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Embarking on a Fitter Journey + Why


I initially wanted to call this ‘Embarking on a Fitness Journey’ but I felt that it wasn’t quite technically correct so instead, I’ve slightly altered it to being a fitter journey. There are a couple of reasons for this which will tie in with today’s overall topic: lifestyle and fitness, and why I’ve decided to make the changes I want to make or why I’m even deciding to write about it now.

As a side note too, it’s possible that in the next few months, I will not be posting as many beauty-related posts, but instead, swapping them for posts like this since I want to start making fitness my priority. This blog is after all, an embodiment of my current lifestyles, happenings and likes. πŸ™‚

So…what inspired me to embark on a fitter journey? Keep reading!

I had an epiphany.

That’s really it. I had an epiphany a few weeks ago, during and after my trip to Hong Kong at which point I thought, I really needed to take my fitness seriously. Both diet and lifestyle. I can no longer continue this inconsistency in my life especially as a fully-grown adult – I need to be better. I should be better to myself. Whilst I am spending time on my beauty and skincare, it’s ironic that I don’t look after my fitness more, isn’t it? Those were the questions that started popping into my head. Probably a bit vain but leaves something to think about.

When I went to visit family (and a lot of family it was), I noticed two of the guys in particular lost weight and looked a lot healthier than before. They must have lost about 20-30 pounds, mostly from their stomach – baring in mind that they are in their 30s and 40s. I didn’t know why yet but it quietly gave me a lot of encouragement and thought. It wasn’t until I saw a couple of photos during my vacation that I realised something. It really showed and I wasn’t happy.

I’ve gained weight.

I can’t believe I’ve actually written those few words as a heading, but I want to be real about it so that I know it’s happening and know why I’m deciding to make a change. When I say I’ve gained weight, I don’t mean a few pounds but quite a substantial amount over probably the course of the last year or so. I think in my head, I knew of this a couple of months ago, but decided to ignore it and not face it/do something about it. Now that I think about it, it was incredibly stupid but hey, it happens – for certain things, you might live in a bubble and then it pops. I just need to remember that I can still do something about it now…it is not the end. It is never the end.

I feel like I’ve been fighting the issue of weight almost all my life. (I’ll leave the details for another post.) It’s truly ironic because I’m not helping myself either so of course I’m gaining weight! I’ve been mostly off the fitness bandwagon…not just as of late, but probably most of last year. I let my diet slide a bit too. I, in a way, didn’t consciously know of it at the time but now that I look back, it started deteriorating and how should I say it…I slowly let myself go?

Those few words are probably not good for my self-esteem right now, but if anything, I like to think that I represent a number of people, and how, if you don’t work for it, your lifestyle can just become a slump, and then it becomes a habit. Similarly, I want to represent those same people who decided to make a change and turn it all around!

I won’t go into any full-on history or diet/fitness profiling today since I want to leave it just as it is…aΒ real blog post (as in a glimpse into my diary if I had one). However, I am sure as the weeks go by, I’ll be more open in how this whole journey pans out. If anything, I realised that being open and sharing the words “I want to make a change” is so empowering and motivating, that I wished I’d done this sooner, and not hid for so long. Well, it’s time.

A bit of a heart-to-heart post today. πŸ’• It’s not quite there yet but I believe that this will develop into a series. I have yet to work out the order of things but I will definitely have a Developing a Good Morning Routine post and a Developing a Good Evening post since those are two things that I am currently working on. Of course, I still have my Hong Kong travel posts to upload…again, still in organisation. All in all, I have lots of upcoming plans for the blog so watch out!

As always, thanks for reading.

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    • Thank you Mia!! πŸ’žπŸ’ž That’s very true – if you invest into fitness, there’s really nothing to lose. I’ve been making positive changes bit by bit this past week and although it’s not all complete, I definitely feel a lot better already! X

  1. Yay! I loved reading this. I’m totally on board with you talking more about your “fitter journey” because I love hearing about other people’s fitness journeys. I think the key to having a healthier life is moderation for everything.

    I’ve been contemplating talking about fitness on my blog since it’s been a passion of mine but I haven’t decided yet – I’m afraid that it’s too far of a departure for my beauty-based blog.

    • I used to think like that! But I think fitness can be a part of beauty if you make it like so. πŸ™‚ To be honest, am surprised how my non-beauty posts have gathered positive response too…And so what I learnt is this: if your readers like you enough, they’ll invest into reading what you’ve written because it’s by you!

      Ohhh you should share some fitness tips! Moderation really is key. Am quite an all or nothing person at times. 😡😡 But I’ve been making quite positive progress so far.

      • That’s a good point that fitness is in a way part of beauty. I guess you’re right, for people who support the blog, they would be happy reading anything from it. I think you’ve convinced me to share some fitness tips/fitness journey!

        Hahaha I can be an all or nothing person sometimes too…but I think that’s when we either go all out and go super healthy, or else go off the deep end and live with bad, unhealthy habits. I’m glad you’re making progress!

  2. I would love to see your posts on fitness. I think people go through slumps all the time in life, and admitting it is the first step to processing and moving forward. I believe in you and think you will get there. Going through your journey with blogging can be great motivation πŸ™‚

    • This is such a warming and encouraging comment – thank you! I really think blogging about it (and getting the support from the likes of you guys too!) is the biggest motivator here. It’s only been a week so far and already I feel 10x lighter and better because of the new changes I’ve been adapting to. I can’t wait to see where it all goes and it’s rather sweet that you believe in me. πŸ™‚

  3. I always frame the concept of weight management as a HEALTH management. It’s not just about losing weight… it’s overall well-being. I’m glad you had an epiphany and you’re facing this head-on! It has to come from within yourself to start new habits. πŸ™‚

    • Couldn’t have said it better! (Especially the last sentence.) There’s really no better time than now to make changes and start new habits. So I can’t wait to see where it all goes in the long run. πŸ™‚

  4. I couple of years ago I had to completely overhaul the way that I ate. It turns out that I had a developed a number of food sensitivities and had to cut gluten, refined sugar, and dairy out of my diet along with a number of other foods that I was having reactions too.

    It was really hard, but changing the way that you eat can be enjoyable in the long run. Hopefully you don’t have to change your diet as much as I did, but I do have a couple of tips / recipes that can make eating a little healthier a little easier.

    I’m not a bit salad person, so I normally try and make a green smoothie everyday to get my greens in. I blend together a few handfuls of baby spinach (which don’t really taste like anything but are great for you) an apple, and some canned or fresh pineapple (for sweetness), water, chia seeds, a little neutral flavored oil (I used avocado oil), a little fresh ginger, and maybe some strawberries if I have them. The oil helps your body to absorb the nutrients in the spinach and berries. If I drink it in the morning, it usually gives me a little energy boost, but you can drink it at night too, whatever works best for your schedule.

    Another green juice I like is blending a few handfuls of baby spinach, equal parts pineapple juice and almond milk, with maybe a raw honey if you like it a little sweeter.

    And if you slip up in your diet, don’t beat yourself about it. It’s ok, just start again the next day. Even if I slip up on my diet sometimes, I try to get a green juice in, but I don’t always succeed. So I just don’t stress about it, and I return to my normal healthier diet the next day.

    As for exercising, I found what helped was not stressing out too much about that either. Most days I try to get on the treadmill for what I tell myself will be 10 minutes, but usually I find that after 10 minutes I want to go for longer than that. It all depends on how you feel that day, but it’s important to find exercises that you enjoy. If you don’t have a treadmill you can walk around your house, or take a walk around outside. If you don’t manage to work out that day, no big deal, just do it the next day.

    The big thing is just being kind to yourself about it, you’re doing the best that you can. The more that you beat yourself up, the harder it will be. The kinder that you are to yourself, the more sustainable your diet / exercise routine will be and it will be easier to maintain these lifestyle changes for the long run. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you! 😊I’m so touched by this long comment, it’s very sweet of you to share so much information.

      I remember when my psoriasis was really bad, a doctor advised me to not eat a lot of foods including seafoods, red meats and dairy because of the inflammatory effects I think. I eventually went off that ‘diet’ a few years after when my condition stabilised and improved a lot, so I do believe that cutting out refined sugar and processed foods especially, helps cleanse your system. It’s only been a few days but I’m already seeing how my skin is looking/feeling better and how I myself, feel cleaner and 10x lighter? So eating healthy and clean again is a double-win for me.

      I wouldn’t necessarily say I am on a strict diet. Just cleaning it up and making changes here and there, because like you said, it needs to be a sustainable lifestyle! πŸ™‚ This coming week, I want to work on cutting out white bread and that second cup of coffee/tea that I like to have in the evening (with sugar and milk), subbing it for green tea instead.

      You are so right about the fact that I shouldn’t beat myself down or stress. I am definitely trying to enjoy the process this time round, whilst learning more about health and fitness. Yesterday, I did my first workout after months so that’s a start! I think stress releases a hormone called Cortisol which is not good if you want to lose weight however I don’t know the mechanics behind this.

      Thanks for your smoothie recipes – will mark them down!

      • Thank so much for your kind comment. πŸ˜€

        I’m so glad that you’re finding things that work for you! And I’m glad that you enjoyed your workout! It all adds up to a good path. πŸ™‚

        I’ll wish you lots of fun along your healthy living journey. I’m sure that you’re going to do great.

  5. Ugh I’m definitely on the same boat as you. I have been meaning to stay active since months ago but the stress of life in general makes me want to laze and do absolutely nothing. Hoping your fitness journey stays consistent and I can’t wait to read your future fitness related posts!!

    • My best advice to you is to just start! You will not lose anything if you are active, even in the slightest bit such as doing lots of walking. : ) I know the feeling because I have been there many times and it’s just a vicious circle.

      Thank you for reading!

  6. I’m quite late but congrats on your fitness journey! For me, I always feel great after being active and over time, I noticed myself being able to do the same exercises that were once difficult, with greater ease. It’s like I became so much happier in my body because I knew I was nurturing it. You should check out Emi Wong and Steph Nguyen on Youtube. They post great real time workouts!

    • Omg I just recently discovered Emi Wong and I really like her!! She’s so passionate and motivating. I haven’t tried her workouts yet though necessarily but I like what she stands for, especially for Hong Kong women. Society there really holds high importance on being skinny but a lot are not really fit (as in do exercise) or eat well. :/

      Steph Nguyen sounds familiar but I cannot put a face to the name…will look her up though. Thanks for the suggestion and for your comment! πŸ™‚

      • Yeah she is so entertaining and hardworking, like she does workouts during her lunch break at work, like whattt?? I never really thought about how she may have been overcoming standards in Hong Kong, that’s amazing. And no problem! πŸ™‚

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