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Rome Diary Day 4 – Taking It Easy

We’ve finally got here! The last day of my Rome Diary!

To catch up, see my previous posts in this series:

Otherwise, let’s start! (and subsequently finish this chapter in my life because I know it’s overdue.) Enjoy!

Taking It Easy

As it was the last day of our trip, or technically speaking – the last half-day – we had very limited time left to explore so there was only one way to spend it: see title.

We actually woke up a bit later that morning – I guess because we had spent the previous whole two days being total tourists so much so that there was less of a rush to do so on the last day. Besides, it was probably best to reserve our energy because flying, and going through all those procedures before and after is pretty tiring, even if just a short-haul flight. Am I right or am I right? 😛

After breakfast, we finalised our packing and formally checked out with the hotel, though of course, it wasn’t exactly time to leave yet, so we asked for them to look after our luggage in the time being. (Hotels are great for that kinda thing I discovered.)

Heading out…our plan was filling out the blank spaces we had not yet explored…the spaces not far from the hotel.

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

🔺Palazzo Barberini

Last day. First stop. 🚏

Actually, we had not ‘planned’ to come here but if not here, where else would we spend our remaining hours?

Our hop-on, hop-off bus pass had already expired so everywhere we would visit on this very day would be by foot. Getting here wasn’t too bad – perhaps a 15-20 minute walk? Of course, this depends where you’re heading from!

But I’d say it was worth it, because look!



The clouds were insanely wispy that day but I LOVED it. You just couldn’t make it up. This view is what the Palazzo Barberini (pictured before this picture) faces.


Another picture of the sky because I’m just obsessed with skies. (See: Instagram)

If you’re wondering, the Palazzo Barberini is a museum within a 17th century palace, that houses some of the most iconic paintings of Italy, from the 15th and 16th century (perhaps a few earlier or later than that). There is a small entry fee but for the amount of work you see, I say it’s worth it!



A lot of the paintings and other works are symbolic of themes such as life, death, religion and fear. Of course, each work is always open to interpretation by the viewer. (Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.) 🙂


The most amazing room in the entire palace with the most decorated ceiling art I’ve ever seen. Incredible.

Another Day, Another Church

Looking on our city map, we decided to follow a main road all the way down to reach a part of the city that was a bit more secluded (but in a good way). We came across yet another church, but one that looked much newer due to its colour.

🔺Trinità dei Monti


The sky was extremely clear and blue that day…well, I guess it really complemented the church too! 😝



The view that the church faces.

This church is perhaps one of the much smallest churches we visited in this entire trip. Once you’re in, you’re immediately met with the seating area!

As we came back out, we followed a path that allowed us to walk downhill as we were clearly on some height (as pictured above). This path leads you back down to meet Piazza di Spagna, the area where all the designer shops are. We had been close to this area the previous day but seemingly didn’t come over this side of the shopping area!

🔺Piazza di Spagna
🔺The Spanish Steps

This was the point where we saw a lot of people again but saying that, Rome is nicely populated and not scary like a lot of Asian cities for example.


There’s a church at the top of the steps but we didn’t even bother to attempt the steps because of the amount of people.

Hungry? Eat!

Are you ready for the last venue yet? I had to make it food-related! Although realistically, it was the last proper thing we did before doing the typical hotel-and-leaving stuff.

We went back to a restaurant called Il Chianti which we had dinner at on our second night in Rome. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any food pictures then because my phone battery had died but it was epic.  The prices are also reasonable considering how high-class the restaurant looks.

🔺Il Chianti



I especially love the vintage wine bottles as decor!

The restaurant is huge considering how small the other restaurants and cafes are. There’s outside seating area, two downstairs areas and upstairs too! 😮 The first night we were here, it was almost full house so we had to sit upstairs, which wasn’t bad since it was quieter anyway!

This time round, we ordered a margarita pizza, tuna salad and a tagliatelle dish to share. It was all so yummy and fresh!


Ignore the fact that we didn’t cut the pizza symmetrically! 😛 Their pizzas are seriously the thinnest and unique that you will ever find. I love how they incorporate the tomatoes and cheese much more differently than the standard pizza too! Tastes fresher this way.


Everything was great and although service was quiet, the waitress was so homely and welcoming. See that tuna salad? Such a generous portion! Normally, restaurants only give you half that amount of tuna! 😮

After lunch, we sat for a good half hour chatting away since we had some time to kill and chill (see what I did there?). Before we knew it, we were at the hotel retrieving our belongings, having a final cappuccino before preparing for a taxi to take us to the airport. 🙂

Have you been traveling anywhere lately? I’m going away again in September possibly although I haven’t booked anything yet. Let me know what your travel recommendations are! 

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  1. Wow that ceiling in the Palazzo Barberini palace!
    That thin-crust, sauce-less pizza looks so intriguing! I bet Italians shake their head at our “Italian pizzas”. 😛

    • Right?! The ceiling is so pretty and timeless.

      Tbh, the picture doesn’t do the pizza justice on how thin it is. It’s like 2mm thick lol and the ‘crust’ is airy so none of that thick dough business. Ha I know, I’ve seen Americanised pizzas in photos and they look huge!! I don’t eat pizza THAT often but I have always preferred the thinner crust.

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