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Review: It’s Skin Collagen Nutrition Eye Cream

I’m back with another review!

This time, it’s a K-beauty item that I bought online which you may recognise from my YesStyle Haul post. I’ve been testing it out for over a month – the only eye cream that I’ve been using day and night actually, so I think it’s time to finally do a write-up!

Enjoy! 🙂


What is it? 

It’s an eye cream that’s part of the It’s Skin Collagen Nutrition skincare line which I’ve never tried before. In fact, I’ve never tried this brand before either.

This eye cream (supposedly) promotes elasticity and moisture to the eye-area.

How much does it cost?

Its actual price seems to be around the £15 mark but I got this on sale on YesStyle for around £6/7. Considering that the tube is 25ml as opposed to the typical 15ml, this is a bargain!

Where from?

The brand itself is from South Korea. The actual product, I purchased from YesStyle.

Who is it for? 

When researching the brand, I found it very interesting. So It’s Skin realised the skin and skincare troubles that a lot of consumers deal with, and with that knowledge, they worked with dermatologists from Seoul University to create its line of makeup and skincare.

As a result, they focus on top-notch science fuelled with natural ingredients. This is their ethos.

What made you buy it? 

Honestly, I was intrigued by its cheap price point especially for how much you get! The reviews on YesStyle are mostly (if not all), 5 stars so I was curious to see how good this product was, since I’ve never actually heard about it before. Keep in mind though – that I don’t follow K-beauty that closely.

Can you talk me through the ingredients? 


  • My eyes quickly drew attention to hydrolyzed collagen which is more or less top of the list, being second only to water. Collagen is the structural protein which gives our skin and connective tissues its body, the plumpness and flesh. So for under eyes, this is pretty damn nice.
  • Butylene Glycol is a common skincare ingredient. A humectant and texture-enhancer, designed to hold water as opposed to losing it.
  • Laminaria Japonica Extract needs your attention! It’s a seaweed found mostly in Japan, and has detoxifying properties, thus brightening the skin giving its healthy glow.
  • Presence of Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E).
  • Not paraffin-free or silicone-free. Dimethicone is the 5th ingredient and paraffin is 12th out of 33 total ingredients.
  • Not fragrance-free. Fragrance is 19th and placed much higher in the ingredients list overall. (Fragrance is typically the last or second-to-last ingredient on the list. Not always but on most occasions.) We’ll discuss this more below.

[See more at: CosDNA]

What do you have to say about it?

There are two things that I want to point out right away, so that we can then bite our teeth into the fleshy part and discuss those elements in full detail.

The first being that, this eye cream does absolutely nothing for dark eye circles. Nothing. Na-da. Personally, that doesn’t bother me hugely because my dark eye circles are quite light, but if that’s a main concern of yours – this is so not the solution. (To be fair, this eye cream doesn’t state that it helps with dark circles but just as a pre-warning and confirmation of that.) 😛🐼

Secondly, the fragrance is very obvious from first use. It was a bit much for me but I’ve since gotten used to it and it’s not as big of an issue now, but for those who are sensitive (or scent-sensitive), I think this could be a real issue.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, we can take a look at the design of the application:


Packaging is in a tube with nozzle tip that’s quite easy to squeeze out. BUT I think because it’s in a 25ml tube as opposed to the typical 15ml, it’s harder to dispense the cream once you’ve used half the product already. You eventually start using both hands to help dispense.

As aforementioned, the fragrance is the first thing that hits you when you try it out for the first time. I don’t consider myself to be scent-sensitive – but I do have my limits and in a way, this went overboard. To be exact, the scent is actually similar to perfume – there is a floral scent and not a light one either. It’s obvious from the get-go and it’s more concerning that it’s in an eye cream. Why would I want my eyes to smell of anything?

It probably took about 2-3 weeks until I got really used to the scent (or perhaps, psychologically, I started to ignore it). Now, I don’t even notice it anymore but that’s the thing – I’ve conditioned myself so it’s not really a problem anymore. For sensitive individuals, I don’t think conditioning would be an option – the scent is just too much. Overpowering. Put it this way – it’s a scent that I might like to wear as a perfume and nothing else. Otherwise, it’s not an offensive scent, just one that perhaps needs time and patience.

That aside, I do like the eye cream for its functionalities. It’s firming and really plumps up the eye area well. It’s the correct consistency (for me). It’s not too heavy or too light and sits well on the skin and underneath makeup. I used this morning and night, and though I wouldn’t say I have any eye wrinkles, I felt like it really smoothed out the eye area and kept it hydrated. I particularly like using this under concealer as I think it makes a great base for it.

The last thing I want to mention – and it is an unpleasant one – is if you somehow manage to get this in your eye at any point throughout the day. (Washing your hands after use would probably be a good idea!) I sometimes have a tendency to rub my eye (softly because I know it’s not good to) and maybe it’s the fragrance, but my eye starts watering like crazy. As luck would have it, this is always in public too but so far, I haven’t looked like a mad woman from it!


  • Very affordable (especially for size)
  • Easy to use application
  • Creamy consistency that’s not too light or too thick
  • Firming and hydrating properties
  • Sits well under makeup


  • Fragrance fragrance fragrance
  • Can sometimes manage to make your eyes water (but it’s not painful)
  • Does absolutely nothing for dark eye circles

Overall Loving: 6.5/10

Remove the fragrance and I will give this at least an 7.5/10 – no questions about it. It’s a shame that brands feel the need to put fragrance in skincare products, and even worse in this case – an EYE cream. I don’t understand why there is this need either?

To some extent, I feel that a rating of 6.5 is a bit generous due to the fragrance factor however, I have really benefited from the firming effects and it definitely keeps my whole eye area hydrated! Bottom line, would I repurchase? Maybe. 

I am back from Berlin and feeling fresh to post again! I was meant to post this last week but ha, it wasn’t finished and traveling really takes a lot of energy. I know blogging isn’t work but I decided perhaps it was best not to check any emails, work-related things and the blog whilst on vacation. 😛

Have I missed anything? I’m looking to catch-up with everything blog-related today! 

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  1. 25ml is a LOT of eye cream!
    I’ve been seeing this brand pop up around here – first I saw was at Winners (our version of TKMaxx) and I wasn’t sure about it. But it seems to be a legit Korean brand.
    I say this all the time but NO eye cream can help eliminate dark circles! They can help reduce the LOOK of dark circles with mica or reflective particles but dark circles are often hereditary or due to other internal contributors (allergies, fatigue, etc)
    I think the scent of this would bother me too much – I don’t know why skincare brand go overboard with it. I’m fine with a light fragrance but when it just lingers, it really detracts from the product function.

    • I have seen a few It’s Skin products in our TK Maxx too! I bought a BB cream as well to try out from them but boohoo, way too light for me.

      I think eye cream is the most difficult out of the whole skincare regime; but saying that, I think we also expect too much sometimes. You are totally right though – dark eye circles can never be eliminated, only reduced.

      From eye cream to eye cream, I saw this did nothing because my previous one helped somewhat. The fragrance was ultimately the killer here though which is a real shame.

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