I think and I’ll be happy to blog about it soon.

      Change is definitely good. I think we often fear of losing something or fear how others will perceive us when and if we change routes.

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