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Coffee Break: Get To Know Me More

Today I thought I’d do a different post as it’s truly been a while since I sat down and chatted to you all about…well, me. I’ve been posting a lot about beauty and skincare lately and whilst that’s very close to my heart, I want to start chatting about the more important things in life such as self-care, and in the broader spectrum of things, some political issues. I think that’ll be my next instalment for the blog in the new year, but for now, please grab a coffee break with me. 🙂

These are just some facts about me illustrated by some photos I’ve taken myself… I won’t be numbering anything but rather, just let my mind do its thing. Feel free to join in and make your own posts/comments? This isn’t dissimilar to the ‘100 Facts About Me’ tag etc. but there is less restraint I suppose.



  • If you couldn’t tell, I love taking pictures of coffee when I’m at a coffee house – even if it’s just a Starbucks or Costa. Even better if there is some coffee art!
  • And also if you couldn’t tell, I love a good chai latte. That is my choice 90% of the time but lately I’ve been into drinking mocha again. (That used to be my top favourite.)
  • Speaking of coffee, I used to not like drinking coffee as in filter coffee, espressos, cappuccinos…but university made me a convert and I’m sure this is the case for many people. 😛
  • I love writing cards. I’m the type of person who will write a long, heartfelt card or a short sweet message! I can’t just write ‘To ____’, ‘love from ____’ since it’s very unimaginative. I like to give someone a piece of my mind. 🙂
  • Subsequently, I wish the same from others but I know that is quite wishful-thinking so I’m happy to just receive the same from my closest pals.


  • I like taking artful pictures like this one: ⬆️. If I see inspiration to take a picture, I just take it. This one was taken in Berlin, Germany this September just gone.
  • You can say that photography is my latest of hobbies. I have a knack for editing photos too. If you want to see more of my visual journey, you can follow me on Instagram.
  • I’m a very creative person. I have previously learnt to crochet, knit, weave, screen print… I learnt to sew during university with zero knowledge about it and became a good, confident sewer after a year. After that – the possibilities were endless!
  • I’m thinking that my next creative endeavour is to learn some coding, particularly CSS! (Do you know any? Any help would be welcome!)
  • This is my friend’s dog Ruby, who I met in September when I went down to see her and her fiancé with another friend in Southampton. We had to put down our dog in January due to an unfortunate event, so meeting Ruby felt a bit surreal as she reminded me of her.
  • As it happens, I am definitely more of a dog person than I am a cat person. Actually, I don’t really like cats. Sorry.


  • I like taking pictures of the sky. I normally try to take one especially if I’m at a new destination. The above photo is in Rome, Italy. ⬆️
  • People always think I’m younger than I actually am – sometimes much too young. It’s not too bad though – I take it as a means of ageing well. 😉
  • But no seriously: Last Sunday, the bus driver was confused by my paying for an adult ticket because he thought that I could perfectly qualify for a child single. His direct word of advice was telling me how much a child single was *for next time* because clearly I had paid too much. It’s cool – it’s something to laugh about!

I think I’ll leave it here but feel free to check out my previous posts where you can get to know me more:

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The Other Mentions category is also a good place to start if you want to get a sense of who I am. 🙂 As always, thank you for reading.

Something a little different today! I’ll be brainstorming some new ideas to write about in the coming year, and I’m so excited to further expand the blog and share more ideas. Happy for change. And thankful that you decide to stick by.

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  1. I enjoy writing cards too, picking a perfect card is almost as important to me as the actual gift. I think it’s a dying art! I rarely receive cards in return but that’s OK! What a fun post ☺

    • I’m glad you agree! Hmm you’re right, it is a dying art but I think there will always be an occasion to write a card to somebody. I don’t think it will die out like sending postcards or handwritten letters. It’s always fun choosing cards whereas gift shopping is actually more stressful! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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