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Hong Kong Super Beauty Haul

Hello friends!

I’m sure some of you have been waiting for this post for quite some time since Hong Kong’s shopping scenery is vast – from the affordable to the luxury, you are really spoilt for choice. I always want to buy the whole shop but one only has so much they can take back with them and not to mention, practicality was quite strongly taken into account.

To be honest, and I know this may sound ridiculous – but I was worried that I wouldn’t have a lot to show you since I didn’t officially shop until the last few days of my vacation. This shouldn’t be a problem surely, because I should buy items that I’m interested in trying for the benefit of me (i.e. shopping) and not so much for the blog. It is not a quantity contest after all so next time, I will remember to relax more. 😛

In the end, it turned out that I actually hauled more than I thought, when I finally laid all the products on my floor! (Basically, I worried for nothing. What an idiot.) 🙈😅

It’s a super long post so grab a drink.


So here goes!:

MINISO Eyelash Clip
MINISO 2in1 Liquid and Solid Eyebrow Pen
MINISO 3 Way Eyebrow Pencil

SANA Soy Milk Moisture Cleansing Wash
1000 Billion Jeju Snow Green Tea Mask (5pc)
1000 Billion Icy Snail Regeneration Moisturizing Mask (5pc)
Unknown brand – Deep Sea Water Glow Mask x2 (5pc ea.)
Watsons Whitening Facial Mask x2 (5pc ea.) (free with 

Mediheal LINE FRIENDS N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask (10pc)
Rosy Rosa Slide Cheek Brush
Sasatinnie Eyebrow Tweezer x2
Shiseido Eyelash Curler (#213)
Hada Labo AHA+BHA Foaming Wash (Exfoliating)
Heroine Make Volume and Curler Mascara Super Waterproof in ’01 Black’
Heroine Make Long Stay Sharp Gel Liner in ’01 Black’
Cyber Colors Real Lasting Smudgeproof Gel Liner in ’03 Espresso’
Okamoto Smiling Face Heat Pad for Menstrual Cramp Relief (free with purchase) 

Jade Roller
Bobbi Brown Instant Full Cover Concealer in ‘Sand’

Suyeonna Whitening Toner
Suyeonna Moisture Essence
Suyeonna Moisture Cream
Ddunmee Micro Mystic Pack (Horse Oil X Fucoidan)

Innisfree Daily UV Protection Cream SPF 35 (No Sebum)
Clinique Cheek Pop in ’15 Pansy Pop’
Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10% (8-Pack)*
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel AND Moisturizing Lotion+ (Value Jumbo Duo Pack)
Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief x2 (free with purchase)

*Linked is the 4-pack but what I purchased is an 8-pack. I can’t seem to find the 8-pack online.

Side note: Am so sorry for the lack of links! The websites for Watson’s and Sasa in particular, had rubbish search functions – absolutely useless!


Sales assistants in Hong Kong are persistent and are really at an arm’s reach for help. You are almost immediately greeted whenever you enter any store (I think this was not the case when I entered Zara and Uniqlo although to be honest, I don’t think these stores need it). Aside from the greetings, you will definitely be asked if you need any help, especially in a beauty store. Sometimes it does get a bit much though but I usually politely say I’m just looking and will ask for their help when I need it.

At one point, in a small Laneige store, I got greeted/asked by 3 different sales assistants – one of which greeting me with “Morning” (in English because I must not have looked native at all 😝) even though it was 6pm… Well, it’s the thought that counts, right?



I wanted to buy the whole shop! Unfortunately, I had limited cash on me at the time (the MINISO I went to was in China whilst I was visiting my mum’s side of the family however there are stores in Hong Kong) so my auntie paid and I didn’t want to come across as rude and privileged.

I have never seen this store before, but certainly, the logo reminds me a little of Muji and Uniqlo though of course, with its differences. It is actually a Chinese-Japanese low-cost retailer, selling fashionable but practical lifestyle goods. You will find perfume, make-up, skincare, accessories and some small homeware goods.

I am a sucker for stores like these but the difference being, these really are good-quality, practical items. Not the poor quality that you paid for understandably with a dollar. No, these items look more expensive than they’re priced!

I purchased two eyebrow products and an eyelash curler:


I rather enjoy Japanese products so I look forward to opening these!


Out of all the stores, I wish I took my time in this one a bit more! I think I am a person who is quite easy to sell to so I need to stand my ground and realise it’s okay to not buy what a sales assistant sells to me. However, who knows? Maybe there is a gem or two amongst these products from Watson’s. 😅

Really, I wanted to buy Hada Labo sheet masks but the SA recommended me some others (I guess I will just order from YesStyle then). Obviously they were more expensive but it was under quite a good offer – buy 4 for 3 and you get another free pack of sheet masks for free at the counter! (I ended up with another free pack because my brother bought some pharmaceutical items.)


The SANA Soy Milk Moisture Cleansing Wash is a super favourite of mine (I have previously finished 2 tubes) but all the other products are virtually unknown to me – both product and brand. I found very little information too when I googled after so they are either really new or just not established. It will be interesting to see if these were worth the purchase or not, especially as I have nothing to go by. However, looking at the ingredients list quickly, they look promising!


You cannot miss Sasa when you are in Hong Kong! There is always a store nearby. The currency is weak and will be for a long while but I still think a lot of items are worth buying in-store if you can, since it is cheaper than online.


To round off my purchase of masks, let’s start with the Mediheal LINE FRIENDS N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask (10pc). I saw this in the queue so I took a look at the box and just put it in my basket last minute! 😝 I remember seeing this product on a YouTuber’s k-beauty masks video and believe she talked positively of it.


Next, let’s talk accessories shall we? I always like to update on this part whenever I’m in Hong Kong because I find that the UK market is really limited in this area (unless you shop online) and in general, I find Asian accessories suit me better, rightly so. I grabbed the Sasatinnie Eyebrow Tweezer twice, one for me and one for a friend since mine was getting quite old and tacky. Mind you, I never see these type of tweezers in the UK – only the ones that look like tongs.

I bought another eyelash curler. (As an extra question, how many do you own?) The Shiseido Eyelash Curler (#213) has been on my wishlist since forever on YesStyle but I never got round to buying it. It’s actually more cheaper in-store. I’ve used once so far and like it better than my Koji one.

The Rosy Rosa Slide Cheek Brush is a bit of a gamble buy but not without a reason! I have been looking for a retractable brush for over a year now and I like none of the ones I’ve seen in-store and online! I did buy the Real Techniques Retractable Kabuki Brush but the plastic lid is rubbish – cracked in less than a week in my bag. The bristles are also a bit too dense and not the soft application that I want. This new purchase however, ticks a lot of boxes. For starters, I know the casing won’t break and the bristles themselves are so soft! Also – the product itself is super mini and cute.

Hada Labo is another brand I love. I have not been disappointed by their products so far but had yet to try their cleansers. I chose the Hada Labo AHA+BHA Foaming Wash (Exfoliating) since this was in someone’s Instagram post and they really raved about it. Have you tried it?

Perhaps I was not daring enough in this time’s haul since I decided to stick with a few brands I know and love. Heroine Make make some of the best mascaras! I know not everyone will agree with this because of how truly super waterproof and potent the formula is but I personally love it. I picked up the Heroine Make Volume and Curler Mascara Super Waterproof in ’01 Black’ (I’ve only tried the Long and Curl one) and Heroine Make Long Stay Sharp Gel Liner in ’01 Black’. Unfortunately, I picked up the wrong liner! I wanted to get the liquid liner that everyone raves about but somehow ended up with this… I’ve done a few swatch tests and sad to say, I don’t like it! 😭

If there was something to be learnt from this haul, it’s that I shouldn’t buy gel liners. I randomly picked up the Cyber Colors Real Lasting Smudgeproof Gel Liner in ’03 Espresso’. Yes, it is smudge-proof but the colour payoff is not strong at all and it’s possible to rub the pigment off even though it doesn’t smudge!

As a free gift, I got the Okamoto Smiling Face Heat Pad for Menstrual Cramp Relief. To be honest, this is quite useless for me since I don’t get bad cramps anymore like in my teens, but I guess I can always keep this for backup. 😛



I have two odd purchases that don’t fit into any of the other categories here. The first being a jade roller. I wanted to purchase one for a long while however I was skeptical of the quality if I randomly bought one online. Also, I thought it’s best that I waited for this trip to get one because I knew it’d be cheaper. This one cost roughly 25RMB (purchased in China in an authentic gift shop) which works out to be about £2.80. On Amazon, jade rollers are at least double that price. I’ve used it twice so far and it’s so cooling on the skin. 🙂

The other random purchase was the Bobbi Brown Instant Full Cover Concealer in ‘Sand’. I had some time to kill before I went off to meet my cousin and her friends for dinner. If you didn’t know already, I LOVE Bobbi Brown products. I was especially spotty that week – it was one of my worst breakouts in a long time and I still have no idea what caused it. I think it was the stuffy climate. Anyways, I didn’t really have a concealer for blemishes, but I remembered this product recommendation so I went in to get colour-matched and came out with a new product!


My auntie was incredibly generous as she gave me 4 skincare products as gifts. I have very little information but essentially she and my cousin have set up a skincare shop/office based on mostly this one brand – Suyeonna. I tried doing a Google search and it’s mostly Ebay pages that pop up so I believe it is a legit brand – just one that is concentrated on online sales and distribution thus far but is looking to expand on the beauty map. (The beauty industry is so, so competitive like no joke.)

It’s super helpful too that I received a booklet, explaining the brand’s concept and product portfolio so perhaps I will make a post on all this? It could be refreshing.

The booklet even includes evidence of certification and some information on the key ingredients they use.


I received the Suyeonna Whitening Toner, Suyeonna Moisture Essence, Suyeonna Moisture Cream and Ddunmee Micro Mystic Pack (Horse Oil X Fucoidan).

For more info, visit:
(However, it’s all in Korean)


We are almost there!

If you didn’t know, Hong Kong International Airport is one of the best airports in the world. I think it has even won multiple awards for it. Shopping seriously doesn’t end until you fly off! 😛

I wouldn’t say I always shop at duty-free because I clearly didn’t when I went to Rome and Berlin last year – the prices were not that much different compared to here. However, in Hong Kong, I always grab the chance because you can generally save here and there. Some prices do however remain the same though so do your research!


I couldn’t pass up on a chance to stock up on Clinique goods. Everyone knows I live on that brand. There was one non-Clinique product I bought though so I’ll start with that first. It’s the Innisfree Daily UV Protection Cream SPF 35 (No Sebum). I’m currently running a bit low on my sun protection goods so I picked this one up. They have different versions but this one felt the nicest to me.

As a side note for those of you who are Innisfree fans, I saw that they sold packs of 5 for their cleansers, serums and some other goods, so this could be helpful if you want to gift skincare!

Now, I try to avoid the Clinique counter as much as I can because I’m guaranteed to step out with products. (Notice the plural s.) But I told myself it was okay this time since I had not entered their shop in months. I was especially delighted to see Clinique Cheek Pop in ’15 Pansy Pop’ on shelf. I love this blush formula but hell, this particular shade is non-existent in the UK I swear! I’d describe it as a lavender pink which is actually hard to come across hence why this was on my wishlist for so long. ✅


Clinique Cheek Pop in ’15 Pansy Pop’

A product I haven’t yet tried is the Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10% (8-Pack)This stuff is expensive! I worked out that I saved about £30 buying it at duty-free. Realistically, I wouldn’t have bought this non-duty-free but being a Clinique fan, I’ve been curious, plus vitamin C is always a very sellable skincare ingredient. Despite saving, this is still a splurge so I hope it’s good!

Right. Down to my repurchases! I’ve been using drugstore moisturiser lately and honestly, it’s just not the same. Every other day, I am missing a Clinique moisturiser like no kidding. I stocked up on the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel AND Moisturizing Lotion+ which came together as a VALUE JUMBO PACK. They also had duo packs where you get the same of one version but since I love both versions, I got this instead. Super good deal – each product is 200ml compared to their standard 125ml size.

What I’ve not mentioned yet are the discounts and free gifts. When I purchased a second Clinique item, I automatically got 10% off on those purchases (on top of the savings that I’ve already worked out). The Clinique Vitamin C product in particular, got me eligible for 2 pots of the Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief! (FYI – 2 pots costs £72!) I was made aware of this eligibility hence the many Clinique products… What can I say? Clinique really know the way to my heart. ❤ I am entirely sure that these moisturisers will last me up until end of next year!

This post turned out so much longer than I originally thought. 😲 Still, I hope this was an enjoyable post, especially for those of you who were patiently waiting! Let me know what some of your Asian product recommendations are? I focused so much on sheet masks (which are actually heavy to carry…), that I think I didn’t allow myself to look at makeup so much. Well, next time! (or the odd online-shop…who knows. 😝)

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  1. Hah, the “pressure” to shop. It’s real. I had one of my real life friends tell me she thought I should have bought more in Japan… 😆

    I’ve never shopped at MINISO but I’m so exited that they’re opening some stores around here! I’d rather have Daiso but I’ll take what I can get.

    I love Sasa… basically a store at every corner! 😛 I am happy that I’m able to shop online even if it’s more expensive (still cheaper than flying to HK!). I’ve tried another Mediheal mask (Platinum V) and I absolutely love it.

    Oooh I’ve been wanting a jade roller or face tool. I heard they’re really soothing. I have a metal one from The Body Shop and it’s relaxing to use.

    The HK airport is so amazing – having a layover there is a treat, not torture! And yup, that Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster is the same as what I picked up during post Holiday sales – mine has 2 weeks supply (14 packs). Their gwp are the best!

    How do you like the Bobbi Brown concealer so far? I just opened up the eye brightener and I love it! I’m always on the hunt for new concealers…

    • The pressure is TOO real, Stashy! It doesn’t help that it was Chinese New Year either because Mainlanders like to come down to HK to buy products too since it is much more legit so the stores do get a lot more crowdy.

      Great to hear that you enjoyed a Mediheal mask. 🙂 I tried out one of the unknown ones yesterday and I was surprised because it was enjoyable to use. I guess it just goes to show how strong branding can be but the funny thing was, this unknown one ONLY had 6 ingredients, all being natural so I can’t wait to feedback!

      Is the metal roller from The Body Shop any good? I have seen it before and call me stingy but I felt it was a bit overpriced for what it was.

      The BB concealer is great for blemishes! I haven’t tried it under the eyes yet but personally, I think the formula is too thick for that and won’t look great unless you prep very well. I use a concealer brush to blend on top of my blemishes and it covers well. It takes away the redness and colour-match is quite perfect which is surprising to me as concealers tend to run a bit too orange or light on me.

      • Yes The Body Shop metal roller is overpriced for what it is (although, it really well constructed) but I got it during their regular 40% off sales! 😉

        Good to know about the BB concealer is better suited for blemishes. I will have to go to their counter to check out their various concealer offerings!

      • I’ll let you know once I try it under my eyes! I think it’s just personal preference since am sure I’ve heard some youtubers like it for that. I just personally don’t like any thick concealer under my eyes and since my under-eye circles are quite minimal/light, there’s not much point. I typically like to use under-eye brighteners instead. 🙂

  2. I love that you panicked about not buying enough purchases to blog about, and then ending up with a bunch of stuff!

    The amount of Sasa stores is crazyyyy. Like is it necessary to have one on every block?!

    How cute is that Minso store? I’ve never heard of it, but I have to be sure to keep my eye out for it next time. The products look really high quality, too.

    I’ve heard a lot about Hado Labo – it seems to be a very highly-regarded Asian skincare brand. hope you enjoy the AHA cleansing wash. The SANA Soy Milk Moisture Cleansing Wash sounds amazing!

    I third the comment that the HK airport is great for shopping. Definitely wouldn’t mind having a delayed flight in that airport, haha!

    Hope you enjoy your haul!

    • I saw on the Chinese financial news the other week that Sasa stock market went up by something like 17% so they must be doing well! Beauty always does well regardless of economic crisis and such. 😝

      The MINISO store is definitely something to look out for in the future! They will be expanding stores globally so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’ll be one opening by you soon. I won’t have as much luck unfortunately since none of these newer cool stores ever open by me. (I don’t even have a MUJI or Uniqlo store by me for God’s sake!)

      The Hada Labo brand is a bit of a cult favourite for a reason! The whole brand is built around restoring your skin’s water and locking it in, so I think if you love hydration or want to balance your skin, it’s really worth a try. 🙂

      HK airport is ALWAYS enjoyable to shop! (and eat!) Our flight going back is always late (just before midnight I think) so we always have about 2 hours or so to kill.

      • LOL we don’t have MUJI or Uniqlo either…if MINISO were to open anywhere in Canada, it would be Vancouver or Toronto – those guys get everything!

        I’ll definitely have to keep my eye out for Hada Labo when I’m in HK, hydration and balancing are right up my alley haha! Where do they sell their products – in department stores or drugstores?

      • You’ll find Hada Labo in Sasa actually so that’s super convenient since like you said, there’s one around every corner in HK! It’s available in Watson’s too.

      • Oooh, thank you! Will definitely keep my eye out for the brand in Sasa. I find that store overwhelming….not sure if it’s because of all the products PACKED into one store, or if it’s because I can’t read the majority of the packaging haha.

  3. That Hada Labo cleanser is one of the few foaming cleansers I can use regularly without skin flaking, though Hada Labo products generally work well with my skin!

    • Oh good to know that you like it then! I think Hada Labo is one of the few brands that works for most skin types if not all. 🙂

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