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Current Thoughts At Half Past Ten

in a thinking mood - hoiyinli

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My wet hair is wrapped up in a blue towel, and I’m in the midst of my skincare routine – that’s how casual this post is going to be!

Originally, I had planned for another bullet journal post, documenting my recent pages (by recent, I mean in the last month or so) but as it stands, British weather has kicked in – it was dark and raining quite heavily. The type where you want to be indoors all day but most of all – where there’s no decent amount of natural lighting for you to take pictures. So I’ve postponed it for now. It’ll likely be up later in the week though I’ve just checked that the weather just isn’t promising for the next few days. I’ll find a way!

This post isn’t a filler by any means either. Just moved from Friday’s post to today instead, because I have in fact, been having a lot of thoughts lately and it’s nice to spill once in a while… 😛

On Sunday, I went to my best friend’s Open Mic event that she hosted (she’s a writer herself) and though I could only stay an hour because I had some place else to go, it was great! Actually, it was my first Open Mic event that I’ve ever been to and I truly applaud the writers and poets who read their work out. I’m a bit rubbish myself on this front (I’m really not a natural talker) but of course, I realise that this takes much practice in itself!

If you follow me on my Instagram, I actually started ‘vlogging’ a bit more on my Instagram Stories. Hell, I’ve been trying to vlog for months (notice that I say ‘trying’ meaning I never ever uploaded it to my Stories) and it’s taken many takes before I could finally look at the camera and feel more myself. Being on-camera is more challenging than one imagines! I won’t vouch that I’ll do this often but I do hope to get to a level where I feel natural and comfortable to just talk in front of a camera. I never really liked the sound of my voice either but I thought I should start getting used to that too! Basically, I’ll be practicing because having a voice especially in this day and age is super important.

Speaking of challenge, I’ve started getting back into a fitness routine since last week. (I was slacking for what seemed like the longest time.) Today I participated in a HIIT workout (I follow Fitness Blender on YouTube) and finished the full 38 minutes so I’m really happy with that. It’s been months since my Reset: 7 Changes I’m Making in 2017 post and I’m still struggling with consistency! But I keyed in the workout today in my bullet journal and look to plan the rest of my workouts for this week. I think seeing a visual schedule will really help me if I really want to succeed. Funny how our minds work, right?

The other thing that I wanted to mention is actually the rise in price in some beauty products – particularly luxury items. I wonder if anyone else has noticed? (This may be UK exclusive.) This has really caught my eye recently and it’s made me question how much is too much for a product? How much are people willing to pay for a product until they decide that actually, it’s too expensive for what it is? Do people continue purchasing after the price rise? What are people looking for?!

Just to give you a few examples: Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil is now £20 (compared to £18.50 when I bought it). MAC lipsticks are £16.50 (£15.50 before). The Naked palettes are £39.50 (£38.50 before).

It all quickly adds up, and though I don’t shop luxury items that much, it’s made me think about curbing my spending a bit more. Don’t be alarmed either if I have upcoming drugstore products to try-out since I want to find a lifestyle that’s sustainable – and this includes spending. I may even write a post on saving money and tips that could help you out if you’re struggling? Besides, I have two upcoming vacations booked and I really need to save money for then!

Right. Last topic that’s been on my mind!

I follow an Instagram account by the username, detailorientedbeauty also known as Arly. Recently, she has been writing articles for VictoriaHealth who I readily order from as soon as I’m low on The Ordinary Skincare. Anyways, that’s not the point.

Arly wrote an excellent article some weeks ago, that raised an issue that I feel has been floating in the air for quite some time. [You can read it here – I’d really recommend it.] I’m just glad that someone has picked up on the issue of the beauty community upon social media being a little more toxic than previous years. As a blogger, I can’t comment too much simply because I haven’t been participating in it long enough to know (the same goes to Instagram actually to which – I hate the new algorithm!).

However, as a long-time YouTube viewer, I really notice the difference. I wonder if you – my readers – have noticed too? Some of the content is just not the same. HD viewing? Yes.  But I feel as though passion has been drained. It no longer has the charm of the girl who filmed in her bedroom and just simply wanted to talk beauty. Now it’s all too serious, too quickly and if you speak too much, you’re ‘entitled’ and if you don’t, well, you didn’t do your job right. Something’s gone amiss and it doesn’t feel right. I actually miss 2013/2014 YouTube.

At least I know the WordPress community here is forever wonderful! 🙂

Sorry if this post is longer than usual. See you soon though in my next one which hint: it’s a beauty review! 😉

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  1. I just read Arly’s post (Thanks for sharing) It is why I think blogging is much more friendly. Like people still post a lot of professional information and be themselves. No one is going to judge their opinion. I remember I used to search product reviews online before purchasing. I really love those post with before-after pictures. It is also why I start include before -after pictures on my skincare review post.
    But on YouTube these days, there are too many people just repeat same thing and not showing actual useful information. (Information can get from the brand website directly) I rolled my eyes when I watched a 15 minutes video praising a serum without showing their no-makeup face. (I want to see before-after)
    I am also working on being comfortable in front on the camera. I think filming more helps 😉
    I just heard VictoriaHealth, let me check them out.

    • That is something I need to start doing more of I think! (Before/After pictures I mean.) 🙂 But I really appreciate that people find my information useful even though I’m not a professional at all, but still, I use products all the time so I can always determine what I like and don’t like, and hopefully help people. I think that is the problem actually with YouTube. If you are not a ‘professional’, some viewers can rip you apart and say what you are promoting is not right even though it’s just your personal opinion and you have put disclaimer etc.

      I’ve reduced to only a few youtubers now, and sometimes I like to search new, not so well-known youtubers. I feel that they have better content and most of all, are just themselves. I especially like skincare bloggers who talk more scientifically about the products XD.
      You are brave to film! I am not brave enough yet, hehe, but will keep trying something.

      • I need to organize my review better and write more. I need to do some research before writing too. I think you do an amazing job and I learn alot from you so don’t worry.
        No one is perfect and even someone had a PhD in chemistry won’t be able to know everything about skincare. And honesty, we cannot please every viewer to like our content. The hardest and most important point is to remain ourselves.
        It is why I follow only a few. I don’t mind they talk about the product only if they have original content. Some youtubers just read from the website instead of what they think or feel.
        lol Don’t worry. I am trying to get myself out there to train myself too. I think the day I can speak comfortably in front of the camera is the day I can speak well in public. XD I train my English speaking too.

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