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Rome Diary Day 3 pt. 2 – Free ‘Roming’

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Otherwise, let’s continue Day 3 shall we?

Back To The Other Side Of The Bridge

Since we couldn’t go to explore Vatican City with more intricacy, we decided to head back to the other side of the bridge to explore the other areas as marked on our city map. I had remembered Piazza Navona being of mention on Trip Advisor so that’s where we decided to head to next.

After crossing the bridge, we just kept walking straight on – the direction couldn’t have been more straightforward!

🔺 Piazza Navona

Of course, these fountains and statues have nothing on Fontana di Trevi but it’s still worth seeing.

This particular public square is full of restaurants, in which you can sit outside in full view of the fountains/statues, however, they’re pretty pricey so I’d steer clear if you’re on a budget. If there’s another thing I’ve learnt on this trip, it’s – you can get a lot of bang out of your buck – there are some really tasty, cheap options if you just look!




We carried on walking through, until we found a restaurant that was more within our budget. Undoubtedly, this was outside of the Piazza but really, not a far walk at all.

If I remember correctly, the restaurant was called Bianco.


We ordered Tuna Salad, Spaghetti with Meatballs and Seafood Pizza to share. Sharing is caring, after all!

Could This Be The Prettiest Church?

Since we had some time to kill, and were not in a rush to go anywhere, we went inside to look at yet another church. (I couldn’t say how many we had visited in total, but it’s probably about 10.)

Each one was prettier than the next so to say that it’s really hard to differentiate between them all is an understatement! Which was the grandest? The prettiest? I couldn’t tell you because they are all visually stunning.

It also just so happens that I don’t remember which church this is exactly but I want to say it’s not far from the restaurant we had lunch at.

Ceiling art, wall art everywhere…the stories of our times.

A gate that was closed – although you could enter from the other side. I just thought this made a great photograph with the black pattern. What do you think?

Could this be the prettiest church? I still haven’t made my mind up yet.

The Oldest Church

Making more effort to fill in our travel itinerary, we headed over to The Pantheon, which actually, isn’t far from our hotel (or the Fontana di Trevi for that matter) at all. I had remember walking past it on our first night here but of course, it wasn’t open.

If I’m going to be completely honest and dense, I didn’t really know what The Pantheon was exactly. I mean – I knew what it looked like, but little to do with its history. Turns out that it’s one of the oldest remaining Roman Temples which eventually turned into a church that many, many people visit every single day. Well, you learn something new every day right?

🔺The Pantheon



For an old building, it has been maintained extremely well.


Details from Inside. The ceiling window acts as the main source of light which is really as incredible as it sounds. This light source really lights up much of the church. Pre-lightbulb days were genius too after all.

The Pantheon is of free entry. Although it’s really old and not the prettiest looking church, you can really get a sense of how long people have put their energy into believing; and still to this day, that is maintained which is awesome when you really think about it. Unlike most other histories, it’s not clouded with war and battles but with a lot of belief and hope as cliché as that sounds.

Coming back out of The Pantheon, we walked around for a while and did some shopping.


The prettiest ice cream display we came across. Didn’t actually have this ice cream but I just knew I had to take a picture of this! The ice cream looks so creamy and smooth, it’s ridiculous!

The Last Supper in Rome (No Pun Intended…)

Since it was our last night in Rome, we decided to go all out and really order an array of foods, at a restaurant that really looked the part. This turned out to be a successful task and honestly, the customer service was great too. (Italian people are very welcoming and friendly, if I had not said so already.)

This particular restaurant was not far from our hotel, and therefore not far from Fontana di Trevi.


Remember that I said we went all out? Well, we ordered dessert too! After all, what’s an Italian trip if you don’t eat tiramisu in the country that made it?


Just like that, our trip was coming to an end and it was a night to cherish and celebrate. 🙂

There’s just one more day to cover in this diary! That should all be able to fit into one post as we only had half a day before we went back to the hotel to get ready to leave Rome. Stay tuned and keep well everyone. 🙂 ❤

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  1. It is my dream one day of visiting The Pantheon! I learned about it in school and it’s one of those ‘bucket list’ places that I must visit.
    Call me a big nerd but I just spent 15 minutes trying to figure out which church you visited. I think I’ve found it based on the clue you gave about where you ate: Sant’Andrea della Valle

    • Hahaha you’re so cute! I’m impressed actually that you found which church it is 😮 It seems that you’re correct given the photos of the details in both, so well done!
      From what you’ve told me so far, it sounds like you just really need to visit Rome! 😉 It’s funny, after I visited, I found a lot of my friends and even mutual friends, were visiting around the same time, or before I did!

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