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Why Blogging Will Always Have a Place Above YouTube

In truth, I have watched YouTube longer than I have been reading blogs and occupying my own combined. However my disinterest in YouTube (with the exception of things like music videos, trailers, snippets of TV talk shows which I guess, technically don’t count) has been growing by the day. If anything, 2017 YouTube was quite the step backwards, at least for me – the shadiness, the slander, the multiple copies…I really could go on. Gone are those days of 2004/05 funny videos (actual funny content) that we could share. Gone are those days of 2008/09 how-to/beauty videos that was simple with no unnecessary drama. Unfiltered, minimal editing (but still effective) with a relatable attitude. Nowadays, I find myself not being able to relate. Is it just me?

If you know the YouTube drama that started 2018, then you know. If you don’t know, then maybe do some research (it won’t be hard to find, it really went global and there are response videos all over YouTube too). Apparently there has been other drama too in the beauty community which honestly, I do not partake or pay enough attention to because YouTube has long ran off my radar. I will say though – that it has funnily motivated me to be a better creator in terms of my blog. And then I started to think how maybe blogging has always quietly won against YouTube. Yes, I really think so.

Do you want to know my reasons? Read on.


There’s no ‘extra’  behaviour, no gimmicks

I get that there are dual personalities from when you’re on-screen to off-screen; and that quite possibly, you project a more outgoing self when the camera’s on record, but the difference between the two for certain YouTubers can be ridiculous and dishonest. There are also other YouTubers who exert that extra behaviour all day, everyday regardless however I actually hate it and find it disconcerting. The words self entitlement come into mind because genuinely, I cannot think of another reason for why a human being would act this way; and yet, this behaviour is praised and encouraged more by a small, but still large, population. “Slay”, they say.

I realise that by extra behaviour, it could mean different things so my take is when the tone of voice is changed to be extra bitchy, sarcastic, above you. You can’t help but think that there is that fake undertone that tries so hard to be funny and heard. In particular, small things are made into a drama for effect, because why not? Fortunately, blogging is as real as it gets. I have never come across a fake blog, just many genuine ones where you really get to read the mind of how one thinks and how they really are. You can’t fake that sort of thing! 🙂

Many youtubers show (and very showy they can become…) but they never really tell the viewer the point, the overall verdict. And before you know it, the video ends with a lack of substance. I barely feel this way when I read a blog post.

There’s no cliques, everyone is an equal

In the time that I have been blogging, reading posts and reading comments whether my own or others, I must say that I have not come across negative comments, unnecessary slander, trolling or spam comments. I have never been made to feel small or unworthy. A lot of comments I read are genuine (these should be easy to spot) and stay in context with the topic that’s been brought up. Anyone on WordPress knows how great the in-built plugin is in particular, in spotting spam comments and binning them automatically so you don’t have to!

YouTube on the other hand, has a sea of comments that consist of all the above mentioned. The judgement is real and there are some really mean comments with no context or reasoning…they are just plain mean. Perhaps it reflects the community that the corresponding YouTuber has built? It is hard to say – there is no obvious correlation but I do find a much more positive YT community under the youtubers who are raw, honest and classy.

It’s always easier to refer back to

I still watch some videos, but it can be quite difficult to reference back to something compared to if it was just text. Also depending on the editing and video description, getting particular product information for example, sometimes isn’t that straightforward.  You watch the video and let’s say they don’t list the product name in the corner. You have to stroll down, open the description box and stroll some more. In some cases, you might refer back to the video again to double-check and honestly, it gets tedious! Of course, this depends on the YouTuber entirely, and how well they organise their video and the tags. Even then, it is still half a battle to fight in finding information you once viewed.

From time to time, I actually search on my own website because believe it or not, I don’t remember everything. 😛 I check if I’ve featured a certain product before or maybe I just want to look at my own Empties post. The search bar on blogs are very user-friendly,  and at the beginning of many posts, I always know what products will be talked about as opposed to the general YouTube format. I can also count on the handy cmd+f/ctrl+f keys too if I want to refer to a specific part which is hard to do on YouTube.

More healthier, less toxic environment

Internet trolls have long existed but I’m not necessarily talking about them. I’m talking about the people who are likely to view your content and the people you have an influence over. Young people are very impressionable and the YouTube today is so, so different to the one I grew up with from the beginning. It is disheartening to see fans defend their YT “idols” even when they have done very wrong. It is one thing supporting someone, but morals should not be ignored. Unfortunately, it is the YouTube brainwash from the toxicity of the environment that just seems to blur people’s perception, not widen. Likewise, those who vlog on the daily lose track of reality (ironic much?) in favour of entertainment – “content” (not every vlogger but enough, to call it a problem).

Since I have started blogging, I have noticed how incredibly important it is to my wellbeing. Being conscious of my thoughts, my actions, just my simple being. These things are enabled through my writing with no facade or barrier (except for maybe myself, if I stop myself from writing freely). There is a strange discipline when you write. You are in silence. You are alone. But you come to respect these elements that can be spoken ill of, considered “boring”. You learn to empty your mind rather than fill it. And you start writing for you, to tell your story. It is your truest self. 🙂


What do you think? Is it a valid argument? I’d like to know your thoughts below! ⬇️ By all means, I still watch YouTube but nowhere near as much as I used to. I am more selective with what I watch now – if it is not adding anything to my life then I just click off it. Simple! 😉

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  1. I agree with your points. I think blogging is less outspoken than Youtubing (and I’m not outspoken which is why I prefer to blog!). I think what YouTube forgets is that it’s for everyone, including kids. Which means I think everyone on the Internet should at least attempt to be a decent role model (I’m not saying formalities all the time, and I know people’s target audiences are different, but for the odd kid in the mix). I feel it’s difficult to articulate my thoughts on the matter fully, but long story short I agree. X

    • That is true actually! YouTube is such a massive platform whereas blogging is still quite a niche. The people who are bloggers are genuine writers and hobbyists whereas those on YouTube can literally be anyone, so the pool for judgement is much larger. I agree, I think youtubers had not thought to be a role model before so they tend not to think far ahead enough. But I’m hoping this coming year, many will start thinking about it more.

      Thank you for reading! X

  2. Totally agree with these points you made. Sometimes I worry people see youtube as a ‘bigger and better’ platform than blogging sites. But I feel people are a lot more real on their blogs. PLUS I LOVE IT! Great post xx

    • Unfortunately, YouTube is the new TV now, especially for a lot of children growing up. Actually, you just reminded me that a few months ago, I read these comments on YT about how disappointed they were when they went to some YouTube event that cost them quite a bit of money but for very little outcome, and was marketed so strongly by their favourite youtuber! Of course, they wanted to meet them too, but it never happened, and needless to say, they never gave them the time of day. It was just very badly organised.

      Thanks for reading! X

  3. For me personally, YouTube has largely taken a HUGE backseat in terms of using it to actually get honest product reviews and/or tutorials. I do still use it for entertainment purposes, but I miss those days (like you said, back in 2008/2009 where girls just filmed themselves in their rooms talking honestly about a product they bought on their own. These days, the YouTube beauty community is filled with drama, fake (or at least comes off as fake) personalities, and not knowing who to trust for reviews. No thank you!

    In terms of blogging, I *do* think that there is drama surrounding bigger, more well known bloggers but I generally stay away from those as well as I feel like they are just an extension of YouTube “influencers”, haha. I’ve been so fortunate to meet a lot of wonderful people through blogging and have really enjoyed the blogging community as a whole – everyone is respectful, thoughtful, and you can tell their blogs are 100% a reflection of who they are!

    • I also forgot to mention that the whole YouTube drama at the beginning of the year scares me. That video had something like 6M views with mostly positive feedback before it went out into the general public, where it received criticism and was taken down. Growing up, we didn’t have YouTube as we know it today, so we didn’t have these random people to look up to, and it terrifies me that kids these days are watching and looking up to YouTubers who may or may not have a good moral compass. I know parents are supposed to control what their kids are watching, etc etc, but still. I would be heartbroken if my children watched that video and thought that there was nothing wrong with it.

      • I never got round to watching the video – I only saw snippets through other people’s response videos and that was more than enough for me to take. I did however see some of the other footage from the other vlogs that followed and they were disrespectful too. Am not one to swear or name-call, but what an obnoxious moron! I have to say – I did not know who the guy was prior to this incident. Apparently his brother is not great either. I don’t know – I’m just shaking my head at these people that kids are looking up to nowadays. And the worst thing is that some YTers always say “do what you want, do whatever you want”, which can be taken quite literally and is not a good thing to say, in my opinion.
        I guess, all we can do as adults is to just do better. Have the conversations, and teach good values that will ground a good moral compass. I hate to say this – especially as a non-parent, but I think parenting has gotten a little lazy because social media occupies children so much that they don’t have the conversations.

    • It irks me when they actually have to type out ‘honest’ in the video title. It makes people think otherwise and as a whole, just completely doubt everything that the youtuber has ever made. I tend to look up the reviews online before I go off and buy a product. I think the problem is that a lot of youtubers are no longer authentic shoppers and no longer represent any of us. So much of what they have are sent to them for free and the things that they do buy, they can afford regardless anyway so they no longer have that shopper mentality.

      I was probably a bit bias in my post, as I was obviously referring to you lovely lot! 😛 But I do think blogs are more genuine. I don’t read any of the blogs that youtubers occupy. I sometimes read more popular blogs but half the time, I don’t feel that they are any better than what I already read?

  4. I’ve been reading blogs longer than watching YT videos!
    For everything you’ve listed, that’s why I turn to YT purely to be entertained, NOT for product recommendations. I see YT as an unreliable source of information where I trust blogs a bit more (not blindly, but more)
    I feel that people watch YT for the personality, not for the products. Blogs can appear more “blank slate” since there isn’t the additional aspects of how your voice sounds, the way you look, the way you talk to distract from the content itself.
    Sadly, the trend IS toward YT rather than blogs, it’s the just the way people are consuming media. IG is even more prominent as well. People don’t want to read – they want to watch moving pictures and get little clips and soundbites.
    Also, we’re a bit biased since we’re bloggers, not YTers! 😉

    • I never thought as YouTube as an unreliable source of information, but you are most probably right. 😛 It is like the video version of wikipedia, haha.
      You have a point about the personality aspect. I know that some people I still watch, it’s for their personality more than anything. I have gotten bored of videos featuring products so I’ve started watching the more stripped back, talkative videos now.
      Haha, yes, I was definitely bias but only because you’re all so lovely! ❤

  5. I definitely have noticed that people in the blogging world are more open and honest, and seemingly more true to who they are, in blogs than on YouTube. The latter has turned into a popularity contest and it is very easy to make your content seen unless you fit into a very specific category of people. Thank you for sharing your thoughts – this was such a well written and honest post 🙂

    • Glad you agree! YouTube is definitely a popularity contest and with the market so saturated now, there’s not much authenticity left in it, sadly. Thanks for reading – appreciate it! 🙂 X

  6. Best blog post of the week! I just kept reading and thinking ok – you’re reading my thoughts. The beginning of Youtube and makeup videos, the editing was not always the best but there was a realness. And it was more practical and fun.
    Nowadays, people are so hyped over their own image. It seems so carbon copy. I think social-media has hugely affected YouTube – specifically Instagram. And because the market is now so saturated, people are going to any means possible to garner attention. Which means making the news as that awful guy did. Or doing bizarre acts like using a high heel to contour their face.
    I am sure not everyone is the same, but the videos can be tedious. Minutes of watching a girl showcase every angle of her makeup, then talk about how ‘fleek’ it is.
    It’s crazy the obsession people can have. I am glad I didn’t grow up with that and I wish ‘normal’ makeup could trend again. Thank you for this refreshing post. x

    • Oh, I cringe at those type of makeup videos where they pose, maybe pout a little, and show off every angle. I’d much rather they just did a before and after comparison shot side-by-side. Sadly, because youtubers are so hyped with their own image, it has transcended to the younger lot. The makeup tutorials nowadays are not very practical for everyday people who have little time and not to mention, a much smaller budget than these youtubers. But often, that is not taken in account because they are no longer authentic shoppers themselves.
      Instagram is definitely a huge factor. I think I joined IG in 2014, and YouTube was still relatively okay then. Completely different story today.

      Thanks for reading! X

  7. I agree with some of your points. It seems like these days, most YouTubers only create content to make more profit. I’ve come across so much click bait. Whereas with bloggers, you don’t see that. People blog about what they truly care about, not what will make more money. Bloggers just seem more authentic.

    I could go on but this was a great post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. x

    Valerie |

    • YouTubers are constantly trying to out-do themselves. Instead of letting the creativity flow and whatnot, a lot of content I feel, is forced, just because it’s the trend or subscribers have asked for it and “you should always listen to your subscribers”. It’s not very authentic this way.

      Thank you for stopping by and taking your time to read! X

  8. I agree with all these! Especially the less toxic one. Everyone on the blogging community has been nothing but supportive and I feel like everyone’s just supporting each other here instead of “competing” with each other.

    Glad to have found your blog! 🙂

  9. 100 TIMES YES. Personally, I feel like a certain personality type is pushed on youtube and, while it’s not an inherently bad one, I think a lot of people feel pressure to fake it – and overdo it. Honestly, I just feel like blogging is more personal and I definitely prefer that. Plus, as you said, the blogging community doesn’t seem to have any of that drama or that toxic undertone (thankfully) xx

  10. So much this! I feel like Youtube is getting a lot like Instagram, where is just feels less honest & genuine to me. A completely superficial point, but there are some Youtubers I jut can’t watch because of their energy or tone of voice because I find it so distracting, even if they have good content. It’s rare where I have stumbled across a blog where it seems like the author is being “extra” & I cannot read their content.

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