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If We Were Having Coffee #1


A cup of Chai Latte and a granola bar for one. I can’t remember the last time I spent time like this on my own so as well as having a “cheat day”, I’m truly having a day to myself. More below.

Today is one of those days where I’m feeling a bit “bleurgh!” but despite so, I want to write to my heart’s content. It’s a healthy habit don’t you think? I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. Certainly don’t do drugs but I’m learning to write more, especially when it comes to styles that display my stream of consciousness. If you were to open up my brain (well let’s be honest, that’s dangerous and I’d probably die), then here are the lingering thoughts that you’d see. Or on a lighter note, if we were having coffee, I’d tell you:

  • I don’t think I can share enough in words of how freeing blogging makes me feel and the sanity that it gives me. Am I allowed to say that it makes me feel secure and very real as a person? Am I insecure for admitting so? There are moments in life – especially now more than ever, where I feel a bit alienated and patronised however I don’t believe in retaliating. Creativity is a great thing when you know it, but somehow offensive when you don’t. I really won’t stop blogging though. Writing has been the best outlet I’ve ever found and this is only just the beginning. I don’t regret being creative. Na-da.
  • In addition to this trail of thought, I’d like to send a huge shout-out to the best friend I could ever ask for – Sabrina. She actually reads my blog (not all my friends do) and is beyond the biggest support that I can have in life. I had a bit of a miserable morning which I won’t go into detail about but she kept telling me how amazing I am and what a great blog I have. I admit that at the worst of times, I am my own worst critique so note to self: Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are worth it.
  • After a crap morning, I decided to go out on my own and have a bit of a pick-me-up. I actually don’t remember the last time I properly had a “me” day. I’ve even been simplifying my skincare routine a lot lately which is so unlike me. Anyhow, I stopped off at a Bobbi Brown counter and basically got a make-over. The makeup-artist Inese was super lovely, and kept complimenting on how nice my skin was (and what I used, to my delight). She even took pictures after my skin was made-over! I felt wonderful and got reminded how empowering makeup truly is. Talk about a 180 degree turn in mood! High-five to all the women out there who bring each other up.
  • As it happens, I did some beauty shopping! Would you like to see a haul? Let me know.
  • I also did some people-watching. Does anyone else do this? It’s so therapeutic and just for a moment, you can forget all your worries. Time from my perspective also seems to freeze over whilst everyone else is moving.
  • I just got over my food coma. People typically have a “cheat meal” once a week when they’re on a sustainable health plan but I don’t bother scheduling one in. As it happens, it’s been weeks and today was the day for it to happen! I don’t consider myself to be an emotional eater but what I’m striving for is balance and control, not a 100% clean sheet. I know that tomorrow I’ll be back on it. It’s okay.
  • For the remainder of my evening because I am truly a night owl (it’s gone past midnight now), I will most likely face-mask and watch a film.
  • Oh! Before I forget – I just recently joined an online course on FutureLearn regarding Fashion and Sustainability. It is 100% free and really fuelling my mind, heart and soul at the moment. Most likely, I will write more on this soon.

What about you? If we were having coffee, what would you like to tell me? 

Rarely do I publish posts right after I finish writing them but I felt it necessary to publish this one in live-time for effect.

– As a side-note, thank you to all my long-time readers, new readers and friends for being on this blog journey with me and always bringing me back down to earth (even if you don’t comment). Am I making sense? Probably not. Should I sleep? Yes, now that my thoughts have been emptied. 😊 Good night!

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  1. Sounds like it turned into a lovely day 💚 I’d love to see a haul post because I’m nosy and always want to read what others are buying!!

  2. YES I want to see your beauty haul, haha!

    I love that blogging is therapeutic for you. I guess with these kinds of posts where you’re just talking about your day or what’s on your mind lately instead of having a specific topic to talk about, it’s similar to writing in a journal.

    I keep meaning to have a “me day”, but it hasn’t happened yet – not even on weekends! How do you stay up till past midnight and STILL have the energy to do a face mask and start a movie?? I wish I was able to do that!

    • I thought you’d say so!

      These are sort of the easiest posts to write although if you have a lot of thoughts, it’s hard to write everything down all at once. It’s almost as if you have to think about what you’re thinking about…the irony.

      I take it you’re a morning person or neutral? I have always been a late-night person. The only problem with starting a film after midnight is I never finish it!

      • Yes, agreed that they’re the easiest posts to write. At the same time I feel like those posts also require a lot of editing after you initially type out everything, so that you talk about things succinctly and in a logical manner, whereas your stream of consciousness might be all over the place, haha (sorry, run-on sentence).

        Honestly, I don’t know what kind of person I am – some nights I can easily stay up until 2:30am whereas other nights I fall asleep at 11, some mornings my body wakes itself up at 7:30am whereas other mornings I really struggle to get up. Haha good point, every time I start a movie late I never finish it, or if I do, I regret it the morning after!

      • Speaking of the body waking itself up, I’ve been having the same trouble! The other day, I actually woke up at 6.30am which is so unlike me. The sun was already up though and it was so bright, so I think it’s just my body’s reaction to daylight LOL.

  3. I’m glad your day got a lot better after your morning! That course sounds really good. And I think blogging does make people feel secure. It’s this time to really share your thoughts and be bold enough to put them out there to an audience. Sometimes writing to strangers is easier than talking to people you know out loud.

    • Thank you! I’m glad it did too 😊 it’s important to uplift your day as much as you can when you’re feeling down otherwise it’s self-sabotage! Writing reassures me. It calms me as much as it empowers me.

      The course is very interesting. I’m a little behind at the moment but I can’t wait to share what I’m learning with you guys. It’s very eye-opening!

  4. Gosh I’m so behind on reading your blog!

    I’m so glad that blogging gives you such a positive outlet. 🙂 It’s so great that your real life friend reads your blog. I used to get embarrassed about my friends reading my blog but they seemed to like it.

    One of the BEST makeover I ever got was at the Bobbi Brown counter! I told her to do whatever she wanted and she used a shimmery green eye shadow on me. I wish I remembered which one it was – I would like to pick it up.

    Duh, of course I wanna see your haul! 😛

    • I don’t outright advertise my blog to my friends either. But they know that I have it and there are times when I talk about it casually too. It is definitely embarrassing at first! – especially if you have no idea on your blog direction, style etc. but after a while, it just becomes a natural part of who you are. It was cute when I found out that she actually reads my blog because she wrote it in a card.

      How fun. I’ll have to bare that in mind for next time – tell the makeup-artist to do whatever they want. 🙈 I can tell that this makeup-artist was very passionate about her job and just very professional with the way she applied everything. I’ve had experiences where my foundation was definitely not applied smooth (but they’ll compliment anyway etc.) but this makeover…I wanted to buy the whole look!! I am definitely going back soon to get the eyeshadow sticks and possibly a blush.

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