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Skincare I Took to Berlin

Happy Fall!

I’m so happy for this new season…are you? I’ve never openly expressed this before (I don’t think) but I would say it’s my favourite season. Summer is great for its long days which makes my photography game strong; but my skin hates it! Now that it’s fall again, my skin is a lot nicer. Behaving.

I’ve yet to share my experience of Berlin with you but first: skincare I took to Berlin. 

You can also check out this post if you haven’t already: 5 beauty products I took to Berlin.

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Featured in this post:

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Oil
Superdrug Vitamin E Facial Scrub
Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser
Witch Cleansing Lotion
Innisfree Sebum and Trouble Zero Lotion | Forest for Men (sample)
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ (sample)
Hada Labo Perfect Cream (part of a set)
LUSH Dream Cream

Normally I’m not this organised with my travel skincare. Of course, I’ve always taken skincare with me whenever I travel – just not always in the most convenient manner. (Yes, I’ve taken skincare away in its full-size before!) The difference this time was that I purchased some travel-size mini pots and the like which came in a set.

Would I recommend them? Yes but probably not these specific ones from Home Bargains because look:


The pot had cracked already when I came back from Berlin and unpacked! The bottle that I used to store my cleansing oil seemed to leak from the bottom too so overall, NOT my favourite travel set but still made a convenient companion!


I guess you get what you pay for. (It was £1 for a set. 😂)

I did however, see some empty pots and bottles that Kiko Cosmetics sell individually which look a lot more better in quality! I’ll learn.

The idea for this time was ultimately to downsize everything into smaller quantities – enough for 5 days of use. Half of this routine is from my current routine which I’ve de-potted so to speak, and the other half are samples that I’ve saved up specifically for travel use.

My advice? Stick to what you know. If your skin is anything like mine (congested during travel), you’ll want to keep it relatively light and not too complicated.


This is my current ‘cleanse & tone’ step minus my Clinique Cleansing Oil (which I later threw away hence no picture). Since these are generally large bottles and not mere travel sizes, placing them into smaller packaging was key. This saved a lot of space!


Cotton buds and pads are always useful and very light for travel so I always take a bunch of these too. 

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing OilI dispensed this in a smaller bottle to take with me since I only had a week’s worth or so, left of it. I don’t love it as much as the balm version, but the main point is that it takes my day’s makeup, dirt and grime off.

Superdrug Vitamin E Facial ScrubNew in my routine, but I love it! I thought I would use this 2x, maximum 3 during my trip so I dispensed this into a small container (which later cracked, see above). The need to exfoliate especially during travel is real so don’t skip out on this step (or the others for that matter!).

Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth CleanserAlso quite new to my routine. It comes with a cloth but I decided not to take that with me. (I didn’t think traveling back with a damp cloth would be a good idea… 😂) The full-size bottle itself is quite large so I squeezed some into a smaller squeezy bottle I purchased in a set. This is very creamy and doesn’t dry out the skin.

Witch Cleansing LotionThis toner feels refreshing and acts as an antiseptic whilst not drying the skin out. Would recommend for combination/oily skin types and/or for those who deal with problem skin. I place some of this in a spray bottle and I’m good to go!

Innisfree Sebum and Trouble Zero Lotion | Forest for Men LineHa, a man’s product! YesStyle gave this to me as a sample and I’m probably just as surprised as you are. Having said that, I really liked using this as my serum during my 5 days in Germany. I felt that it helped a lot with my skin congestion which cleared from the 3rd day.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ : I’ve used up a sample of this before and I’m a huge fan of its sister (the gel version). I really like using this too in fall/winter so for sure, this is a travel staple for me.

Hada Labo Perfect CreamAn immediate easy choice for travel since it’s in a small pot already! I purposefully saved the cream to use during travel or weekends away rather than everyday use. Whilst it’s called a ‘cream’, it’s more of a gel formula which is fine by me since I’m more on the oily but dehydrated side. I like using this before I go to sleep.


TIP: I use a tool that’s meant for clay-making to dispense the moisturiser into a smaller, more compact pot to travel around with.

LUSH Dream CreamMy newest favourite! At the time I was dealing with a skin flare-up so I had to keep up with an ongoing moisturising routine to improve it. This stuff is magical and makes for a good hand lotion too. I still carry this around with me in a small container!

[FYI – all these products except the Hada Labo Perfect Cream have been previously featured in my favourites post. I’ve only just noticed that now! It’s a good thing though as I subconsciously took the best products for me, with me!] 


Alas, let’s not forget sheet masks! Lots of serums come in fancy glass bottles which are not convenient to travel with, so sheet masks make great replacements for this short period of time. I didn’t link any particular ones this time as I’m not loyal to masks of a certain brand etc. however I did want to stress that this is something I always take with me whenever I travel. It’s a great way to replenish skin that has been out for hours without carrying a load with you.

What’s also great about sheet masks, is that there’s normally leftover serum which you can save for the duration of your vacation. For a 5-day trip, 2 sheet masks should be plenty. 🙂

Hopefully you have a see-through pouch to travel with. These are super handy especially if you’re going through customs, since you can just take the pouch out without transferring anything to the ones that they provide at the airport. Plus if there’s any leakage, at least this is easily cleaned up.

What are your skincare travel staples?

As always, thank you for tuning in. I think out of all my travel experience, I have been most successful this time in my skincare planning! 

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  1. I don’t like travel bottle set. I prefer “use and throw”. It is why I stock up samples this year. XD Before this year, I am the person who brings everything full-size to travel. I am too lazy to transfer them to a different pot/bottle. Sometimes I am too lazy that I bring sunscreen and moisturizer only. And it is funny that my skin never breakout when I travel. It is like skincare doesn’t matter as long as food are great. XD
    You remind me that I will need to bring something for body too. It is the only thing I always forget. Sometime I would buy from local but it is such a waste of money if I travel for few days only.

    • Actually this is my first time using a travel beauty set. I normally take items in their full bottles too with some samples but sometimes I don’t really have any exciting samples to take away with me. I think after this experience, I would continue using certain things but not use others again but this is mainly down to quality of the packaging and/or consistency of what you are packing. Like that squeezy bottle for my cleanser is not good cos the consistency of the cleanser is too thick for it haha.

  2. OMG! You use too? *LOL* You’re actually quite good with your mask routine; usually what happens with me is I take them with but never use them. I’m pretty bad. I tend to buy them and forget about them.

    • YesStyle is amazing! I probably only order like twice a year max though, but each time I do, I order quite big just to save the hassle.

      Haha, don’t be fooled. I can be up and down with my skincare routine but even when I’m down, I in the least, double-cleanse, moisturise and add skin-protection (if daytime).

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