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Tumblr Taught Me: All The Ways to Wear a Sweater

I love a good sweater, do you?

Okay, that wasn’t a very bright question because I can’t imagine anyone who doesn’t love a good sweater! The only time you might not like one is if it’s not a good sweater at all (very dependent on fit and feel for me) or if you’re not quite wearing it right and making the most of it!

I am a large hoarder of pretty things. On the internet. (See what I did there? Albeit, in real life I hoard what I can because…limitations.) And my recent platform for that is Tumblr. (Yes, I’m very late to the game.)

These are just a snippet of pins that I’ve reblogged on my Tumblr over time that I think are full of sweater-envy and style-envy. Are you ready?


Broken is Beautiful

Your sweater has a large hole in it?

Don’t throw it away just yet! I know. It’s disheartening when your favourite piece of knitwear gets caught on a piece of jewellery or some other device and gets ruined. But it’s still not a good enough reason to not wear it anymore and/or discard it. Instead, make the most of it by re-styling the look as if the hole was intentional and not a sad mistake.

Whether you like it or not, this generation in particular is spoilt as items, notably Fashion, are made so quickly that we can buy a new wardrobe every week, month, season. I personally, love to wear the same sweaters over and over again every year. A good sweater should last you for years, not one season. This is a fabulous way to pro-long it even more!


Let the Textures Talk

A lot of the time when I am shopping new sweaters and knitwear, the first thing I look at is the material. How does it feel on your skin? This normally doesn’t require me looking at the label. All it takes is 2 seconds for me to feel the fabric and decide if it needs further attention or not.

Once surpassed as a ‘good sweater’ because of ‘good fabric’, I let this be the statement story of my outfit: texture. The looser fit the better – you get more fabric!  Jewellery looks particularly chic with a good sweater too!


Tuck-ins and Proportions

Quite often, we think of sweaters as loose-fitting, soft and comfortable garments but actually, the options today have multiplied and this is where we can really start to focus on our silhouette and proportions. I’m not always in the mood for crop sweaters (which aren’t very winter-friendly) so a full tuck-in is probably the best option. That way, you can stay warm and still define your waist simultaneously!


The Front, Loose-Tuck

If you haven’t gathered already, the tuck-in requires some fabric but not too much or you risk looking too bulky. (The waistband of what you’re wearing underneath will determine this anyhow.) The front, loose-tuck is then your next best option.

Fashion sometimes, is about exposing you and your outfit’s best features, as well as hiding your worst features! (a la food baby, haha.) But sometimes, just sometimes, we want to show off a bit of the waist(band). The front, loose-tuck is particularly great for that plus it carves off any ‘excess weight’ that heavier knits can give, making you look slimmer. Win/win.


Show Off the Cut

If the garment has been designed in such a way that’s focused on the cut and engineered according to the body, then all you need to do is wear it. Why? Because most of the work has been done already within the cut, which makes for effortless dressing. (Hooray for knit engineers and pattern cutters!) However, if you wish to take this further, a simple rolling-up-your-sleeves or accessory to style won’t hurt. Just be sure not to hide or overshadow the cut!

On a final note…

If you haven’t already gathered from the cover photo, wearing a sweater really cannot be complete without a hot beverage, be it tea, coffee or hot chocolate! 

Image Credit: Tumblr – Cover Photo 1 | 2 // Post 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

A slightly different post to usual! (Or at least different to what I have been posting lately.) I have become quite a Tumblr user now and though I don’t profess to use it everyday, I definitely use it enough to gather much inspiration that keeps my visual senses happy! (I realise I can’t be without pretty things.) 

I hope this post has been helpful especially now that it’s Sweater Weather. Yet I love how the styling tips are not limited to only that! Have fun and I’ll see you back here on Sunday with another post! Take care. 🙂 ❤

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  1. this was fun – I love sweaters! especially cardigans – but what to do now that the elbows have worn out of my fave (& only) cashmere one? any suggestions?

    • aw no! An elbow patch would most likely be your best bet. I would take some fabric such as felt, cut out an oval shape for both sides, and hand-sew the edges with a casting stitch (I think that’s what it’s called) onto the elbow area neatly. As long as you choose a fabric that’s non-stretch but still has that wool feeling 🙂

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