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September Monthly Favourites ft. Superdrug, Essie + LUSH!

Fall is here and I’m so excited for it! It’s not quite cold yet but my wardrobe is slowly transitioning to colder weather. For me, I would always choose fall/winter > spring/summer – my skin loves it, my wardrobe loves it, I love it. 😝

This month, it is undoubtedly, unapologetically, all about skincare with two exceptions. Don’t worry, next month you’ll see me busting out all my Autumn shades in my makeup! (I already dug out two awesome cream shadows last night that I almost forgot about…spoiler alert but maybe you will see them next month?)


Featured in this post:

Superdrug Vitamin E Facial Scrub
Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser
Innisfree Sebum & Trouble Zero Lotion | Forest For Men Line (sample)
Essie Nail Lacquer in ‘312 spin the bottle’
Essie Nail Lacquer in ‘6 ballet slippers’
LUSH Dream Cream

Keep your skin smooth and everything else will follow: There’s a myth that surrounds exfoliation I feel…as if you have to saw away at your skin like sandpaper. That’s really not the case! I have been loving the Superdrug Vitamin E Facial Scrub for a good month. It’s made of natural exfoliants – namely oatmeal and walnut shell granules…pretty cool right? It’s so gentle and creamy on the skin yet effective in getting rid of rough, dead skin. Everything else, including foundation just sits nicer on my skin now without having to compromise!

This year, the creamiest face wash goes to…: I don’t normally buy skincare ranges but I was set on trying more of the Superdrug Vitamin E range after falling in love with their moisturiser some years ago. I saw a blogger write good things about the Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser and I was curious. Even though this is primarily for dry skin (and I have combination/oily skin), I feel that I can get away with using this. It’s so creamy and hydrating – a consistency I particularly love for cleansers. This is a no-thrills cleanser and quite possibly under-hyped. Do give it a try!

The season’s got me trying new things: So I went to Berlin a month ago for 5 days (oh time, why do you go so fast?) and naturally, I packed some samples with me to try since they’re so easy to travel with. Although a man’s product, I’ve been loving the Innisfree Sebum & Trouble Zero Lotion. My skin was really congested those first two days of travel, but this really helped; and by the third day my skin started to clear up. It’s cooling on the skin with a fast absorption rate, and smells minty fresh – what’s not to love?


Low-maintenance nails never looked so good: There are two things I’m really low-maintenance about: my hair and my nails. I do however go through phases with each, and this time it’s been my nails! The last time I talked about Essie polish was in this favourites post which funnily enough, features the same polish I’ll be talking about today! I guess it just goes to show that these were good choices in-the-making; choices that are never going out of style! Essie Nail Lacquer in ‘312 spin the bottle’ is a beautiful nude colour that’s not too beige…in fact it has more of a pink under-tone. Essie Nail Lacquer in ‘6 ballet slippers’ is a sheer wash of something that makes your nails just look pretty without trying hard. A perfect my-nails-but-better shade. (FYI, I bought these in an Essie duo set called ‘In the Mood for Nude’.) 


Motivation to moisturise comes from this: I’m really lazy when it comes to body-moisturising, I kid you not. But I’m improving. And you know what? I’ve possibly reached a new record ever since I discovered the LUSH Dream Cream because I’ve been using it most days of the week after a hot shower; and my skin has never felt (and looked) so good! Where do I begin? The biggest change is when it drastically improved my dry skin patch that I’ve had for months on end which at its worst, looked pretty damn ugly. Even at its best, it still looked dry and scaly. Now, it’s almost gone and I can’t quite believe it. Dry skin, eczema, psoriasis or just skin in general…you NEED this in your life!

Skincare-heavy it is this month! But with good reason as my skin seems to be looking almost at its best now. I’m even looking to write a post about my current skincare routine – what do you think? 🙂

Let me know in the comments below what YOUR favourites have been! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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    • It’s absolutely beautiful! I’m so glad I discovered it and at a time when I needed it the most…has honestly saved my skin. Even thinking to review it cos I want the whole world to know about it! X

  1. Ooooh the dream cream sounds like an absolute dream haha. I love Lush’s body products, can’t believe I haven’t tried it yet- definitely looking into it! Loved reading this xx

  2. Ooooh there are some great picks here! I actually find sometimes that men’s skincare works better for me. I think a lot of their stuff has much more simple ingredients x

    • Ha I actually looked into the difference between men and women’s skin a few months ago. Turns out that men’s skin is about 25% thicker than women’s! And because of hormones, men’s skin tends to produce more sebum so maybe that’s why it works great for you? When I read all about it, it made so much sense since men and women age differently.

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