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March in Progress


I am enjoying the pun in the title slightly too much. ๐Ÿ˜

Now that we’re in April (!!), I wanted to summarise March almost in diary-form (I say almost since this is a monthly affair, not daily). Did you guess? Today’s tone is more casual and a stream of consciousness. This is in response to my earlier post, Embarking on a Fitter Journey + Why, and will be the first of many.

I wasn’t initially going to write progress posts but I think this exercise will benefit me greatly. Sometimes it’s too much to keep up with new changes and habits, so it’s just easier to record it in one place so that I can unravel my thoughts and decide what works, what doesn’t. Also – I figured that beingย open has helped A LOT in this process so far, so why not continue being open?

General Lifestyle

  • I am waking up earlier and have been slowly improving my morning routine which includes making my bed, having a good breakfast, a quick but effective skincare routine.
  • I am still drinking coffee although some days, I sub it for green tea instead. I have started reducing the sugar in my coffee though.
  • Speaking of coffee, I only had 2 Chai Lattes in the whole of March. That’s a big deal for me! Next time, I am thinking of ordering an Americano because I checked and found that the calories are a lot less.
  • I am drinking a lot more water than before. It still doesn’t reach the requirement though (probably about 50%) but that is huge progress for me.
  • I have been sleeping a bit too late recently. Clearly, this is a problem and I need to prepare myself for sleep sooner. I should eradicate technology once I’m lying on the bed…I think this is the problem!
  • Otherwise, I’ve been having a rather positive mindset since incorporating new diet and fitness habits in my lifestyle. I am feeling good. ๐Ÿ˜Š (See below)


  • It was my first time meal-prepping a few weeks ago and I have to say, it is a very useful technique! I learnt that it’s much easier to eat healthy this way, especially if you’re on-the-go/in work or just like the convenience. It’s harder to back-out of healthy eating if you prepare well. You also look forward to eating what you made. It’s refreshing.
  • Admittedly, I have only been making salads for dinners but I love salads and don’t see this as punishment or starvation. Can we just talk about how some people put such negative thought on salads?! I am making a new salad every few days to keep things exciting. ๐Ÿ˜
  • Of course, I will learn to make other dishes but for now, I want to focus on salads because it’s such a good way to get a lot of nutrients in.
  • I have been snacking on bananas, dried fruits and nuts whenever I feel a bit peckish. It curbs my appetite and stops me committing a fault.
  • The biggest change I’ve seen so far (other than no bloating) is glowing skin! This has become my biggest motivator. Some of you might know about my eczema/psoriasis. My dry patch is looking and feeling great. The redness has reduced significantly which I assume is because of all the anti-inflammatory foods I’ve been eating. It’s been a long process but I can’t wait to see it fully healed! I actually feel great in my own skin that I could cry (at least inside).
  • Not once did I break my newly adapted dinner habit. Even when I didn’t have my salads, I’d have sushi on hand. I even declined a chocolate cake* kindly by putting it back in the fridge. (Sorry mum.) I am proud of doing that.

*It was my dad’s birthday. I am actually not that much of a sweet-tooth nowadays.


  • I made sure to start fixing my diet first before doing anything fitness-related. I think that has helped me a lot in feeling positive and staying motivated. Nothing worse than doing the work but having no nutrients for your muscles to feed on, and then actually feeling like crap because you ate like crap.
  • Obviously it’s not my first time working out but certainly, it’s my first time doing it alongside real healthy eating. I am noticing that I have more sustained energy now.
  • I am following Cassey’s (Blogilates’) PIIT28 program which I bought over a year ago but never completed. It’s a mixture of HIIT and Pilates (hence PIIT) and I’ve been really enjoying it. I haven’t followed the program in terms of being active 6-days-a-week but I am managing 4 which isn’t too shabby considering that I’ve been inactive for a while.
  • I am learning to be kind to myself, yet firm and disciplined. I feel that I have found the right balance which again, I could cry because self-care is such a long process but I’m here, and feeling thankful! ๐Ÿ™‚

Goals for April

  • Cut out white bread and try out dark rye bread
  • Continue upping my water intake
  • Start meal-prepping some breakfasts
  • Learn some new recipes to stay food-inspired
  • Continue challenging my body with the PIIT28 program (and complete it)

It’s my first time making such a bullet-pointed post but what a great way to get my thoughts down! It’s hard to believe that it’s April but I can’t wait to see what I achieve in this month. I have been feeling very…mind-positive? This has definitely made everything a lot easier although it’s not an easy journey but…one step at a time. I got this.

Also – thank you for your comments from my last post where I announced the start of this journey. You probably don’t know it but I felt so overwhelmed by the love and support that I really think it motivated me even more. So thank you.

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  1. Finding a balanced healthy lifestyle has been one of my goals for this year, cutting down on caffeine has been a big battle for me as well. You are doing awesome on the progress!

  2. People do have a lot of thoughts about salads! I always have a big salad for lunch because it’s easy and it doesn’t bother my stomach while I am at work. Everyone has something to say about it. It’s funny though, I can’t be like – wow, look at that terribly fatty ham sandwich you are eating. People are funny. Good luck with all of your lifestyle changes!

    • Right?? Sounds silly but I think this is what puts me off from healthy/clean-eating – the judgement. It’s so ridiculous how eating like crap is the norm and then when you eat good, not only do people question it, but they almost give the side-eye. What’s up with that? I wouldn’t class myself as being on a diet because these are changes that I want to stick with – I am cleaning things up if you will. I don’t know, I think people are rather strange, it’s like you need to get their permission for change. I also think healthy/clean-eating has become a bit too faddy/trendy but that’s another topic in itself.

      Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜Š

      • I agree! Having to smuggle healthy food into work and it’s weird because we have a wellness committee and people will stretch and do planks together but then I get ridiculed for a salad! I’m sure they don’t mean any harm but stuff like that sticks with a person. Yup! When people ask me if I am on a diet, I tell them that it’s a ‘live-it’ because eating healthy should just be a way of life. Oh well, maybe they’ll catch on but until then, just keep doing your thing!!

  3. I’m so happy for you!!! Firstly, I don’t get the negativity about salads either. I think it’s because many shop-bought salads are really plain, expensive and just contain a high calorie sauce. But you can get super creative.
    Secondly, I am the same with using my phone at night. It’s such an addiction and I really think it’s stopping me from going to sleep at a good hour, so I’m trying to improve as well!
    I love your positivity and I think that’s crucial for a fitness journey…constantly focusing on the good. I know you’re going to keep smashing your goals and soon they will feel like everyday things.

    • Thank you. ๐Ÿ˜Š

      Hm, I don’t think I have ever tried shop-bought salad because they never look enticing. But more than that, I get a bit wary since it’s likely not that fresh/you don’t know how long it’s been sitting in the shop. The salads they sell at Pret A Manger are nice but of course, that comes with a price tag. It’s just always better to make your own.

      Constantly writing down notes and mindfully thinking about each day at a time definitely helps a lot. I think posting on the blog helped even more because I check my blog everyday meaning I am reminded everyday to stay focused.

  4. You’re doing really well! I personally am not a fan of salads although to be honest I usually eat the horrid store bought ones which are really shoddily made. I much tend to prefer steamed vegetables as well. You could try reading before bed. Since I have been trying to read more, reading just before bed and just when I wake up has been a great way to get my reading in. Again, keep it up, you’re going great to start off your health journey! X

    • I have never tried shop-bought salads but they do look really dry! I used to not like salads either but during university, I saw my housemate making it so that kinda inspired me to try. She even taught me how to season a salad well and bring out all the flavours – it makes a world of a difference! Salad-making is just easier for me right now because I don’t have to clash with my mum in the kitchen who’s busy cooking lol.

      I definitely need to get back into reading again! Thank you, already can’t wait to update the next one! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. You go girl! It’s awesome that you are crushing all these goals! Cassey workouts are killer, I tried a 3 minute ab workout thinking it’d be simple but it challenged me a lot. Also, you may have tried them already but Ezekiel Bread and Oat Bread are also pretty good. I like that you are going at your own pace because that’s so important. I’ve been slacking with my fitness and nutrition and reading this helped!

    • Thank you! This week is a little trickier but am still persevering on. I think having a good diet helps so much because of the sustained energy so there’s less urge to indulge in things… Also, am being more mindful of what I eat cos honestly, over the winter I was terrible! I didn’t realise til after.

      It’s actually the fitness part I find a bit more difficult but am doing well I think. Cassey workouts are definitely killer! I haven’t done her short videos in so long. I just like her enthusiasm and how she keeps things still fun.

      • Lol she could literally do burpees and not flinch once and have a pleasant facial expression. The fitness marshal is fun too, he kills me with his humor.

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