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July Monthly Favourites ft. Charlotte Tilbury, H&M + Etude House!

I actually couldn’t tell you what happened in July, except for the fact that I watched a lot of Wimbledon tennis for most of it. Otherwise the month just flew by as if we just skipped a month and said hello to August which also – what’s that all about?!

I can however tell you what I’ve been really loving in the past month and wouldn’t you believe it…there is only one skincare product! As such, I’ll start with that first.


Featured in this post:

The Body Shop Mineral & Ginger Warming Mask
Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette in ‘Beauty Glow’
Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Duo in ‘#1 Dark Brown’
H&M Precision Sponge in ‘Natural White’
Palmolive Milk & Honey Shampoo
VO5 Revive Me Daily Conditioner


Breaking out? You need a skin conditioner: A few weeks ago, I had one of the most horrific breakouts in my adult life, which I’m still trying to work out (more on that in another post). I masked a lot in those two weeks of recovering (!!) which lead me to re-discover a skincare favourite. It’s  The Body Shop Mineral & Ginger Warming Mask. I always turn to this if I’m breaking out badly with bumpy, congested and blotchy skin. It helps to really soften and calm the skin whilst still deep-cleaning it. Now, it’s not a miracle worker, but over time it really helped my skin recover.

All I ever needed in one place: I recently treated myself to the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette in ‘Beauty Glow’ and I kid you not, I haven’t used anything else! At the time of purchase, I still wasn’t sure if I was making the right decision even though the SA had made up my look with the palette. (I loved the outcome but I’m fickle because I wonder if I’m swayed to buy things due to hype.) I bit the bullet and I’m so glad I got it! It’s really subtle and natural yet it brings a lot of depth to your complexion. Beauty glow was indeed a perfect choice of name and honestly, I will review this product soon because just look at it!:


The quickest brows achieved: I may have mentioned that I finished my Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil and so next in line to use was this: Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Duo in ‘#1 Dark Brown’. Funny story, the eBay seller sent me the wrong brow product though from the same line. She realised this and quickly sent the correct one. This is the wrong one but I prefer this one. One end is a brow pencil to shape and the other end is brow powder to fill. The effect is defined but soft brows which makes for a change since I think a strong brow doesn’t suit my look!

Remember to dampen your sponge…it’s magic!: I purchased two of the H&M Precision Sponge in ‘Natural White’ a few months ago so they are not new in my kit since I have been using them. But – I recently started dampening them much more under the tap and this has helped so much. The sponge expands quite a bit and becomes so much softer. Normally, I spray water however this feels tedious and with little effect. The finish of my makeup has become much nicer with a damper beauty blender! There is another version that’s pink too but in a different shape, so I’ll have to pick that up next time.

Moving into new territory with a familiar brand: The Palmolive Bath Milk is a family favourite – I practically grew up with it. So when I came round to trying the Palmolive Milk & Honey Shampoo, I didn’t know what to expect to be frank with you. The aftermath is that I came to really like it! I feel that this grooms my hair without stripping it. My scalp feels good too – not irritated at all. I don’t have a favourite shampoo but I would definitely purchase this again.

The sweetest hair product that smells like skittles: Fun fact: I don’t always use conditioner. The reason being is that my hair can get greasy real quick. I later realised that shampoo, and especially conditioner, affects it depending on which I use. I even go through phases where I don’t use conditioner at all but lately I have been. The VO5 Revive Me Daily Conditioner has taken my fancy! It doesn’t weigh my hair down and softens it just enough that my hair doesn’t get too greasy too quick. (I have used shampoo before where next day, my hair is looking greasy…sad times.) Actually, my oily hair has improved so much these few years that I’ve retained some sanity!


It’s been a successful month in trying out new products I’d say! What about you? Any particular favourites?

Many people are already saying how summer is coming to a halt soon, now that it’s August; but for us in the UK, I feel like it never began. 😂 Believe me when I say that it is currently raining heavily now… Oh well, I’m just thankful that I’m going away soon next month to Berlin, so expect some travel-related posts!

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    • Honestly, I love it so so so much! I’m not even an eyeshadow person and I used the eyeshadows one day and they were so nice! The whole palette brings out all my features and this is coming from someone who never contours/highlights, use eyeshadows. Will be reviewing this soon! 🙂

      Thanks for reading! ❤

  1. Oooh these are some great picks – I’ll need to try that face mask. Out of curiosity, what skin type do you have? I have some products Id recommend for annoying random breakouts, but I have oily skin so I dont know if they’d work as well if you have a different skin type x

      • Excuse the info dump in advance; I actually started writing an essentials for oily skin post so I had all these like product recommendations at hand. Here a few of the products that I’ve found to be good: Mario Badescu Drying Cream, Witch Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick, Witch Overnight Clearing Serum, ProActive Toning Pads, Clearasil Exfoliating Pads and just plain Tea tree oil 🙂

  2. Oooh – spoiler alert – but I got that CT palette recently too! I haven’t used it yet but I can’t wait! The colours look so versatile. Initially I wasn’t sure about that darker blush shade but the MUA applied it on my face and it looked really natural.
    And yay, you love the H&M Precision Sponge too! I always dampen my sponges – never thought about using them dry. I find the dampened texture to be so much bouncier.
    Yay for trying new things! Sometimes they’re a miss but it’s so exciting when it’s a hit! 🙂

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