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Get To Know Me: A to Z Tag

Happy Sunday everyone!

I thought for a change I’d do a Get To Know Me type post because I realise all this time that I’ve been blogging, I’ve never done one. And that’s actually a bit sad because I’d like you to get to know me a bit better. 🙂 Who knows, I might even surprise myself too!

I saw the Get To Know Me: A to Z Tag on a blog that I have recently discovered: Linda Talks Beauty and knew straight away that I had to do this tag. Go check her blog out because it’s visually appealing and well-written.


The A to Z Tag

Age: People always get my age wrong, but I won’t complain. Looking young has its merits. Maybe 3 weeks ago, someone guessed my age as being 16 (?!!) After confessing no, he then said, ‘Good skin, eh?’. I also remember being IDed before for buying razor blades at the drugstore this year.

Brothers: I have two older brothers and no sisters! In my extended family, most of my cousins are boys too. So I’m considered the ‘little sister’ to everyone.

Caffeine: Honestly, I have many choices here. Coffee! Chai Latte! But I’m being greedy and ‘Caffeine’ seemed most appropriate because I really am a caffeine addict. I have to have my cup of tea in the morning to start my day. Then some days throughout the week, I like to have a coffee outside in the afternoon whether it’s Chai Latte or otherwise.

Dog: I lost my dog earlier this year and it was one of the hardest things to experience. But I don’t regret having a dog, and will consider having another one in the future! They make such great companions and are so loyal.


Source: http://www.foxconnect.com via Giphy

Edward Scissorhands: One of my favourite films of all-time. It’s weird and quirky but I love it. Remember the time when we accepted people even when they were different? Let’s keep doing that.

French: I studied French for a few years in school and got really good at it (to the point of essay-writing). It was one of my favourite subjects actually!

Graham Norton Show: One of my favourite shows ever. Guest celebrities on a couch without the artificial ABAB interview set-up. It’s very natural and very funny!

Hong Kong: Where my family are from! So I guess it’s like a second home to me. (I was born in the UK.)

Instagram: The app that I try not to go on too much! But it’s so addictive, and I realised through that and this blog, that I have a knack for visuals, layout and photography. There’s so much I want to show.


Source: journalsanctuary.tumblr.com

Journal: A creative hobby that I want to get into next? I’ve been seeing ‘Bullet Journaling’ on Instagram and YouTube which kind of puts my own organiser to shame.

Kpop: The music genre that I like to listen to now and again. I’m not very up-to-date but right now my favourite song is BTS – Save Me.

Learning: I have always had a hunger and capacity to learn new things. There will forever be an inner-geek in me. Oh, and I love deep conversations.

MAC: The brand that I own the most makeup products from. That’s probably not that surprising. My latest purchase is their lipstick Fanfare in Cremesheen finish.

Nights: From a young age, I have always been a night person. I was never that kid made to sleep at 7/8/9pm. 10pm were when the lights went out for me. When high school happened, it just got later and later. Nowadays I sleep around 1/2am. 12am is considered early for me!

Online: I have always spent some amount of time online. When I was in high school, it was namely MSN messenger and discussion forums. Now, here is where I share my views!


Source: weheartit via me-myself-and—-i.tumblr.com

Piano: I started taking piano lessons at age 7 and then stopped at age 19 when I moved away for university. I still play now leisurely and am always surprised that I can still play relatively well!

Quiet: I have always had a quiet and reserved nature. I’m actually a lot more opinionated and comfortable in my own skin now. I used to be really quiet and I remember this girl in high school said how boring I was. I disagree. She has no idea. 😂


Source: Riverdale’s Official Twitter – @CW_Riverdale

Riverdale: A new series that I started watching recently. Let me know if you’re watching this too!

Skin: One of my insecurities that I’ve been battling with since the age of 12 due to a major skin flare-up that left my skin broken, inflamed and red. That year was a long process for me but a lot of it has healed and is as good as brand new now! So you see, skin and skincare is something I feel deeply about, more than ever.

Tennis: The one sport that I can passionately watch! I don’t follow this too intensely overall, but I do love to watch it when it’s Grand Slam season.

UCA: The acronym of the university I went to: University for the Creative Arts.

Vitamin C: What I try and take everyday just to heighten my immune system and keep the colds at bay.

Weight: Something that I’m still insecure about now and again. I am more accepting of myself now though compared to when I was younger, thanks to fitness. 🙂

X-men: Gosh, it was so hard to think one for ‘X’! X-men is one of my favourite ‘superhero’ type film series with an actual great background story behind the characters, and I live for that.

YouTube: I don’t really watch tv anymore – you can say that YouTube is my tv nowadays! I don’t even own a Netflix account…) My favourite YouTubers at the moment are: Shaaanxo, IAMKARENO and The Anna Edit.

Zara: My go-to high-street store. I recently bought some new jeans from there and they fit like a glove.

That was fun! I’d like to see some of you take part in this so be sure to let me know when you do or if you have already! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Much love. 🙂 ❤

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  1. People always guess my age wrong too – it’s the Asian genes I tell you! And what… the stores ID for razor blades there? o_O

    Sorry to hear you lost your dog. What did she / he look like? I love dogs but our current lifestyles isn’t suitable for one. I love athletic breeds – I grew up with a German Shorthaired Pointer.

    I was also born in Hong Kong. I’m adopted though. 🙂

    I begged to learn to play the piano and I stopped around the same age as you. I haven’t played in years though (no piano in our condo!)

    Speaking of X-men – have you watched Logan yet? We just saw it yesterday and OMG SO GOOD. I think it might be my favourite of the series.

    So great to learn more about you! 🙂

    • Hahaha yeah it probably is the Asian genes. It’s good though. Sometimes when I go for a haircut I pretend I’m a student (when I’m actually not) and manage to blag my way into student discount…😬😂 ..and yeah! It’s apparently a thing to ID people on razor blades. I had no idea either until then.

      If you look through my Instagram, I’m sure you can find a few photos of my dog 🙂 She was a Japanese Akita. A large breed dog, really furry and fluffy, face is kinda like a bear.

      Oh! How cool that you were born in HK! Have you visited properly?

      It’s definitely difficult keeping up with an instrument unless you’re a professional/it’s your career. I realised as I got older this was a common thing – more common than I thought.

      I haven’t watched Logan yet! Truth be told, I haven’t been to the cinema in a while. That’s great to hear because I heard X-Men: Apocalypse was dreadful (the only other one that I haven’t watched yet).

    • What?! That’s crazy! Hahaha! I think sometimes they take their chances too in IDing people because not everyone who is old looks old, and not everyone who is young looks young 😉 You can normally tell though if someone is 15 or not just by their attitude/how they are around people.

      MSN feels so ancient right now, haha. I’m glad you remember it though 🙂

      • Well put! A lot of youngsters do look older than what they are! If I’m buying age restrictive products I make sure I’m holding my car keys 😅. It does, I don’t know where it went…just frazzled out!

  2. Yay, I’m glad you did this tag! I learned so much about you!
    I still get carded for my age, so don’t worry – you aren’t the only one.
    I’ve been wanting to get into really in-depth planner/agenda activities. That picture you have is super cute. It seems like such a great hobby!
    I also don’t like X-men that much, lol. Of all the superheroes, I think I’m more of a Justice League or specifically Wonderwoman fan.

    • LOL I feel like I’ve made myself up to be an X-Men super fan but I’m really not! I mean, I really like the series but not THAT much. 😂😂

      Ohh I can’t wait till Wonderwoman is out! It’ll be interesting to see how that turns out 🙂

    • Hello lovely! Thank you so much for visiting and I’m glad you enjoyed the post. ^o^ Of course, always have room for more blog pals 🙂 have a nice day! xo

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