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Rome Diary Day 2 pt. 2 – Where The Romans Once Were

The travel diary continues!

Firstly, I apologise for the long break in-between this post and my last post regarding my not-so-recent trip to Rome (which was over a month ago, gosh). This month has been particularly busy and even with the seemingly longer days, the hours never multiply but stay the same! However, I’ve managed to fit in a bit of spare time to continue this travel series and wrap it up!

This isn’t the last post by all means, but one needs to finish what one starts. Let’s focus on ending Day 2 first shall we?

If you missed my last 2 posts of this series:

Roma Lunchin’

From where I left off in my last post, we were heading for lunch just so we could savour some energy and rest our feet a bit from all the walking so far! We came across a small cafe which was a walk away from our next destination so it was perfect timing to lunch then.

We were not that hungry so we ordered light meals to share; namely a vegetarian pizza and a cheese and tomato salad.


The Vegetarian Pizza consisted of aubergine, mushroom and spinach on a thin crust.

One of the things that I picked up very quickly regarding Rome (and possibly Italy itself), is that the foods are very healthy, very fresh. (Most of the Italian folks around us had ordered a salad actually.) Many restaurants and cafes that you walk past will pride itself with Italian homemade foods: the pastas, the pizzas, the salads, the meats and seafood. I did not at any point see any chips or other fried foods on the menus! This, to me, was extremely refreshing to see.

Where the Romans Once Were

🔺Arch of Constantine
🔺Palantine Hill and Arch of Titus (mentioned)

We visited the Colosseum shortly after lunch. Personally, I was least fussed on this site. Many say that if you go to Rome, then you have to come here, but I’m a little on-the-fence. I think it’s definitely worth walking around this site, but in terms of paying admission, there isn’t really anything remotely surprising inside. (At least not for me, but I believe for someone, it will be mighty fascinating.) I guess the main thing to take is its historical value and use back in the day. (Not to forget, it’s the place to take a cliché picture or two to say you’re in Rome because if you don’t, then did you really go to Rome?)

For scenery, I think you’re better off at the Castel Sant’Angelo (see next post).


You have the infamous Colosseum on the right. On the left, you have the Arch of Constantine.


If you pan over to the left again, you can see Palantine Hill and the Arch of Titus. We walked up here after visiting the Colosseum, but by the time we walked up, we realised how immensely large the queue was so we walked back down again! (The views from Palatine Hill are said to be nice though.)


The interiors of the Colosseum. I believe it was about 12 euros entry. Now that I’m looking back on the photo, I think I can appreciate visiting this site a bit more.

🔺 Roman Forum

The next historical point of reference that is within walking distance is the Roman Forum. To put it firmly, Rome is an ancient city and this site is probably the prime example for that.

One of the things that I really appreciate and like about Rome is that it doesn’t boast about being super modern or super high-tech – because it’s not. It really keeps to its traditions, histories and values which you can say, is not the case elsewhere.





Colours of Rome. You will see many of its buildings are this beigey-peachy colour. This particular shot was taken not far off from the Roman Forum.

Walking (+ Climbing Steps) is a Basic Requirement of Traveling

🔺Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II
🔺Piazza Campidoglio

Our final destination is a little more modern (if we can call it as such), and somewhat reminds me of Trafalgar Square in London because of it’s predominantly large size that features a museum, a church, many outdoor statues and naturally some seating area.

I think by the time we got to this destination, it was about 4/5pm which is probably a lot more forgiving considering the amount of steps you climb.



I reached the top first! My brother and then my mum followed shortly. In the meantime, I sat on top of the stairs, enjoying this view right here.


Not the best photo, but you can see what I mean about the steps. In fact, there are two very different flights of steps that lead you to different areas: the church on the left, or the museum on the right.


The view of the museum site from the other flight of steps! Other than the main museum that you can see from below, there is another small one on the side in which there is an admission fee. (The main one is free.)

We went to the smaller, side museum first.

There was this amazing monument at the bottom of the site, on the side to where the flight of steps were situated. The sound of the water was really amazing!


My mum and my brother both pose in front of this large monument.


Meanwhile, I take some lousy selfie with mum that I think is somewhat successful (for someone who doesn’t take selfies all that often actually)…ignore my weird eyebrows! Yes, one is naturally more curved than the other.



The entrance to the main museum.

I love the interiors of these types of museums. They are just very classic and timeless, and I especially love the large window! Here’s just a handful of what we saw on that day:


By the time we came back out, we got to see the true details of the building that housed these Roman statues. Even the photograph does no justice – it’s a complex that looks much better in real life simply because of its size.

We sat outside for a little while, before making our way back to the hotel for some rest after a long day.


And just like that, Day 2 of Rome was coming to an end.

Stayed tuned for Day 3! I’ll be working on this post immediately before endeavouring onto other blog projects. I realise that it is May soon (what even?) so expect a Favourites post and an Empties post! 🙂 ❤

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  1. That pizza looks delicious!
    It must have been so incredible to see classic structures like the Colosseum live.
    Ha, those steps are deceptive – like an incline and spaced out steps combined. 😛
    I can’t wait to go to Rome one day. I can’t imagine what the local people of Rome much think when they visit other cities… so dull compared to their home!

    • The pizza was great! I love the options that they have and it’s not just dough!
      Hahaha those steps really are! And whilst it’s not steep, you do get up pretty high by the time you reach the top!
      I know right? Italian people are sooooo nice and welcoming too. Everyone was always really friendly, and said thank you a lot. 🙂

  2. So jealous!! I’ve been obsessed with ancient civilizations since I was 11 and Rome is one of the top places I want to visit. But I’m glad you’re enjoying your time there. x

    Valerie //

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  4. OurDeliciousNightmare says

    beautiful pictures they make me want to visit really bad

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