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January Monthly Favourites ft. Eucerin, Kipling and Tommy Hilfiger

New year and a new month! What’s that all about? How did we even get here? 

It’s strange to even think it was Christmas last month. It always passes by so insanely fast.

The Winter weather has really started to kick in this month with colder temperatures and more need to snuggle up with a blanket and a hot drink in our hands. No white Christmas…and in fact, it was one of the warmest Christmases I’ve had but now? It’s cold! Some parts of the UK even had to deal with snow but over where I’m at, we’ve been just fine.

This month’s favourites is a little bit of everything and much different to my previous favourites posts. We’re taking it back to some basics and self-loving!



Featured in this post: 

Eucerin Intensive Lotion 10% w/w Cutaneous Emulsion
The Cure Green Tea Collagen Essence Masks
Notebook Organiser
Kipling ‘Clas Seoul’ Large Backpack in Purple
Gap Wavy Cable Knit Sweater
Tommy Hilfiger Alexia Colour Block Sweater
Zara Small Crossbody Bag

I am aware that fashion pieces don’t stay long on the websites therefore I haven’t bothered with links.


My skin has been saved by this one product: Even though I don’t suffer from drastically dry skin like some people do, it still means I have to be careful. Since a few years ago, I developed a dry patch which comes and goes every winter. At its worse, it can look pretty damn ugly, but since discovering Eucerin Intensive Lotion 10% w/w Cutaneous Emulsion, my stress levels have reduced significantly as in I don’t have to worry about this stupid dry patch. I recently took it out again to use and it’s such a skin saviour! A bit pricey but definitely worth it.

What I missed in trying out sheet masks: I bought some sheet masks from TK Maxx before Christmas because I was seriously running low. (They now stock some K-beauty products!) I’m so glad that I got to discover The Cure Green Tea Collagen Essence Masks. Very soothing, smells fresh and the cut-outs are actually spot-on (at least for me). The mask itself is a nice cotton material that isn’t overly drenched so don’t worry about it dripping everywhere because it won’t!



Everything written down all in one place: I had briefly shown you this Notebook Organiser in my Reset: 7 Changes I’m Making in 2017 that I bought in Home Bargains for about £1? Super inexpensive but the paper is of great quality. What I particularly love is that it’s very customisable – you write your own dates and it’s already sectioned into other parts (notes, to do and contacts). It makes everything easier to access all in one place so you don’t have to remember what you wrote down in which notebook if you’re a notebook hoarder like me… Its small size makes it travel-friendly too!

(The following items below were all purchased in the sale.)

One (big) size fits all!: I was in need of a new backpack and thought that January was the best time to splurge on one that I’ve been eyeing for a while, whilst still saving some money. I thought I’d try my luck and the Kipling ‘Clas Seoul’ Large Backpack in Purple happened to actually be on sale! My cousin had bought this brand’s backpack in the summer and I remembered it to be very roomy and well-made. I love it so much! There are various zip compartments but each are well-designed and not some unnecessary add-on feature. Delivery service was particularly great as it came within 2 days of ordering!

The perfect cable knit fit: To be honest with you, I never go into Gap let alone shop there. But due to a huge SALE sign right outside I thought I’d take my chance. It’s not often that I buy new clothes either but the Gap Wavy Cable Knit Sweater in Blue was a real gem to pick up. It’s a high round-neck and a regular/slim fit that’s really well-made and relatively thick. Textured knitwear can sometimes make you look bulky but this is actually quite slimming!

How knitwear can still be fun yet wearable: Speaking of textured knitwear, the Tommy Hilfiger Alexia Colour Block Sweater is a perfect contender. The moment I saw it, I fell in love. As well as the colour block, each panel is a different type of knitted texture and both shoulders have buttoned plackets meaning you won’t ruin the knit’s neckline (which can be a common problem when concerning knitwear). The sleeve is perfect – a bit longer than your actual arm length which I prefer. This feels very luxurious on and is a great statement/investment piece.

The mini-bag to grab and go: I have a lot of bags but I noticed that I was really lacking a small, compact-sized bag that’d just go with any outfit without the extra weight. The Zara Small Crossbody Bag fits the criteria: small enough to carry what you need, big enough to throw in your favourite lipstick or compact powder too! The only complaint is I can’t fit my zip purse in this so I usually just pocket whatever cash I need for the day. Otherwise, great bag that’s easy to zip!

What are your favourites this month? I’d love to know. Feel free to comment below!

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  1. Our Winners (aka Canadian version of TJMaxx) have been stocking a lot of Korean sheet masks too. It’s hard to navigate through which brands / types are good though since I’m not familiar with a lot of what they stock.
    I’ve been looking for a smaller size crossbody bag but nothing seems to fit the bill – I almost bought the one from JCrew but the magnetic clasp ruined it for me.

    • I know exactly what you mean! TK Maxx can be hit or miss because you’re looking at a wide range of choice but with little familiarity and size range etc. Honestly, I found it quite hard to even google some of the Korean sheet masks that I bought! It could just mean they’re not very mainstream though which kinda makes them more fun to review but less fun to go buy because of the obscurity!

      Haha magnetic clasp are not my favourite either.

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