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A Beauty Haul + A Few First Impressions

I’ve been doing a whole lot of shopping lately; and this post doesn’t even cover everything that I’ve bought in the last month or so. In fact, I went shopping again on Sunday and bought some more beauty goodies. I’ve also invited a couple of new separates and outerwear into my wardrobe too but I’ll have to leave that for another post!

I know some of my readers and fellow bloggers participate in no-buy months/spending bans and whilst I don’t think I’m a self-professed shopaholic, I do haves waves of going wild and this is a perfect example of one of them. I imagine that I won’t be shopping like this again until February when I’m away to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year so there: that is my spending ban planned out! 😛

I’d say this haul is quite equal parts in both makeup and skincare – enjoy! 🙂


Featured in this post:

BarePRO Performance Wear Liquid Foundation SPF 20 (in shade ’12 Natural Warm’)
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel
TONYMOLY I’m Real Sheet Masks
in ‘Rice’ and ‘Broccoli’
Nature Republic Real Nature Sheet Masks
in ‘Royal Jelly’ and ‘Shea Butter’
Mizon Enjoy Vital-Up Time Calming Mask
NYX Micro Brow Pencil
in ‘Espresso’
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
in ‘Cannes’
NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks
in shades ‘Ruffle Trim’, ‘Bedtime Flirt’, ‘Push-Up’ and ‘Exotic’
Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Color
in ‘telluride’
The Creme Shop Natural Sea Sponge
(old item? can’t find any link online)
Essie Nail Lacquers (pictured below but not in group photo) in shades ‘Ladylike’, ‘Eternal Optimist’, ‘Chinchilly’ and ‘Sand Tropez’

New foundation: I was looking for a new foundation and I don’t know how but I stumbled upon the BarePRO Performance Wear Liquid Foundation SPF 20. Through reading the positive reviews, the part that really sold me was its apparent oil control and long-wear which I can now confirm – is true. I don’t want to say too much because I want to leave that for an upcoming review but for now, I can say it’s very good to the point of becoming my go-to. (Read my latest favourites where it’s also featured.)

I am in the shade ’12 Natural Warm’ which seems really high up in the scale for me. However, this spells good news for fair-light skin tones. Despite its name, my shade is described as a light-medium with neutral undertones. There are 30 shades in total which is great but I feel may still leave the deepest of skin tones, out.

New moisturiser: I have been meaning to try the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Line for a few months but never got round to it. Now that my moisturiser is running out, the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel seems like a good (and practical) place to start. I haven’t opened it yet but I really hope it’s worth the hype. Also – not to sound stingy but the price seemed quite steep to buy for a drugstore brand at £12.99 so I got this on half-price offer. Let me know your thoughts below if you have tried this!


The packaging of sheet masks are so aesthetically pleasing don’t you think?

New sheet masks to try out! I’ll have to review these eventually and report back to you. Maybe I’ll group them together as a multiple mask review? I only have singles of each so a long, detailed review definitely won’t be happening. Oh, and these were all from TK Maxx – amazing right?

TONYMOLY I’m Real Sheet MasksThese have been on my wishlist for a long time! With so many sheet masks in the market now, I always see these pop up in people’s posts and videos. I have tried TONYMOLY masks before and they are VERY good quality so I almost expect the same from this range. I got the masks in ‘Rice’ (for clear skin) and ‘Broccoli’ (for vitality).

Nature Republic Real Nature Sheet MasksI always see these on YesStyle whenever I’m shopping there but never bothered since I was on the mission of clearing my stash up a bit. I think I have room now to try these out soon. 😛  Like the TONYMOLY I’m Real range, there are many different flavours. I got these in ‘Shea Butter’ and ‘Royal Jelly’.

Mizon Enjoy Vital-Up Time Calming MaskI have never seen this particular mask before however I am aware of the brand, and have always wanted to try something from them. Sheet masks are the most cost-effective item to try from a brand short-term, don’t you think?


New brow product: Speaking of wishlists, the NYX Micro Brow Pencil was also on there for a good while before I decided that it was time. Many people spoke that it was a good cheap alternative for the Anastasia Beverley Hills version (although I haven’t tried that either). Unfortunately, my first impressions are less than mediocre. I tried it last week and the most ridiculous thing happened – 99% of the product had gone by the end of the night. Vanished? Slipped away? I really don’t know but I’ll have to follow-up on that. By the way, I got this in the shade ‘Espresso’.


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in ‘Cannes’ | NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks L-R: ‘Ruffle Trim’, ‘Push-up’, ‘Exotic’ and ‘Bedtime Flirt’

Note: I would suggest looking on NYX’s official website for the shades. The photograph doesn’t depict the actual colours of the lipsticks well.

New lip products to try out! More specifically, liquid lipsticks. Do you also want to know something else? I bought all these colours with my Boots points! 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in ‘Cannes’This is my third SMLC however I didn’t care for the first two I bought because I purchased the wrong colours for my skin tone. (‘London’ and ‘Stockholm’ if you’re wondering.) This is definitely a better colour choice! It’s not the best formula in terms of longevity but I’m willing to overlook this for the colour. It’s a very wearable, muted pink with mauve undertones – perfect for everyday.

NYX Lingerie Liquid LipsticksSo I went crazy and bought 4 colours… I never do this with any lip product. I think the most was when I bought 2 MAC lipsticks in one go but that was probably two years ago now. I spent my time choosing colours that I thought would suit my skin tone and I felt that I did well!

I purchased:

  • Ruffle Trim: Described as a ‘cinnamon pink’. Probably the most appropriate for everyday out of the bunch.
  • Push-Up: This is probably as light as I can go for lips; and surprisingly, this suits me! Described as a ‘brown spice pink’ which probably doesn’t sound light. Good for a warm eyeshadow look.
  • Exotic: Perfect if you’re going for a bold, autumn lip. Described as a ‘warm mahogany red’ – this one in particular wears very well!
  • Bedtime Flirt: Described as a ‘red toned pink’. It’s actually very similar to Push-Up but has a different undertone. 

Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Color swatches in shade ‘telluride’ | heavy swatch vs light swatch

New lipstick: This might actually be the oldest product in this haul, as I remember I bought this lipstick when I was looking for a new fall lipstick as Autumn was finally impending. (It had been quite warm up until the end of October in my opinion.) I tried 3 shades in total, all of which were applied by the SA. This shade in particular, ‘telluride’, was the one the SA recommended to me and said was very popular. I decided to bite the bullet and go for this because truth be told, I have nothing like it. (The other 2 shades were more pink-based but I have a lot of pink-based lipsticks already.)

I love everything about it! The packaging is really nice and sleek. It’s a matte casing for once that won’t get messy and better yet, you can see the colour reference on the outside although it’s darker than it really is. The formula itself is super nice. It is not drying at all, but quite balmy. Having said that, the colour pay-off isn’t compromised at all and can really be built up! The longevity is reasonably well too for a lipstick of its type.


New body sponge: Another buy from TK Maxx was this Natural Sea Sponge by The Creme Shop. I have never tried this brand before but since trying out konjac sponges last year, I have a thing for trying out different ones on the market. This doesn’t necessarily say it’s konjac though (which is important because it’s biodegradable) but I’m intrigued by its texture. Will report back if it’s any good!


Essie Nail Lacquers L-R: Ladylike, Eternal Optimist, Chinchilly, Sand Tropez

These aren’t included in the group photo because I completely forgot and only remembered about these directly after I had photographed, and packed up the setting! Nevertheless, I didn’t want to not include these as they have been my Autumn colour staples this season.

Essie Nail LacquersThese are my favourite nail colour formulas. I just find that they wear very well, and even when applying layer upon layer, the surface remains smooth and not gloopy or heavy. I find the brush really easy to control too. The colour generally lasts a good week for me, my longest being 10 days.

The colours I got are:

  • Ladylike: This is a very unique colour! It’s a good going-to-work, office-appropriate shade. It has mixes of purple, beige and gray in it so it can never be OTT but enough to look put-together. I’ve worn 1x so far and really like.
  • Eternal Optimist: It’s hard looking for a wearable pink that’s not too ‘baby’ or too ‘hot’. I look forward to wearing this muted pink!
  • Chinchilly: This is a really nice granite grey colour! It’s a few steps down from a charcoal grey that might be too dark, but this is neutral enough to pull off wearing everyday.
  • Sand Tropez: I picked this shade out randomly because the Essie shades were on a buy 1, get the 2nd half price offer and the 4th shade I wanted was out-of-stock (typical). Described as a ‘soft sandy beige’, it’s good when you just want good, clean nails.

I hope that this 2-in-1 blog post was successful for you? Or was I too ambitious since this is a long post after all… 😂 I will have to write up a fashion haul soon too. 

Please let me know below what you’ve bought new and tried out recently too!

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  1. I shop in waves too but having a monthly budget helps me limit how excessive some of those waves can get! 😛

    I hope you’ll like that Neutrogena moisturizer – I’ve been curious about that too. But yes, I agree that drugstore prices have creeped up quite a bit. It’s sometimes dificult to distinguish between drugstore and mid-end prices (and I fear that mid-end prices will start creeping up too – pushing all the price bands up!)

    Ooh I’m curious about that Mizon Calming Mask – never knew they offered sheet masks until now.

    And wow, so many lip products! The shade “Bedtime Flirt” looks right up my alley.

    I have all those Essie polishes except for Ladylike – I must get it!

    Shopping in Hong Kong will be so amazing! Last time I went there I had to buy another suitcase to haul all my stuff (clothes and beauty products) home with me!

    • I think Mizon are known for their snail products – or am I wrong? I look forward to trying it out – it’s absolutely great that k-beauty masks are more accessible to me now via TK Maxx!

      You must have quite the Essie polish collection then 😛 I wanted to get Merino Cool but it was out of stock! Was really bummed about that. Next time though. Are there any other shades that you particularly recommend?

      What I like to do whenever I go to Hong Kong is bring a relatively light suitcase. Why? So that I can haul heavy. 😂

      • Yup Mizon is known for their snail products! I tried the Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream (review here! ) 😉

        Yes I have a lot of Essies – it’s my favourite nail polish brand! I have Merino Cool, it’s a great mauve-y greige shade. Hmm it seems like you enjoy neutrals – here are some great ones from Essie: Demure Vixen, Jazz, Marshmallow, Mademoiselle, Perennial Chic, Sable Collar… Also, if you haven’t tried the Essie Gel Couture polishes, I highly recommend them! The formula is outstanding. 😀

  2. Oooh la la – what a great haul! I’m definitely looking forward to that foundation review….oil control and lasting finish? Sounds like a dream come true!

    Loving all of your makeup picks – and you’re going to Hong Kong? SUPER jealous, can’t wait to see posts about that too 😀 xx

  3. I would love for you to do a review on sheet masks because I have never really tried them. I love the Bobbi Brown lipstick and I love Essie nail varnish as well. They have the best choice of colours. This was a great post and you should definitely do a fashion haul one soon.

    • Noted! 🙂
      I have noticed that brands such as Simple and Garnier have started releasing sheet masks of their own too. Sheet masks used to be quite hard to get hold of here but I guess Korean beauty has really made a mark internationally.
      I only own this one Bobbi Brown lipstick – what others do you have/love?
      Thanks for stopping by! X

      • My favourite lipsticks are from Dior. I have quite a range of different brands, sometimes Mac, Bourjois and Estee Lauder.
        Korean beauty has really become international this year. I will have to try a mask soon. x

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