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The Beauty Clean-Up #6 (empties) | HUGE Edition!

Overdue is largely an understatement right now but I’m glad I can actively throw away what’s been in my beauty junk box since the last time we spoke. [See: The Beauty Clean-up #5]

I’ve been doing some major collecting to the point that my beauty junk box is well and truly overflowing. I need to throw these empty packets and bottles away! This is going to be a particularly long post so to (hopefully) make things easier, I’ll keep each product review as short as possible!


+ Would repurchase
– Will not bother again
= Neutral/Indifferent

+ Simple Micellar Cleansing Water
Simple Toning Cleanser
= Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
+ Bioderma Sébium H2O

+ The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2%
+ The Ordinary Niacinamide + Zinc 1%
+ The Ordinary Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%
+ The Ordinary Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate 10%
+ The Ordinary Advanced Retinoid 2%

+ Boots No7 Youthful Eye Serum
+ Clinique All About Eyes
+ Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief
Clinique Pep-Start 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser *

+ Eucerin Sun Fluid Mattifying SPF 50+
= Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil in ‘6’

+ Palmolive Bath Milk
+ Imperial Leather Shower Cream
Herbal Skin Doctor Exfoliating Foot Treatment
+ Johnson’s Baby Shampoo
+ Batiste Dry Shampoo in ‘Blush’
= L’Oréal Elvive Full Restore Repairing Shampoo
-/= Boots Smooth Care Wax Strips (for sensitive skin)

+ Cien Soft Make-Up Pads
+ Pointed Konjac Sponge (linked version is similar…but labeled different)
+ The Konjac Sponge Co. Baby Bath Sponge
= Corsodyl Daily Mouth Wash
+ Oliver James Sonic Replacement Brush Heads
+ LUSH Mint Julips Lip Scrub *

(See all those pluses? It’s been a very good season!)
* Technically not finished – see why below!

Cleansing Waters


Simple Micellar Cleansing Water:
I love this. I will rate this over the Garnier one any day [see below]. It makes my skin feel great and it doesn’t leave a film on my skin. I don’t rate this as highly as the Bioderma but it’s a close second. Second empty bottle and won’t be my last.

Simple Toning Cleanser:
Is it a toner? Is it a cleanser? I’m still not entirely sure but I bought this based on the fact that I love their soothing toner very much. This has a gel texture which I quite like but as something ‘toning’, it’s too thick. It’s supposedly pore minimising too but I saw no difference on that front. It’s a miss!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water:
I’ve already stated that I don’t really like this in previous posts, but to give the benefit of the doubt, I purchased a 125ml version from Home Bargains. My opinion hasn’t changed. I don’t hate the product. It’s okay. But for me, it’s a bit warm on my skin for my liking. I also have to use a lot of cotton pads whenever I use this especially if I’m removing makeup!

The Ordinary Skincare


The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2%:
I already have plans to buy this again for the third time! [See: The Beauty Clean-Up #2 and The Beauty Clean-Up #4] Regardless of your skincare knowledge and skin type, I recommend this to everyone. It’s slightly sticky, but it absorbs fast into the skin that you forget it was ever sticky! Result is hydrated and plump skin.

The Ordinary Niacinamide + Zinc 1%:
I will be buying this for the third time too! [Refer to Empties posts linked above] This is another cult favourite of mine from The Ordinary. It has helped even my skin tone a lot which traditionally was a problem for me but is no longer a concerning factor. It aids a lot in treating blemished skin and regulating sebum production; all without the stinging sensation that some acne-treating products give.

The Ordinary Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%:
I’m surprised I even finished this! I didn’t really like this at first, going as far to say that it wasn’t for me; but with continued use I was sold. [See: Follow-Up Review on The Ordinary Moisturisers] The thing with acne-treating products is that there may be some peculiar effects (an itchy sensation in this case) but you also need time. I gave it my time and I got brightened, less problematic skin. I will be buying again because I actually miss it.

The Ordinary Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate 10%:
Am I sounding like a broken record yet? The truth is, The Ordinary has really impressed me so far (with the exception of say, 2 products) but this is another winner. I bought this on the account that I wanted to try another Vitamin C product (I hated the Vitamin C Suspension from the brand). This is much more user-friendly because of its stability and brightening properties. Not my favourite moisturiser but I do enjoy using this when I do.

The Ordinary Advanced Retinoid 2%:
Along with the Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide, I also urge you to try this from the brand if you’re a newcomer. I started with using this just once or twice a week, eventually building it up to every other day since it is a chemical skin treatment. (My skin held up okay but

Eyecare, Moisturiser and a Dislike


Boots No7 Youthful Eye Serum:

This product is no stranger in my collection. It has been featured in a favourites post and in an empties post. My best friend first introduced me to it and now it’s the second one I’ve finished. I’m holding back buying another one for now, but I do think this is a gem and all-time favourite especially when used with Clinique All About Eyes. [see below] It hydrates and brightens the eye area!

Clinique All About Eyes:

We’re taking it back a bit as this was featured in my first ever empties post! I don’t remember using any other eye cream in the last year except this (which is why I’m finally testing new eyecare!). This really moisturises the under-eye area, and helps with darkness and puffiness so indeed, it’s all about eyes.

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief:

I was so sad when I finished this! I love applying this on my skin! Whether it’s in the night after all my other skincare, or in prepping my skin before makeup. It’s essentially a water-gel moisturiser that cools and hydrates the skin which I’d particularly recommend for Spring/Summer months. It’s lightweight, but it really does the work. And wouldn’t you know…this was also in a favourites post.

Clinique Pep-Start 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser:

If you couldn’t tell, I’m a bit of a Clinique fanatic but I just couldn’t get along with this. It was one of the Clinique freebies I received from their goodie bag, and a relatively new product at the time. My right eyelid would get super dry and inflamed a day after using this, to which I’d discontinue use. I’ve tried to use it again to give the benefit of the doubt but same result each time. Sorry to say – I’m binning it!

Sunscreen and Brows


Eucerin Sun Fluid Mattifying SPF 50+:

I’m glad I discovered this! I wouldn’t say this is mattifying but even as a combination/oily girl, I really like this. (You’d be surprised, but I actually don’t like the matte look.) I took it with me to Rome in March so needless to say – it’s travel friendly. At one point, I used this a lot with powder to finish and that was my base look done.  It layers well with other skincare and makeup products too so it’s good in my books!

Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil in ‘6’:

I find this really easy to use and the colour matches well, without being too dark. (Although I have jet black hair, you never want a jet black brow pencil as it can look too harsh.) This is actually what got me into improving my technique because of its precise tip. Since then, the price has gone up from £18.50 to £20 which is really pushing it, so I don’t think I’d purchase this again based on those grounds. I’m currently on a ‘budget brows’ trial! 😛

Body Care and Shampoo


(Apologies – messed up on set-up of this photo as there should be more products shown! You can see them pictured in next photo.)

Palmolive Bath Milk:

This is a bathroom staple for me. I grew up using it and I still use it. I love the texture, scent and just how it feels on the skin! 🙂

Imperial Leather Shower Cream:

I’m really low maintenance when it comes to body care – can you tell? I got the scent in ‘Camomile and Bamboo Milk‘ and it smells great! It foams up well with my konjac sponge and leaves my skin feeling smooth. The shower cream itself is not the smoothest looking but that’s just me being picky. The only real con I have with this, is the lid which you have to use effort to close otherwise it can leak so I just turn the product upside down!

 Herbal Skin Doctor Exfoliating Foot Treatment:

This is incredible! It’s basically a foot mask in the form of ‘booties’ that you wear for 90 minutes. This basically gave me new feet and was featured in my most recent favourites post. I’m looking to buy it again if I can just find it…

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo:

What I used to clean my brushes. Really mild formula that won’t damage the bristles but will clean the brushes!

Batiste Dry Shampoo in ‘Blush’

Batiste dry shampoo varies in formula for me. Sometimes it’s powdery and other times it’s good or just okay. This particular one is good so I’ll take note! ‘Blush‘ has a floral scent to it without being offensive or too fragrant.

L’Oréal Elvive Full Restore Repairing Shampoo:

I like this but after a month or so of using, I think my scalp got a bit dry. This is typically a problem I have with shampoos though – I love it at first but then it gets a bit too much! I prefer L’Oréal Elvive Triple Resist Shampoo to this particular one.

Boots Smooth Care Wax Strips (for sensitive skin):

I’ve purchased this many times but it’s really not a favourite! Ironic, I know. You can find better, and so can I actually… When it comes to the wax, it’s almost too soft and weak to actually pull every single hair that it ‘sticks’ to. I can only just about get away with using this!



Cien Soft Make-Up Pads:

Staple item. Will not change or replace.

Pointed Konjac Sponge:

This is really meant for facial cleansing but I ended up using it for body! Obviously, it’s a bit small for that, but it worked for the most part. I will always recommend konjac sponges!

The Konjac Sponge Co. Baby Bath Sponge:

I was intrigued by this because it’s meant for babies which means it’ll work great for sensitive skin types! This is a much better size for body cleansing not only because it covers more surface, but allows more product to soak in. The sponge eventually teared but this was after two or so months, so I got my use out of it!

Corsodyl Daily Mouth Wash:

As good as mouth wash gets?

Oliver James Sonic Replacement Brush Heads:

I use these with my sonicare electric toothbrush, replacing each one every 2-3 months. I really like the bristles – both the shape and firmness. These aren’t the original toothbrush heads which are expensive, but work great and save a lot of money!

LUSH Mint Julips Lip Scrub:

I’m mostly unfamiliar with lip scrubs since I don’t have a bad case of dry lips but this one ticks all the boxes for me! I still have a little bit left but the product has expired and I don’t want to risk anything. I will try a new flavour next time! 🙂

Well, that’s everything covered. A total of 28 products have been cleaned up! I’m happy to finally empty the box and start fresh. I know it’s just August right now, but it’ll be interesting to see the total count of empties by the end of the year! 😮

I’ll try not to leave the next empties post as long but thank you for reading, especially if you made it to the end! 🙂 ❤

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  1. Wow so many empties! Well done!
    I’m running out of serums so I’m FINALLY going to get myself some The Ordinary products. I keep going back on forth on what I want to try but for sure something with vitamin C, and niacinamide.
    I love the Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief too! Interesting that your tub looks different than mine – mine is a frosted light pink jar, not clear. Maybe it’s another version? I’ve been wanting to try Clinique All About Eyes for a while – I might have a sample floating around. I’ve heard lots of good things.
    I use Johnson’s Baby Shampoo to clean my brushes too! Works really well and a bottle lasts a long time. I’ve tried other generic brands before but they don’t cut it.
    The LUSH Mint Julips scrub is great! I did a DIY version for a while and it worked just as well. I’ve been too lazy to make my own lately – really should do it again.
    Awesome job to clear out 28 products!!! 😀

    • What serums do you normally use?

      How exciting! For some reason, I thought you were already trying out The Ordinary products. I just ordered myself more products not too long ago but I won’t go through them until next month since I’m currently testing other things now/need to finish current products.

      Hm, there are two types of Clinique moisture surges. One that is for dry-dry combination and vice versa. I use the one for combination/oily so I wonder if maybe that’s the difference? Otherwise, maybe it’s just a packaging difference between UK and Canada? 😛

      The baby shampoo is definitely great! I haven’t bought a new one since, so I’m just using good ol’ Fairy Liquid for now (it’s a washing-up liquid) which I find works just as well. I see brush cleaner solutions etc. but I don’t see the need to spend so much $$ on that front.

      Even I’m shocked myself!! Right now, the countdown begins again for collecting empties and I already have about 6…

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