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A Curious LUSH Haul + 1 Throwback

I asked a few weeks ago whether you wanted to read a haul post. It was a stupid question with an obvious answer but it’s always nice to test the waters, isn’t it? Plus it fuels my excitement to share even more.

This is only a small fraction of what I purchased with most being from the LUSH Christmas Sale but nevertheless, items that I’m making relevant to my lifestyle as of now. Since I had quite a handful of LUSH products to show you – all except one being entirely new to me, I thought I’d group these into a post of their own. In other words, another haul post is coming after this one…but first, let’s talk all things LUSH shall we?


Featured in this post:

Sleepy Body Lotion
Snowman Shower Jelly (Christmas Exclusive)
Bubbly Shower Gel (Christmas Ex.)
Buck’s Fizz Body Conditioner (Christmas Ex.)
Salt and Peppermint Bark Body Scrub (Christmas Ex.)
Shooting Stars Soap (Christmas Ex.)
Mask of Magnaminty Self-Preserving Face and Body Mask

I haven’t shopped since my trip to Hong Kong where I hauled mostly skincare and was itching to go for a shopping spree. It’s safe to say that my shopping tendencies have died down a lot over the last year – I really think about what I buy now and how efficient it will be – say, in the next year – in my collection. Am I resorting to slow beauty? Maybe although I don’t know if there is such a thing since I was tidying up my collection the other day and the one product category I love buying is clearly blush.


What I do know is that Spring is here (somewhat) and I’m feeling a sense of change in my routines and what I look to use this coming season. LUSH has definitely been one of the brands that I wanted to try more of this year, in terms of selecting products I wouldn’t normally buy or have never heard of. This post is perhaps a tad bit pointless since it mainly features Christmas Exclusives, so not much from their permanent line but nevertheless, I hope you enjoy reading!


Sleepy Body Lotion
Main ingredients: Oatmeal, Lavender, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter

I have been meaning to buy this since before Christmas but it was always sold out! My Dream Cream ran out recently so that gave me a reason to pop into the LUSH store to buy a new body lotion in the form of this. I don’t know about it making me sleep better since I sleep well anyway but for general wellbeing and winding down – am for it. The scent is rather relaxing and I typically like to use this on my neck and chest to get the best benefits of aromatherapy. Overall, I still prefer Dream Cream but I can see myself using both interchangeably to mix things up.


Snowman Shower Jelly (Christmas Exclusive)
Main ingredients: Glycerine, Carrot Infusion, Sicilian Lemon Oil

This has got to be my least favourite from the Christmas box I picked up. Scent aside, I have come to the conclusion that shower jellies are rather gimmicky. I have only used this once so far but I’m adamant that my opinion will not change. For a start, it takes some effort to snap off a chunk of jelly with also the fear of dropping the entire pot. Then, once you start to lather (as you would with any shower product), the jelly slips and drops anyway! I was constantly dropping it no matter how careful I tried to be so I’m afraid it’s a solid no from me. The lather was decent though but eh, whatever.

Bubbly Shower Gel (Christmas Ex.)
Main ingredients: Vine Leaf Infusion, Glycerine, Sweet Wild Orange Oil, Lime Oil

I like this! I tried a previous shower gel before from LUSH a couple months back. The name escapes me but it was a grapefruit-y one with quite a weak lather and therefore not enough for me personally. This is different though, and the name Bubbly is certainly fitting. You only need a little bit and it smells of oranges so what’s not to love?


Buck’s Fizz Body Conditioner (Christmas Ex.)
Main ingredients: Glycerine, Vine Leaf Infusion, Almond Oil, Orange Blossom Water

I’m not particularly sure if this has done anything for me? Not that I was expecting a body conditioner to leave a film on my skin, but I wanted there to be something more? It’s like an orange cream that actually rubs into nothing which I found quite peculiar…perhaps I need to leave it on my skin longer to see the benefits? It smells quite medicinal and definitely not something I’d be running out to buy once it’s Christmas season again. I’ll have to try the infamous Ro’s Argan to mentally compare and convince me that body conditioners are great.


Salt and Peppermint Bark Body Scrub (Christmas Ex.)
Main ingredients: Fine Sea Salt, Organic Cocoa Butter, Peppermint Oil

Love this! You only need to use a little effort to make the most out of this scrub bar. It’s my first time using such product but to my surprise, I really liked it and felt that my skin appeared so much cleaner and brighter. I’ve used it tonight actually and looking at my arms now, they look almost brand new and that’s without moisturising! I’m quite impressed. The only thing I’d say is – don’t use on any broken cuts because it will sting.

Shooting Stars Soap (Christmas Ex.)
Main ingredients: Rapeseed Oil, Coconut Oil, Lime Oil, Bergamot Oil, Sicilian Lemon Oil

I would say that this is the strongest smelling one of the lot. You know when you walk past a LUSH store and the smell cannot be ignored? This is that smell. Not that I’m complaining personally because I do love citrus-y smells but it won’t be to everyone’s tastes. The product itself though, is just okay. I think soap bars are just not for me as I find them a tad drying. The lather is weak too making the experience not all that memorable so I’m afraid this is a pass.


Mask of Magnaminty Self-Preserving Face and Body Mask
Main ingredients: Honey, Kaolin, Glycerine

It’s a throwback – this product takes me way back to when I was about 18 years old. I have purchased this product twice before but it really has been years since I last bought it and wow, my feelings have not changed. It’s a really effective and cooling exfoliating mask which actually doesn’t dry out the skin and is probably one of the masks that I’d rate right up there. The ingredients speak for themselves – moisturising and cleansing all-in-one so if you want new skin, this is really worth a try.

Overall, a mixed bag of products but nonetheless one that got me into trying out more LUSH products that I would not normally pick out for myself. I found some new gems and though I am no self-proclaimed LUSH fanatic, I can definitely see what all the fuss is about since some products do smell incredible. 

Personally, it’d be a bit pricey to use on the daily but as a once-a-week treatment to liven up the shower experience, it’s definitely something I’d re-consider again.

So with all that said, what do you think? What LUSH products would you recommend?

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  1. NO NO NO NO! Stop tempting me to shop – I freaking LOVE Lush ;-; All your picks were great lovely (loved the photography too) Magnaminty is my all time favourite face mask, I cannot even count how many times it’s been repurchased xx

    • Ahahaha honestly, I try not to go there too often because even when I go in there to “just look” the sales are proper on it and you end up coming out with an item or much more!! Mask of Magnaminty is amazing!!

      I can’t believe I never read the ingredients list of it before, love it. Xx

  2. Oh gosh, Lush is one of those brands I keep meaning to try but never get around to! Besides their lip scrubs which is in my every day routine, I’ve only ever used a small selection of their bath products that came in a Christmas gift set. I would really like to try their body creams! Also, the jellies seem AWESOME if not somewhat difficult and messy to use. Have you tried mushing it into a loofah and then massaging it into your skin? Maybe that might help it from slipping off.

    • I need to repurchase their lip scrubs! What one do you have? I used Mint Julips but I want to try something different next time. I’m still using their lip balm though and that stuff lasts forever!

      Oh, I don’t have a loofah as such – more a konjac sponge? But sure, I can give that a try soon, thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Juliajewell says

    I need that sleep lotion in my life. Fun article! Following!

  4. I’ve only used Lush bath bombs (which I love) so I definitely need to try out some more products! The mask of magnaminty sounds great!

    • Are there any particular bath bombs that are your favourite? I seldom take baths, only showers so I never invest in bath bombs; but I am willing to try one out just for the experience. I have used bath bombs before but not from LUSH.

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