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Rome Diary Day 1 – But First, Food! + Fontana di Trevi

As some of you may know, it’s been just over a week since I’ve been back from my trip to Rome! It was my second time going to Italy overall (first time was in Florence). Whilst I don’t profess that I’d necessarily go to Rome again (because there’s so many places to visit for the first time), it is still a destination I’d recommend especially if you’re into the Arts, Culture, History and Food.

Visiting Rome was actually on my bucket list but now I can tick it off! ✅

Already, I’m thinking about where I can possibly go next; but most of all, I feel fresh and ready to work hard again! It’s strange, but until you go traveling again and are miles away from your home, you realise how much you needed that break and energy resurge to get you back on track. So in my books, I’d also recommend traveling once or twice a year to freshen up, but to also open your mind because I know I did during this trip.

Flight and Packing


We chose a good clear blue day to embark on our travels. How lucky. 😊(Ironic because the weather right now is terrible outside.)

Our flight was from Bristol Airport, which only took about an hour or just over from our home. We used Google Maps to assist which is both good and bad. Good because it obviously took us to our destination through the quickest route possible but bad because whilst we were nearing Bristol Airport, it took us through tight lanes and forest roads in the middle of nowhere! We were in broad daylight though so it was okay, however in the evening, there is no street lighting whatsoever (I checked).

Like in usual fashion, we packed the day before but it was actually the easiest pack because the weather at this time of year wouldn’t be too hot or too cold. I took a light wind jacket as my outer-layer which came in handy everyday. For shoes, I opted for my Converse hi-tops which were so comfortable throughout the whole trip even after hours of walking!

If you’re interested in what I packed for Beauty and Skincare, you can check my latest post here.

Arrival and Food Time!

We left Bristol at about 12.50pm and arrived in Rome just before 4pm. On the plane, we already bought shuttle bus tickets which would lead you into the city, terminating at Termini Station. Whilst this is the cheapest method to head into the centre of Rome, it does take an hour so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. But we just took it as a chance to see Rome and its surroundings rather than being stuck on a Metro seeing nothing. Plus you’re pretty much guaranteed seating.

Thankfully, before we got the shuttle bus, we bought some paninis as we technically already missed lunch-time. (Tip: Never starve yourself whilst traveling!)

The one thing I’d say about Rome is, I felt like the Metro stations weren’t very noticeable. In Paris and London, they’re very obvious but in Rome, not so much. So instead of wasting time trying to find one, we just got a taxi directly to our hotel which across 3 people, probably worked out cheaper anyways. (Can I just say – this particular taxi driver drove a bit too fast and risqué that I thought I might just die…😂)

But First, Food! (For Real)

After resting up at the hotel for a bit, freshening up and unpacking, we went back out to have dinner – actual real food since until that point, all we had was fast food more or less.

We eventually got to this restaurant that was only a walk away from the hotel and looked the part from its exteriors to its interiors. Look! 🙈


The hanging plants and large amount of greenery was what attracted me to this place near the corner of the street.



The design inside is very classic and keeps a lot of its traditions according to the history of the restaurant – something that is very authentic! I believe this is a family-owned restaurant ~ I love the inclusion of all the photos and old wine bottles as decoration.


I ordered ‘Spaghetti with Clams’ but as in our usual style, we always share and try out each other’s dishes. I shared with my mum on this particular meal (she ordered steak). I also ordered Italian beer to try and I actually really liked it!

When in Rome…of course one has to get ice cream! (Or gelato, should I say?) We went for a stroll after dinner to see what we could nearby, and came across a luxurious ice cream shop that was packed. Its name is Venchi.


The photo does no justice (hence why I have a video on my Instagram), but am sure like everyone else, got attracted by the chocolate waterfall backdrop. It was seriously the most amazing thing I’ve seen when it comes to interiors!


Of course, you have to include some Renaissance art in the making!


This is just a third of the flavours that they offer!

The shop was honestly a full house. Considering so, we got there in good measure, as after we got our ice cream, the queue was even more immense! There are two queues: one for order/purchase in which you receive a ticket if you do decide to buy ice cream (they sell luxury chocolates and other delicacies too) to which you then proceed to the second queue to select your ice cream flavours and toppings.


I got the ‘Super Cone’ because I’m greedy! 😝 For the Super Cone, you are allowed 4 flavours. (I believe in the standard cone, you get 2 flavours which is also a good choice.)

You just pass on the ticket to the assistant, and they will select the coordinating cone and guide it under a chocolate fountain. They then ask you what topping you’d like (I selected hazelnut – I’m not actually sure what other choices there are). The next exciting part is choosing the ice cream flavours! I chose white chocolate, strawberry, coffee and macadamia – I’m not joking guys, this was the smoothest ice cream I’ve ever had in my life. Even eating the cone was a different experience as the chocolate was still wet – but with the hazelnuts, it’s the best!

An End to An Already-Eventful Day

Eventually, we came across the infamous Fontana di Trevi (Trevi Fountain) which was one of the main reasons why we chose the hotel we chose – it was very near. You have probably heard about it or have caught a glimpse of it in multimedia but honestly, seeing it in-person is a whole new experience. It will take your breath away.



The water is particularly crystal clear. Apparently you should flip a coin into it and make a wish although I didn’t do this.

Expect people…and more people. The atmosphere however, is wonderful and there are plenty of restaurants nearby to satisfy your soul after you’re done admiring. 🙂


The buildings near the Trevi Fountain which is part of a square that makes up the Piazza di Trevi.

…and that’s it for Day 1! I’m sorry that this was so long but I wanted to share my experience as best as possible through photos. 📷 Will try and edit down for next post!

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    • Thank you Emma! Yeah, definitely visit if you can! I’d definitely go back to Italy again but a different part to explore more! xx

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  2. Amazing! I’ve not been to Rome but my SO has. I’d love to visit one day. The only Italian city I’ve been to is Venice.
    I probably would have gone with the Super Cone too! I want to try as many flavours as possible! 😛

    • Aww one of my best friends went to Venice at Christmas (and even spent New Years there cos her original flight got cancelled!). She really loved it.

      Right?! When on vacation, you kinda just ignore the getting fat stage and try everything lol

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