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A Handful of K-Beauty Masks

A few months ago, I hauled quite a lot of beauty products which included a total of five sheet mask singles hence the title. Today, I am back to give you my mini reviews of them. I was going to call them first impressions but to be honest, I think my opinions will be a little too descriptive to call it that. Also, in my experience, I have never had a differing opinion from the first, when I tried the same sheet mask again.

If in the future, I come across more K-beauty sheet mask singles, then I will make this into a reoccurring series. 🙂

Let’s begin, shall we?


TONYMOLY I’m Real Sheet Masks in ‘Rice’:

This is technically not my first time trying out Tonymoly masks, but it is my first time trying one from the I’m Real line. The fit for me was generally good as are the hole placements; however, the area between the nose and lips is too wide therefore covering up most of my upper-lip! There are slits too that are designed deep enough to allow shaping around the face which I liked.

The scent is clean, with a fresh, citrusy undertone which I am not mad about – I love citrusy scents! The main problem is that I felt it dried up quite quick before the half-hour mark. (Or perhaps it wasn’t juicy enough?) I did however somewhat enjoy the experience as it was cooling on the skin. After masking, my face was left slightly sticky from the serum, but not tacky. Skin felt moderately nicer in the morning so for me, it’s quite standard. Rating: 3/5

in ‘Broccoli’:

(Fit is as described above)

This was the first out of the 5 that I tried out. Again, I felt that it dried up quite quickly (so it seems that it’s not a fluke*). It is necessary to state that the packaging recommends a masking time of 20-30 minutes, and I can tell you that the mask is not wet enough for a full half-hour treatment. I was a bit disappointed by this since I prefer a juicier mask, although please note, not a dripping one! 😛

Overall, I actually felt that the mask wasn’t moisturising enough nor were there any lasting effects into the next morning. It’s a shame because the cotton is of very good quality. You might even be wondering if there is a funky broccoli/green smell to this and I can report back that it’s a very mild, almost-floral scent.  Rating: 2/5

*The sheet masks drying up quickly may not apply to the whole range – just a few. I have yet to try more from this line!

Nature Republic Real Nature Sheet Masks in ‘Royal Jelly’:

First impression out from the packet is that it’s ridiculously wide and that there is no way a person can have such a wide/large facial area. I don’t consider myself to have a small/slim face so I think it will throw a lot of people in that category off. I can imagine that the size would be too big for most women so as far as sizes go, the sheet mask fit is not universally appealing. With my face size (average?), once I lay it on and shape it around my face, it’s honestly not that bad (on me). Sure, it’s certainly the widest mask I’ve encountered, but it really reaches those areas that sheet masks don’t normally reach (jawline/under the chin and the far-sides of the face). Once I shape and fold the mask, it stays-put on my face rather well so that’s definitely a plus.

Out of the 5, I enjoyed this mask the most that I think it may be my favourite. I would say it’s more suitable for drier skin types but as someone with combo/oily skin, I feel that I can get away with using this in the winter. It has a light honey scent that is completely inoffensive – not overly sweet or horribly artificial, just lovely. It felt hydrating the entire time (half hour) and the next day I noticed just how smooth and back-to-life my skin was! Rating: 4/5

in ‘Shea Butter’:

(Fit is as described above)

Contrary to Royal Jelly, I didn’t enjoy this one as much. It has a clean scent – it smells like shower cream/soap. Actually, the more that I think about it, it reminds me of the Nivea shower creams and the Dove soap bars. 😝 I find it pleasant to smell and inoffensive.

The serum is milkier in consistency and colour but I did not find that it was more hydrating or that there was any ‘wow’ factor. Instead, I thought it was a pretty standard face mask. I did not feel there were any effects that lasted until the next day – at least nothing that I can notice by eye. Rating: 3/5

Mizon Enjoy Vital-Up Time Calming Mask:

Out of the bunch, I was most looking forward to trying this one however the experience was quite the opposite – I really hated it. This has never happened before with a sheet mask. Just thinking about it now leads me to re-live the experience in my head and already, I am hating (and cursing) again.

Where do I begin?

Essentially, it is the perfume scent above everything else that threw me off. Am not sure I even had the mask on for 10 minutes – it was that bad. For that reason, I cannot comment on whether or not it had any skincare benefits on my skin; though to be honest, I wouldn’t care because the scent alone is a big deal-breaker. However, I still feel obliged to explain my experience.

Initially, when I smelt it from the packet, I thought it smelt quite nice but as soon as I put it on – completely different story. Immediately, I could almost feel the scent go up my nose and not lightly either. I couldn’t tell you if it smelt of propolis or what it even smelt like but just imagine a scent disrupted by a lot of fumes. It was existent the entire time that I was masking. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I had the biggest headache of my life. (I am actually not exaggerating or joking.) Please avoid this product. Rating: 0/5

Edit: I just realised (since I have kept all the sachets for an upcoming Empties post), that this mask was already about 2 months expired when I came to use it. Oops!! 😨😑😳

Hope you enjoyed this post! It was a very mixed bag but at least I can say I tried them – for sure, I will not be returning to that Mizon mask! 😂 What are some of your favourite sheet masks? 

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  1. Nadya Irsalina says

    nice post! tbh, ur post makes me curious to try that Mizon Enjoy Vital-Up Time Calming Mask. I wanna know how bad it is that you gave a very poor rating.

    • I did consider giving it a 1/5 but I didn’t want to sugarcoat it nor did I feel it was worthy of a mark in my eyes. I think part of sheet masking is the experience – giving you a peace of mind before it relaxes your skin. It never gave me a peace of mind (actually just a big headache) and so there is virtually nothing to enjoy from the mask for me, unfortunately.

      The mask is actually rated well online. I checked a lot of websites and there are lots of 4s and 5s floating around so who knows, maybe I got a dud? Thanks for reading!

    • Have you ever had this type of experience? (with sheet masks.) It was not pleasant at all and probably one of my worse skincare encounters ever. Don’t suppose you’ve tried Mizon before, have you?

      • I have really sensitive eyes, but they definitely water if anything is too fragranced on my face! I have only tried two Mizon products, one was a gel & the other was an AHA serum. Both were pretty lackluster, though the gel used to be a cult classic.

  2. Glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t found the TonyMoly I’m Real masks to be stellar. My favourite of those that I’ve tried so far is the Avocado Nutrition one – have you tried that one?
    But oh man! What a huge disappointment with the Mizon mask! Just goes to show how a scent can derail the whole experience. I guess expiry dates do matter. It’s like that time I tried a clay mask that I suspected was expired because it smelled like rotten fruit. 😮
    The worst mask experience I ever had was that Boscia black charcoal peel off mask – the fumes off that mask burned my eyes, and the peeling was so painful that my skin got hives! Just awful.

    • Did they dry out quite quickly for you too? It’s a shame because the cotton is a nice material and from what I can understand on the packet, it’s a 3 layer cotton or something? Nope! Haven’t tried the Avocado one, these are the only two that I have tried but I will buy more if I happen to still see them in TK Maxx. (Lesson learnt: Check the expiry dates before I buy!)
      Not that I would wish this type of experience on anyone but so glad someone shares my experience and exact feelings! 😨😭The expiry date definitely explains it although not sure I’d bother to try it again freshly lol. XD I was just so baffled by all the good reviews online and how mine was so bad!
      I’ve never had a mask experience where it burned my eyes but can’t imagine it to be pleasant.

  3. Ugh, so sorry about the Mizon mask. I wonder if it’s just like that or if the scent is largely due to it being expired. I didn’t even realize that face masks expire if unopened?! Going to check all my face masks now…
    The TonyMoly Rice sheet mask sounds lovely. It’s too bad that it was just meh. The Nature Republic Royal Jelly one is piquing my interest, though!

    • At this point, I would say that the expiration had a huge influence on how bad it smelt. There are quite a lot of positive reviews online by users (4/5 stars) that I think it can’t have smelt this bad. When I bought it from TK Maxx, it must have been expiring/expired so lesson learnt: check before you buy!
      I was quite looking forward to the TonyMoly Rice mask too but it’s just really average. I would rather recommend the My Beauty Diary Rice ones! They are much more hydrating. Definitely give the Nature Republic Royal Jelly a try though if you ever get the chance. 🙂

  4. I’m always reluctant to try face masks because of possible irritation, which is why I make my own. Still, great review and this lets me know what to stay away from or buy, so thank you for taking the time to review. Very helpful. 🙂

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