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Berlin Travel Diary – Potsdam | Day 2

It feels weird to be writing about Germany when I have just come back from Hong Kong. The timeline is therefore not right but oh well, you live you learn, and now I am paying a price for writing an experience that’s no longer as fresh in my mind but still a wonderful memory, so here goes!

If you missed my first segment, then you can catch up on it here.

In my previous post, I mentioned that we had bought multiple day travel passes for the tube and trains known as the U-Bahn and S-Bahn. These travel passes, which can be bought directly at the airport, are called Berlin WelcomeCard and comes with a free booklet to help you navigate around Berlin. From there, that’s how we knew to come to Potsdam.

Potsdam is not central Berlin at all – no, you really have to travel away from Berlin to see some amazing scenic views. In fact, Potsdam is considered another city. I don’t think it took a full hour in total to reach but close enough. At first, we were going to skip Potsdam because we thought it was too far since it seemed to be off the (tube) map, but turns out it was right in the corner – the last stop in fact.

I don’t remember too much but I believe we stopped at Alexanderplatz, in order to change lines to reach Potsdam Hauptbahnhof (Potsdam Hbf for short) For the latter stop, you need to take the Regional trains (shortened to RE). We were confused so we asked a kind passerby who showed us the way!


How the train station looks when you are looking to take a Regional train, similar to that of London actually but much newer.

The trains are super cool – unfortunately I didn’t take a picture but essentially, it’s a double-decker train and very well-designed, as expected with Germany. 🙂

Once you arrive in Potsdam, you are bound to be greeted by tour guides inside the station looking to sell some tour bus tickets to you! Take to the offer since you will need the transport to get to different stops of Potsdam to explore. The bus stops should then be located outside.

There were 9 stops in total for the tour bus that we took. We probably only explored about 5 of them since we were disinterested in a few and just had limited time in general considering that the tour bus stops serving at a certain time (before 5pm?). You’ll need to remember where you stopped at or at least recognise the sign for the tour bus that you decide to attend for that day.

🔺 Glienicke Bridge which connects Berlin to Potsdam (Apparently it was used to exchange spies during the Cold War?!)

(Forgive me if I don’t manage to list out all the locations!)


The clouds look very wispy but in actual fact, the tour bus’ window had marks all over it! We were going over a bridge whilst I took this picture.

🔺 Neuer Garten


Such a beautiful garden park! You will be spoilt with greenery when you go to explore Berlin and its surroundings which is quite a surprising treat for a big city.


If you walk around the garden, you will be able to find other pathways that lead you to other buildings/areas.


It’s not me if I don’t take a picture of the sky! I typically do this especially if I’m in a different country. I don’t exactly know why either but I started doing this about 2/3 years ago.

🔺 The Marble Palace (Marmorpalais)






Someone’s garden! There is some real gardening inspiration here!


Again, someone else’s garden. Is this considered trespassing? Sorry, was too pretty to not take a picture!


This is someone’s house! In Potsdam! I don’t know exactly where we walked but it’s not far from Alexandrowka.


I’m not actually sure if this is private property but it’s certainly a special house! 🏡

🔺 Alexandrowka (Russian Colony)




Some more garden inspiration? I quite like this quirky junkyard type style. Not so fond of the doll on the balcony though.


Up to this point, I hadn’t shown you any authentic German cuisine. We arrived at the stop for Sanssouci Park and found it the perfect time to get some lunch. If I remember correctly – before you officially enter the park, there’s a path on the right that leads you to a single-story restaurant.


We ordered 3 different meals to try and share between the three of us: A homemade meatball dish, a chicken skewer salad and of course, the infamous currywurst! All was very yummy and just right. Not overly rich or sickly, but just good, homely food.

After lunch, we went back out to properly explore this ‘park’. It is a very large area with historic buildings on the left and right. There is even a university campus situated here!


I’m unsure of the name of this building so any help would be appreciated.

Thanks to Stashy, she found out the building to be The New Palace University just through an image-search! 😮 (I often forget that there is this feature…)


🔺 New Palace (Neues Palais), located in Sanssouci Park


Probably the prettiest building we saw on that day? I really think this design (green at the top with the gold ‘crown’) was the royal signature back then. You will need to buy tickets to enter which is located in the building across from it (there will be signs for this).


This technically isn’t New Palace, but it’s next to it and I can’t be too bothered with the order of the photos.


This is my eldest brother! It was my idea for him to pose inside this thing. It’s perfect, right? 😅


Detail shot. I love the  statues on top – they really make the building and give it that extra grandeur effect.


Just as well that it was a blue skies kinda day to go to Potsdam and take this picture! (It was quite gloomy the following days in Berlin.)

🔺 Brandenburg Gate (there is another Brandenburg Gate in Berlin but not a copy)



My mum being cute as always. Those trainers she’s wearing – we bought them at a TK Maxx by Alexanderplatz because she actually wore her previous shoes to death and broke them as a result, in Berlin. 😂


🔺 St. Nicholas’ Church


Not quite as stunning and grand as the churches in Rome but those really are on another level. However, I like this stripped back version.





From here onwards, we walked back to the main train station since it wasn’t too far at this point. For sure, I’d recommend Potsdam if you want a taste of some non-city exploration. 🙂

I’m officially back from Hong Kong since Sunday morning! It snowed a couple of days ago in the UK but luckily we managed to escape that and had no delays via plane or coach which was our fear. As it happens, I have lots of things to write about including travel stories, hauls and tips. I’ve yet to organise this but needless to say, I’m feeling fresh for ideas. How have you all been doing? I hope I didn’t miss too much! 😝🙈

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  1. How lovely, I had no idea that there were such extensive gardens to see. Haha! Love the mom-shoe story, totally a mom thing to do 🙂 Beautiful photos!

    • Thanks! I just updated it with 3 new photos which are garden-related because for some reason, they got deleted or maybe I accidentally deleted them – who knows. Haha, totally a mom thing to do. 😉

  2. I love your travel posts. My sister asked me today if I want to go to Berlin. The doll on the balcony in that garden is kind of scary. Definitely not my cup of tea, but the photos in this post are beautiful. And it’s really good you got back from Hong Kong ok with no plane issues.

  3. these pictures are beautiful! the scratches on the tour bus window made for a pretty cool shot & I totally feel ya on sky pictures. clouds are so pretty! great post 🙂

  4. Oh my god, how amazing is the architecture? What stunning buildings! (Totally agree with you though; that doll is nightmare inducing). Looking forwards to hearing about Hong Kong!x

  5. Wow love all your pictures! The quality is amazing, you took great shots 👌🏼 I can’t wait to read your Hong Kong travel dairy x

    • Oh, well done for finding the building name, you’re the best! 😘 I often forget that you can do an image search nowadays. I did have a feeling it was a university or some academy but was still pressed for what the full name of the building was, so thanks! Will change the info now!

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