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Bullet Journal Planning & Flatlays

Alas! The post that I was meant to have up last week, if only it didn’t rain! (Typical British weather, really.)

It’s getting to the end of August now and needless to say, this is a late post in-the-making so expect a long one. 😉 (If you’re a follower of some time, you’re probably used to my long posts by now; if you’re new – I’m sorry! But you’ll have to get used to this, haha!)



One of the things that I love using my bullet journal for is to list down products and ideas for the blog. These may be products for favourites, to buy and try out in the future and for review. I’ve kept these pages really simple and information-friendly – it’s strictly a list with a note beside it if I think it’s necessary.

I’ve since listed my favourites when on-the-go, on my phone, using the app Google Keep. I even list my to-be-empties and tick them off once I’ve 100% finished. It sounds silly but sometimes I actually forget what my favourites are – I even had that moment this morning! But rest assured – I had my list on Google Keep!


Habit trackers are another classic that I like to add every month without fail. This is essentially a chart for you to fill out throughout the month to see how much of your ‘habits’ you’ve accomplished. It’s best that these habits are quite productive or helpful. It’s nice for me personally, to simultaneously track my fitness, skincare and blogging schedule; because let’s face it, we’re very busy nowadays.


Recently, I’ve started to fill in my habit trackers with just one coloured highlighter and this saves so much time. I will most likely continue doing it this way from now on. 🙂

In terms of weekly layouts, I’ve been playing around a lot. Some pages I like more than others but I think that’s a given no matter what creative hobby you do. The most important thing is that you are true to your style but are also not afraid to take risks. Sometimes changing your style doesn’t mean you’re changing yourself – it just means you’re finding yourself – a bit like fashion. If it works – great! If it doesn’t, don’t threat.


I’m a colourist at heart, so you will see that I’ve explored (and continue to explore) colour combinations! Even though the layout is quite different for each spread, I somehow think they work together as a set.


One of my favourite spreads. I will definitely refer to this again in the future! I added an ‘End of Week Thoughts’ section which is really nice to reflect on positives.


I’m not so keen on the layout here but I think I’m just being really picky. This particular week, I watched Wimbledon every single day!


Another favourite spread. I really enjoyed making this one as it was really fun and playful which I think is my natural creative style. This time I played around with typography. Also, I’ve been really obsessed with greens and pinks lately!

For some reason, I am missing one week of July – I think I didn’t bullet journal for a week. 😅


In August, I continued playing around with colour so nothing new, but I did focus more on layout this time which I believe was very successful actually! I also took to having more of a colour theme (neon/brights in this case) which made the spreads work together as a coherent set. What do you think?


If you couldn’t tell, I use red pen a lot which is a staple for my pages.


I wanted to find another way to write my titles (Mon, Tues etc.) so I came to this conclusion. Very simple method but very effective! I added a ‘Water Intake’ chart too to motivate me to drink more water. I’m doing so-so but will continue tracking.


In this particular spread, I wanted to keep it simple although there are elements that I don’t particularly like. I might use this as inspiration in the future for a minimal layout (but more minimal than this one).


We’re up-to-date now! This is my spread for this week so far so of course it’s not filled up yet. I started to use more images this month which makes a difference to the layout – it’s not so linear. You can be a bit more organic and write or draw over the images.

Going into September soon, I would like to start my challenge [see below] of creating minimal pages and layouts simply because I am so not a minimal person. I know that this is going to make me feel very uncomfortable but it’ll be exciting to see how I decide to counter this. (I’ll be storing away my colourful stationary in the mean time!)

Lastly, I have my random pages to show you. They’re not completely random though because they are useful to me but it just means I won’t use them every month. I don’t actually like my bullet journal to be too much of a weekly log so I like to break it up with all the other pages I mentioned! These are the remaining pages that help to do that also.


My wishlist which is namely skincare products. I don’t care much for makeup products because it takes me a long, long time to finish them so I buy them very sparingly now with this knowledge. This list is good since I always forget what I want to try out in the future!


I added a challenge page! I haven’t ticked anything off yet though but come September, I would like to start a challenge or two! These will either range for a week or a month depending on the challenge itself whether it’s more fitness or lifestyle.

Note: I’m not 100% showing you my bullet journal in consecutive order. These two random spreads are before my August weekly logs. It’s just easier to organise my post this way. 🙂 

That’s everything so far in my bullet journal since the last time I showed you! Again, thank you so much for the response to that post. It’s possibly my most popular post along with my recent reviews!

It’s actually a very sunny weekend and I have a feeling that September will be nice too. (I remember how I used to think September was so nice when school starts compared to our ‘summers’…) What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. exposed says

    Love your Bullet journal design! Wish I was dedicated enough to keep one. 😀

  2. Just A Blank Space says

    I love your spreads. I think I need a spread for my blog too to help me keeping up with blogging

    • Thank you so much!! I have always struggled with blogging consistency but I think writing and managing a schedule has really helped!

      I just had a look at your blog and instagram and love everything!!

      • Just A Blank Space says

        Thank you. I used to have a lot of ideas and i used to write every day but I just don’t have enough time anymore

  3. Oh my goodness your journal is an absolute dream… my august spreads were so boring and I’ve been trying to draw up September but failing miserably, sigh 😦 xx

    • Hey girl! Thank you so much 🙂 Oh gosh, don’t remind me that it’s September haha! I haven’t drawn up September yet either but I suppose I’ll do that this coming week…

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