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Rome Diary Day 2 pt. 1 – What The Romans Made + Detail Envy

Hello beautiful people!

Today, I’m continuing my Rome Diary posts! We are onto Day 2, so if you missed Day 1, feel free to catch up here.

I took a whole load of photos in Rome so don’t be surprised if this ends up being photo-heavy. In these posts, I try my best to reiterate the experience that I had in photo-form! Enjoy. 🙂

Morning Roma!


Our breakfast at the hotel during our stay. This is more or less what we had every morning to start our day off!

I don’t know how you all travel but generally speaking, you make the most out of your day to go out early and explore! That means needing a lot of energy to start your day off so breakfast should absolutely not be missed (just like any other day haha).

Having breakfast at the hotel just always makes things 10x easier because it’s technically free plus you don’t have to spend time searching for food when you could be going sight-seeing. So rule #1: eat well!

Figuring Out Travel Route + Transport (Travel Tip)

When traveling, I don’t really believe in sticking solidly to travel itineraries and timetables. I think it’s best to explore as freely as possible so that you can a) really immerse yourself in the culture/place and b) actually let loose and enjoy yourself. It’s a bummer if you make yourself stressed when you’re supposed to be relaxing!

The main thing is to grab a map from your hotel so that you always know where you are/where to go/what to look at. Then just decide on an area to focus on in one day.

We were very fortunate as right outside our hotel, someone was selling tickets for the hop on/hop off sightseeing bus. Personally, I’ve never really been on one prior to this experience. I’m more used to taking the metro when traveling but actually, tour buses is such a great option!

It cost €29 per person for a 48h pass. There are 9 stops total with the attractions practically in walking distance. 

First Stop! 🚏What The Romans Made

🔺Museo Nazionale Romano (National Roman Museum)


The gate to walk through to get to the museum.


An interesting building that’s actually different to anything I’ve seen before!


These type of trees appear to be really common in Italy (or in Rome at least). I really like them though!


Does the left side look familiar now? In front, through what looks like a crazy maze/forrest, you will locate the entrance/ticket office to the museum! Entrance was €7 per adult I believe!


My mum and big brother. If you hadn’t noticed already, my big brother is a big kid at heart and a joker. 😂

At the museum, you will get both picturesque scenery and a really close look at what the Romans carved out years and years ago. There are also some very old artefacts inside that are broken but maintained as is possible. It’s crazy to think people were already this skilled at sculpture and despite some broken limbs or noses, the quality still shows!

🔺Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri

I should probably tell you that there are a lot of churches in Rome. An immense amount. There was probably one every corner and street that we turned – I’m not even joking. There was even a small local one next to our hotel that was beautiful but nothing compared to what I’m about to show you.

I don’t profess to be religious or anything, but I think it’s important to believe in something than nothing. And…I do like churches so there’s that. As bizarre as it sounds, I also like the smell of churches. Anyone else?





🔺Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore


Ignore my finger in the corner…

As I was retrieving the name of these churches, I found out that this particular church is the largest Catholic church in Rome! I love buildings like these because they can never be copied which makes them the more special to see in an ever-changing world.

The interiors did not disappoint either:


One thing I particularly love about churches is the amount of natural light that is able to come through and light up the inside.







The biggest organ I’ve ever seen in my life.


There is a lot of ‘ceiling art’ that you can find in Rome. Everything is so intensely decorated but done well. You’ll want to look at everything and be there in admiration for a minute or two…maybe more.


Though I’m not a Christian, you can’t deny the art of churches and the artwork displayed within them. So grand! These are the stories of the times before.

There is even an area of the church where you can step out which I thought was pretty cool! There are even toilets located somewhere on the side too (handy) and I believe there was also a gift shop on the right but I could be mistaking this for another church.


I wouldn’t mind having my garden look something like this. There’s just something about large, green plants!


I’m so inspired by this colour palette right now. It makes me happy when I find a space that is actually very appropriate for Tumblr and/or Instagram! And wouldn’t you believe it, I have many more photos to share but I’ll stop right here.

Stay tuned for next post (part 2 to this post) and take care all! 🙂 ❤

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  1. Looks like the weather was on your side! Look at the blue skies!
    I love visiting those old churches – the amount of detail is astounding. Even more so is that for the locals, these are functioning churches that they attend weekly!

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