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April in Progress

April in Progress-cover

Without a doubt, this is a late post in-the-making for today’s summary of how April went. That month is a blur to me and having just checked the date properly, I don’t even want to think about time! I honestly feel like I’ve only just come back from Hong Kong so in my mind, it is still technically February. 😂 The bipolar weather doesn’t help either – we had a fantastically glorious bank holiday weekend but that changed quick as soon as it hit Monday. It has gotten cooler by the week that now I’m constantly dressing in my “in-between” gear.

I have been mostly absent from the blog this month up until now as I’ve been busy with applications and preparing for interviews that at last – success! I can officially announce that I will be starting a new job come 4th June. ☺️ There will be many new changes mentally and physically which I’ll elaborate on in another post as a means to update you on the going-ons in my life.

But for now, let’s get on with how April went, shall we?

General Lifestyle

  • Waking up early has become more natural to me. I think in part, this is due to it being bright in my room as soon as the sun rises, which is super early nowadays! Am sure this will get better as I become adjusted to my new job.
  • I’ve been sleeping a bit more earlier too – not by much, but it makes a huge difference to my overall lifestyle. The quality of sleep is also better too – I wake up early but with enough sleep so I’m feeling better for it!
  • I tried a cup of Americano (no milk) from Starbucks right at the start of the month. Certainly not my favourite drink but it got better, the more I drank it.
  • My new favourite coffee chain is Pret A Manger (which means “ready to eat” in French, in case you didn’t know). The chain brings memories since I always used to buy Mocha from there during my university days. My new favourite drink is officially the Turmeric Latte! It’s hearty and warming which is perfect for these in-between weathers to be honest.
  • Drinking more water was a total fail in April. I’ve been drinking probably 2 glasses per day which is nowhere near enough.
  • Overall, April has been quite steady-state. Not good, but not bad either. (see below)


  • I’ve continued to make salad on average 6 days a week. I no longer feel bloated because of this new habit that I’ve incorporated for my dinners. I have learnt to change it up too by trying out raw salmon (other than in a sushi setting), as well as quorn products (a non-meat protein source).
  • My breakfasts have been less successful but in conjunction with everything else, it is a balanced diet so I’m not mad at myself. Am I being too complacent? I know I can do better though so onwards and upwards we go.
  • I am still snacking on bananas, dried fruit and nuts whenever I feel hungry between meal times. Just a handful helps a lot!
  • My skin is looking less dull I think. I cannot explain it but certainly, I haven’t broken out and normally I do before “that time of month”. So I guess the salads are continuing to go down a treat?


  • First half was okay, last half was totally non-existent due to it being a busier month than usual and I wanted to put my priorities straight. Okay fine, that’s not a good enough excuse since fitness should be a priority. I still need to find that work-life balance. Any tips are welcome.
  • Focusing on Cassey’s (Blogilates’) PIIT28 programI definitely got better with it as time went on. I was able to find the comfort in the discomfort (something that Cassey says a lot) and whilst I don’t think it got easier, I grew stronger for sure. Obviously I need to get back into it after 3 inactive weeks…can’t wait!
  • Not that I had difficulty in breathing at all, but I certainly felt like I was breathing better after every workout I performed. I cannot explain it but I feel as though my lungs have been purified.

Goals for May

(Some of these are the same as what I put down for April to achieve, but it never happened…)

  • Continue upping my water intake
  • Continue challenging my body with the PIIT28 program (and complete it)
  • Start meal-prepping some breakfasts
  • Find and achieve that work-life balance where fitness can still be a priority

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend everyone! I will be busy writing up new future posts since I feel so very behind and I don’t like it. I was thinking…in light of celebrating my new job, I can conduct a post or two on tips to combat job interviews? What do you think? Let me know! 

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  1. I had a coach who would tell us to ‘get comfortable with being uncomfortable’ and I had a total flashback when I heard a fitness guru say it. Glad that you are experiencing that, I still don’t what it means 😀

    And turmeric latte sounds amazing! I have never heard of that but what an interesting combination of flavours, I want one now!

    • Hahaha one day you will figure out its meaning, I just know it!

      Definitely recommend turmeric latte! I am actually quite surprised that it’s not more available across coffee chains. It’s so refreshing compared to say, seasonal pumpkin spiced lattes which I don’t care so much for. Thanks for reading!

      • Haha! We’ll see 😂 I can imagine it’s more refreshing, I’ve never seen it on a menu but maybe I can find a recipe!

  2. Congrats on your new job! And it’s great that you have kept up the salads and noticed a difference. I’m waking up earlier as well. I do think it really makes a difference because I’m more productive in the morning. I hope you complete all your goals for May 🙂

    • Thank you! It has been such a stressful month – a couple of lows as well as highs, it’s been crazy. I hope to slow down a bit for the remainder of this month and get back into proper self-care and just preparing for my new job. It’s 3 weeks away but still – I know that they will go by so quick! I am naturally a worrier I think so I hope to destress and chill out a bit before I officially start. But yes! I hope I complete my goals in May too. ☺️

    • It is so helpful to do a monthly check in! Even more motivating once it’s published 😆 drinking water is definitely something I’ve always struggled with! It’s not even that I don’t like drinking water either…it’s just not a habit I have unless am super thirsty. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. Congratulations on your new job! It sounds like you’re making good progress with your lifestyle changes. You should be very proud of yourself! All that takes a lot of effort. 😀

    • Thank you! I still haven’t quite processed the news yet…I think it will become more apparent once I officially start, then it will sink in. 😝

  4. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE NEW JOB! You sound like you’re making great lifestyle changes girl 🙂 I need to get back into my healthy living xx

    • Thank you Mia! ☺️This year is definitely about new changes for me and just exploring new options! xx

  5. Congratulations on the new job!! How exciting for you!

    I think it’s normal to be able to wake up more easily in the spring/summer since it gets light outside earlier, but I’ve been having such a difficult time waking up lately!

    Drinking water was a total fail for me these last two weeks, too. I’ve noticed especially on days I drink coffee, I don’t get enough water intake.

    It’s funny because I used Cassey’s videos a lot when I first started working out and then I stopped using them as I progressed through my journey, so I’ve always thought of her as a workout regime for beginners. But recently, I did all of her wedding bootcamp series videos as one of my workouts, and my body hurt for two days afterwards! I’ve heard really good things about her PIIT28 program, too.

    Good luck with your May goals!

    • Thank you!! It still hasn’t quite hit me yet but until then, I’ll be preparing. I’ll actually be moving (not to another city, actually to my siblings’ spare room because it’s much closer to commute)…but still! Packing is no joke…you don’t know how much stuff you have until you move.

      Yes!! I do think if you’re a coffee lover especially, you tend not to consume more water which is silly since coffee is dehydrating.

      I agree. Cassey’s workouts are relatively easy to follow but once you perform the routines 4x through and with maximum effort…wow.

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