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The Beauty Clean-Up #9 (empties)

This is starting to really feel like a series now, eh? I’ve made it a bit of a habit to look at my old empties which comes in so handy because I actually forget what I’ve used before or what I really liked/disliked. You see…it’s like my personal notebook on digital space. I’m the type of person who reads my own blog post even after I’ve long posted it…does anyone else do this? 😳 (I know it seems a bit narcissistic but I think it’s so important to like your work even if it’s not actually your job!)

This time next week, I’ll have arrived in Hong Kong but since my box was getting so full and I wanted to clean before I go, I thought it was the perfect time to curate another one of these posts before I do the whole throw-out. 🙂



+ Would repurchase
– Will not bother again
= Neutral/Indifferent

=/= TONYMOLY I’m Real Sheet Masks in ‘Rice’ and ‘Broccoli’
+/= Nature Republic Real Nature Sheet Masks
in ‘Royal Jelly’ and ‘Shea Butter’
Mizon Enjoy Vital-Up Time Calming Mask

+ Superdrug Vitamin E Facial Scrub
+ Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser
Superdrug Vitamin E Hydrating Mist
+ Simple Soothing Toner
+ Witch Cleansing Lotion
(can’t find a link, I hope they haven’t discontinued it!!)
+ The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5
+ The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%
+ Hada Labo Perfect Cream
(as part of a set)

+ Nivea Soft Bath Cream x 2
+ LUSH Oaty Creamy Dreamy Shower Cream
+ L’Oreal Extraordinary Oils Shampoo
= Trevor Sorbie Salt Texture Spray
+ Cien Make-Up Pads
+ Konjac Baby Bath Sponge
+ Wilkinson Sword Intuition Ultra Moisture Blades

Sheet Masks


If you have been following me for some time, then you will have heard me talking about these k-beauty sheet masks here. I won’t talk about them in this post to avoid repetition but let’s just say only one of the five masks I really liked , and one was just an all-round bad experience (and turned out to be expired which I later found out). Oops.

I’m actually running extremely low on sheet masks so any particular recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

General Skincare

Essentially, a lot of my current (or not-so-current-anymore) skincare products were coming to an end. I always think about making a skincare routine post but it really changes a lot and is never that concrete although I do have products I always go back to. I guess this is where Instagram comes in handy. When the time is right, I will put my skincare routine on Instagram Stories and highlight it! But for now, this photograph is the closest to my once current skincare routine:


Note: Obviously I don’t use 3 toners in one routine! They were in rotation. 🙂


+ Superdrug Vitamin E Facial Scrub:

I wanted to try more of this line since I have used the moisturiser before a few years back (and loved it). This line is formulated for dry to normal skin and whilst I have combo/oily, I really love some of the products!

After my first application with the facial scrub, I noticed just how soft my skin was. The granules in this are walnut shells which am sure some skincare gurus will be cursing at; because apparently these irregular shaped granules can pierce your skin’s capillaries, therefore damaging the surface. Irregular shapes mean it doesn’t roll smooth on the skin but honestly, I think that’s quite an exaggeration. My skin has most definitely not been damaged (by this product) and I actually think it’s very gentle for a scrub! If you have trouble finding a scrub that’s not abrasive, I definitely think this is worth a shot.

+ Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser:

Now, I bought this particular one because of good reviews and well…I’ve never actually tried a ‘hot cloth cleanser’. It comes with a muslin cloth with an okay quality so if you have very sensitive skin, it’s probably best that you stick to your better quality cloths. Personally, I ditched the cloth after a week or two – they’re just not my thing.

Again, I loved this! It’s very creamy and enjoyable to use. It’s not particularly foaming but because of its creaminess, there is this softening effect as if you’re massaging bounce back into your skin. My skin actually feels soft and moisturised after using this but also bare and clean. It impressed me so much last year that I’d dare say it’s in my top 5 for cleansers. Will definitely repurchase!

Superdrug Vitamin E Hydrating Mist:

Unfortunately a miss! It would really be too good to be true for an entire line to be amazing and this illustrates that.

The whole experience was just not there. It wasn’t awful but I didn’t once, feel a certain way where I thought this was a reasonably good product. If anything, I thought it was mediocre and underwhelming. I didn’t feel that it added anything to my skin or that it felt particularly soothing and as proof, it instead dried out one of my eyelids!: 😮


I tested the mist on and off and each time, within two or three days it’d give me a dry eyelid!

As a result, I didn’t finish the product and decided the bin was the best place for it. Surprisingly, I managed to use half of it.

+ Simple Soothing Toner:

All-time favourite toner! Will repurchase again and again. It is what is says. 😛

+ Witch Cleansing Lotion:

If teenage me had discovered this, I think I’d have been really happy. Unfortunately, I only discovered the toners that reeked a bit of alcohol and stung my skin but this is a much milder version of that. I felt that this really cleaned up any excess oil I had whilst keeping my blemishes at bay. It’s also quite soothing and didn’t dry out my skin. For those with blemished and oily skin, might I suggest you consider this? (That is, if it’s not discontinued.)

+ The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5:

[See: 6 Months After Using More The Ordinary Skincare] I can’t remember if this is my 2nd bottle finished, or 3rd, but point being, it’s a great product that I’d purchase again and again. It’s easy to add into my routine and absorbs in good time for my next step in skincare. Hyaluronic acid is quite a staple for me because I could always do with balance and hydration!

+ The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%:

[See: as above] Again, I can’t remember if this is my 2nd or 3rd bottle finished. My skin is at its most clearest and blemish-free when I use this. It’s actually hydrating too which is a bonus since not many blemish-type products feel that way. I’m off The Ordinary wagon for a bit at the moment, but for sure, this is fast becoming a staple and all-time favourite!

+ Hada Labo Perfect Cream:

Isn’t the packaging cute? It’s actually as part of a Mickey and Minnie special edition set but contents are the same. 🙂

I don’t have any prior information of this product to go by since it doesn’t seem popular or highly stocked. First impressions were how it’s a gel and not a cream which I found quite funny, but as someone who’s combo/oily, I didn’t mind! The label states that this can be used as a sleeping mask and I agree! It’s very hydrating and I just find that this plumps my skin again when it’s feeling dull and dehydrated. I’d consider getting the full version if I can find it!

Bath, Body, Hair & Misc.

+ Nivea Soft Bath Cream x 2

I might have talked about these last Empties? I definitely remember talking about them in a Favourites post. Anyhow, these were very cheap in Home Bargains for the amount you get but it’s a great formula. It’s a softening-type foam and the smell is neutral enough that you smell nice but it’s not invasive or OTT.

+ LUSH Oaty Creamy Dreamy Shower Cream

I might have said before how I’m not a fancy person when it comes to my shower routine. I mostly use drugstore and it suits me just fine. The SA pointed me to this shower cream when I talked about my eczema/psoriasis troubles and since I love Dream Cream already, this seemed like the perfect accompaniment since it’s oaty too. I didn’t need a lot of this and found that I could cover a large area.  I mostly concentrated on my patchy areas but for sure, it’s calming. There’s also a lovely, creamy lather to this too. 🙂

+ L’Oreal Extraordinary Oils Shampoo

Seeing a pattern yet? This has also been featured in my Favourites before. 😂 I may be very low maintenance with my hair but when I choose my shampoo, I’m very careful and attentive. I love this shampoo! It moisturises my hair really well whilst still cleaning it. Some shampoos really dry my scalp out but I found this formula balanced my scalp and just always made it feel comfortable.

= Trevor Sorbie Salt Texture Spray

I think I bought this just to be a bit more fancier with my hair but I never really used it that much. I’m chucking it out since it’s just sitting here collecting dust and I know I won’t use it. (It’s probably also expired too.) It’s a reasonably good product actually but I believe, not for my hair type since I don’t have beach-wave hair.

+ Cien Make-Up Pads


+ Konjac Baby Bath Sponge

I bought this because for one, I really liked the size and although it’s marketed for babies, I thought it’d be good for delicate skin and I wasn’t wrong. In the photograph, you can’t see it because it’s all dried up but I used it to the point that there was a massive tear in the middle! The sponge was much loved…I found it to be a great accompaniment to my shower creams, doing just a bit more work without going ham on your skin.

+ Wilkinson Sword Intuition Ultra Moisture Blades

Last one! I finally finished these 3 pack razor blades! Funny story, I actually got IDed for these at checkout… They are essentially 5-layer blades entrapped within a soap bar to make the experience less drying and therefore more smooth. The soap really helps with the blade gliding better in advance. I generally prefer waxing however, I like using these when I’m feeling a bit lazy and have time restraints.

…and that is my Empties post finished! Time to throw everything out. 😝


A total of 21 products have been cleaned up! I really feel that I fulfilled my beauty goal from last year, which was to use up what I already have to reduce the queue of products. I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily a hoarder but I definitely see a lot of free space now which is optimistic. 🙂 The timing couldn’t have been more perfect…when I said “optimistic”, I partly meant that it’s a great time to shop big in Hong Kong, ha!

See you all soon!

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  1. Great empties post!
    Oh my gosh, I can’t believe how drying that Superdrug face mist is! That’s terrible.
    The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinimide are on my to-buy list. I’ve heard the Niacinimide is quite sticky, though?
    How often do you use face masks? Those are the one thing in my skincare routine that I always end up neglecting!

    • I tried to give the face mist the benefit of the doubt but it was not having it. 😂Also for a ‘mist’, I thought the spray was too heavy to be considered a mist.

      A lot of people seem to say that about the Niacinamide but I actually think vice versa! I find the Hyaluronic Acid the one that’s *slightly* sticky – but it’s not tacky or anything, totally easy to use. If anything, I find the Niacinamide hydrating and quite fluid? They’re worth a shot I think since they’re cheap.

      Ha, I don’t really have a set routine for masking, especially now that it’s still COLD, I’ve been particularly lazy these two weeks. Some weeks I don’t mask at all and other weeks I mask 2/3x. I try to mask at least 1x a week, but half the time, it never happens. 😂 I did mask last night though because my skin was so dehydrated and dry from the weather!

      As always, thanks for reading. 🙂

      • Awesome, thanks for your insight on the Niacinimide! I’ve been reading reviews of the one from The Ordinary vs Glossier, and people say the one from Glossier is less sticky. However, it’s something like $28 and I’m not sure the difference in texture is enough for more to fork out an extra $20+. But now I can’t decide if my skin even needs Niacinimide…haha.

        Masking while it’s cold is the worst! The second you lay that cold mask on your face is a shock to the system!

      • What is your skin like?

        I think either way, the one from The Ordinary is so affordable that even if it doesn’t work out, you wouldn’t have wasted much money at all. If you do get it, I hope it works out for you!

        Oh that’s exactly why I’ve been lazy with masking!

      • Dry skin, a little hyperpigmentation and uneven texture. Those are the three main skin concerns. It feels like Niacinimide might be more suitable for oily skin or blemishes?

      • I would say so, yeah – however, one of my good friends has dry skin and really likes the Niacinamide. It’s a hydrating formula so I don’t feel it’d work against dry skin. Speaking of, you just made me realise that The Ordinary don’t really suggest skin types in any of their products which is kind of nice. I found the Retinol really helped with my uneven texture so maybe you can look into that?

      • I’m currently using a retinol right now! I don’t think I’ve used it long enough to see results yet, so we’ll see. It was expensive, so I’m hoping that it works haha.

  2. Yes, empties definitely helped me to keep track of what I’ve tried before and how I liked them. I’ve tried so many things it’s difficult to keep a track of!
    I TOTALLY READ MY OLD POSTS! I don’t think it’s narcissistic, I think it’s part of growth – sometimes when I reread old posts, I get ideas for new topics.

    Oh man – what a reaction to the Superdrug Vitamin E Hydrating Mist. I wonder what ingredient in that dried you out so terribly?

    My next purchases at Deciem will definitely be the The Ordinary HA + B5 and Niacinamide. Thanks to you! I’ve got a list on my phone. 😉

    I’m thinking of finally trying some Hada Labo skincare items for hydration. I probably should have picked them up in Japan but I didn’t want too many liquid items to carry back.

    So jealous of your upcoming trip! 😀 Enjoy! ❤

    • That’s true – I’m always able to spot an area I can write about a bit more when I reread posts or decide that actually, I could branch out from another root. 💡

      I think I was just as surprised as all of you about my eyelid reaction! I had not known dryness/flakiness like it and as such, had to avoid any eye makeup for a couple of days. I didn’t look at the ingredients list too closely or at least when I did skim-read it, nothing big popped out at me. But one of the selling points of this particular product is horse chestnut extract. I don’t really know what that means still…maybe I should do a google search?

      I definitely recommend Hada Labo! All the products that I have tried out from them so far, I really like because of the hydrating factor alone. They’re also pretty easy to incorporate into a routine which seems to be something I really look for nowadays. I haven’t tried out a cleanser from HL though so hoping maybe I can grab one in HK. 🙂

      Hehe, I’m sure I’ll be able to update on IG when I get a chance. ❤

  3. The eyelid dryness is so bizarre, I have never seen anything like that! My interest is always peaked by Vitamin E skincare lines so I am always on the lookout for reviews on them.

    • Haha, you’re telling me! I had never known such flakiness in my life until it happened. Eye cream didn’t help whatsoever – I just had to discontinue the product altogether. It would get quite sore, and the skin would become thick?? Or it’d get super dry and flaky as shown in the picture. The only other time that my eyelids would get a tiny bit of a reaction is from certain eyeshadows but never THIS bad.

      I think the other Vitamin E products are worth a try but not this mist for sure, lol.

      • I only glanced at the ingredient list for the mist on CosDNA, there does appear to be alcohol decant if you felt like it dried out your eyelids. Otherwise Vitamin E is supposed to help refine skin texture, maybe it just had a really bizarre reaction on your skin? Either way, completely discontinuing was definitely the right choice!

      • You do your research well! I have used products with alcohol denat before and never had a reaction like this before. Maybe because the concentration levels/% are different plus the other ingredients would effect it too, right? I’ll have to go on cosDNA to have a look!

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